Bachurim open GoFundMe page to help cover cost of empty beds in Dirah

dirahInstead of asking their parents for money, some Bachurim decided to reach out to the public for some help in covering the costs of vacancies in their Dirah.

“We are 7 Yeshiva bochorim learning in Eretz Yisroel. Before the zman we signed up For a dirah with 11 bochorim, 4 of them are in yeshivas mir this zman. The mir made a rule that only mir bochorim can be in the dirah so they kicked out the 4 mir bochorim that were in our dirah. We hung up signs I’m beis yisroel ( which is the area that most of the bochorim sleep and learn) to spread the word around that we have 4 empty beds in our dirah. But only one person came foward so we still have to pay the bal dirah for 3 beds this Tuesday, the total is 5,000 shekel about $1,300 to make up for the 3 empty beds for the zman and we’re stuck now. We don’t want to ask our parents for the remainder of the money because they already spent lots of money sending us here to learn. So here we are now stuck with no money for the extra beds. So we ask of you for your generous donation and may hashem pay you back many times over.”

You can view the page here.


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  1. Is that 5000 shekel a month???????
    3 beds for 5000? That means close to 20000 for all 11 beds!!!! That’s 5000 dollars.
    You guys are in a dira or Waldorf?

  2. You don’t wan to ask your parents for money. So instead be beggar and ask complete strangers for money!

    Is that the way your parents raised you? Instead of asking your parents for money, to beg from strangers?

    Baruch Hashem you have internet access in the Dira to post this message. The MIR should kick you guys out as well.

    Shame on you.

  3. I don’t think these comments are so nice.

    Sometimes someone else changes plans and then you’re left in the lurch – did that ever happen to you?

    In thise case, all these boys joined together to rent a dirah. When the others left, the remaining boys are stuck with the rent, in this official but unofficial way these things go.

    As I recall when my son was there, the expenses are high – food, transporation etc. These boys don’t want to say to their parents – we need to divide up the remaining rent, because those boys left us in the lurch, so to speak. I don’t think it reflects badly on them.

    The boys that left might not have realized how it would impact the others until it was too late, or may not halachically have an obligation to pay for whatever reason.

  4. To all the bitter sounding previous commentators, chill out. I thought it was cute and not everything and everyone has to always be so serious.
    They are just bochrim and are probably some great boys.

  5. I really understand the pain these boys are going through having 3 boys myself that went to yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel it’s extremely expensive and I understand them not going to ask they’re parents for more money and I think what they’re doing is amazing i am going to give $50 and I think every one should contribute. …

  6. shoshana,

    If your son was in this predicament would you want him to beg from strangers to come up for the rent. If you would, there is a serious flaw of feeling entitled to others handouts.

    Should every babysitter in Lakewood that has a student back out, go around and beg the public to pay for their loss?

    Yes, sending your son to Eretz Yisroel cost alot, and unexpected expenses come up. these boys feel like tzaddikim for not approaching their parents. Sona matanos yochyeh, This is a tremendous disservice to them to be begging the public. These boys have no chasivus for other people’s money.

    Why am I being so harsh on them?
    They write the GoFundMe page as of they are being evicted and are completely desperate with nowhere to turn , appealing to rachmanus of other yidden. They managed to ask their parents to fly them to Israel to learn and all the extra expenses that learning in America wouldn’t entail, but now became sincerely concerned.
    If the situation was different that they approached their parents for more money and the parent could not afford it, my response would be different. However, that is CLEARLY NOT the case here.

    This is also desensitizing to the really needy like alamana with 10 kids r’l and not a penny to support her family….,

  7. You guys are really judgmental. Maybe there parents don’t have the extra money for them!! Do you always have extra money lying around for your kids? Most of these comments are anti what our goal is supposed to be to help another Jew!! Not to tell them why what they did is wrong!

  8. #12 and the rest of you chillax! if you dont want to give dont,dont come up with all your torah why this is crazy…. let them have a good time, im with #8

  9. Its not right what all you people are doing to these bucherim they are trying to learn in Yesheva and not try to make a parnusa in eretz yisrael and you guys are bashing them for no Apparent Reason shame on you I think that everyone who said something not nice about them they should ask meichlia to these bucherim

  10. #4 first of all these boys dont learn in the mir the 4 boys that left do.

    why do say with such a confidence these boys have internet think be 4 you speek like your mr. president for all you know thse guys asked a a parent/friend…. to open it.

    and to the rest of you self hating jews …. icant believe what you ppl are writing…

  11. It’s so disgusting… these boys are the navy seals of the Jewish nation. All they are doing is sitting in yeshiva and learning. I don’t think these guys are just partying away and asking other people for money for there dirah. They obviously feel like this was they’re last resort to get money. I’m sure they feel embarrassed enough that they have to ask other people for money, and now to have people who don’t even know they’re situation just bashing then for doing something smart to solve they’re problem .

  12. THis is brutal. The negativity is shocking me. Im 1000% with Shoshana, Leah, Real Yeshiva Bochur & Miriam. @Siyug lechochom yes, you are being way too harsh. You were either never a Yeshiva boy in EY or you were never financially lacking in any way, shape or form. These boys did nothing bad. Now they’re stuck and, clearly, their parents are not in a position to help them. We should contribute. At least Something. Tizku L’Mitzvos

  13. I myself gave twice. Once after hearing about it and then after reading some of the farbissener comments here I gave again. I hope they raise more then their goal and have something left over to buy a good meal. How nice would that be after all the negativity. What better mitzva then to support some of our yeshiva boys.

  14. I wouldn’t mind staying in the dira for three weeks I’ll pay for the three weeks as I’m a single bochur going for 3 weeks in the summer Imh if you can be in touch by sending me a number or email to be in contact thank you

  15. I was reading all the comments on the website and it really bothered me what i saw. So i decide to take a few minutes of my day to write this…I’m a mother of 7 ble”h and I have already sent my two older sons to learn in Eretz Yisroel. BH My husband and I were able to give them all they needed, but I remember when I used to talk to them on the phone and they used to tell me how some of they’re friends are having a hard time with money for the dirah and food. I want u all to know non of us know they’re situation and instead of judging them and commenting bad things about them maybe for a second let’s be them dan lekav zchus. We are all part of klal yisroel and are spos to care for each other not bash each other. So instead of just saying dumb things, just don’t write anything. No one asked you for your opinion. If you don’t want to give money don’t give! Hashem will be a lot happier if you show that you care and encourage them that they’re doing a great job! People now days think thatwords are free and we can just say whst we want. We just had a perfect example with the two frum girls that sang a song about dor yeshorim, and all i saw was hundreds of people just hating for no reason! Let’s stop all this hate and may we be zoicha that meshiach should come already!!

  16. After reading the comments I’m sure of one thing. Many people really don’t know how to spell! Here is your first lesson: There=In that place.
    Their=Belonging to them they’re=contraction for they are. If you do well on the next spelling test, I’ll be gracious enough to give you another lesson.

  17. to #14: I’m not sure why your moronic comment deserves a reply, but I’ll give you a gift. Boo hoo! You mean that we should feel bad that they don’t have money to fly across the world to learn, instead of learning in one of the 1500 yeshivos in USA?! Oy!
    My goodness, what has this world come to…

  18. Aside for the fact that living in EY for 8 years and hosting many many hungry bochurim has shown me that it’s not just “we killed people” who are moser nefesh for Torah….so are many of these boys!!? But leaving that aside, do you bashers seriously have nothing else to worry about or get riled up about? Let’s say it was true. Why do you care?? You don’t want to give? No problem.Roll over and go back to sleep. I have so many other important things on my mind that I’m honestly boggled by the idea that your lives are BH so uneventful that this is what gets to you.
    May Hashem bench you with many more such uneventful years. Personally, if I could, I would generously help these boys out. But trust me, 6 of them have already called to reserve a Friday night meal by me. And that is my contribution.

  19. Love seeing strong reactions both ways as I myself internally experienced both reactions. Upon reflection, I see that my negative reaction is anger against the system not against these boys. Our system instructs boys to develop a mentality that it’s coming to them. The boys are good kids just following the broken system we have put in place for them. They got stuck and are trying the only way out they could come up with. Too bad we failed them in our system by not making it acceptable for them to earn a little cash to pay out of this problem.

  20. One thing not being discussed is that bouchrim should plan accordingly before hand. The notion that many just go to EY and then will just find a dira when they get there is so misguided. The same is true for dira mates. Know who is in your dira beforehand and find out if they are from different yeshivas if they can stay with you. This is common sense even for the Mir. And frankly I don’t think this is a new rule. I think this rule has been in place for a while already. Maybe you can call me a harry but I never went to the Mir without proper planning beforehand. And my parents who were wise forced me to have everything planned out before hand

  21. I’m in the mir now and I know who these bochorim are. The thing is the mir had this rule last zman but it was never enforced this is the first zman they enforced it so with all proper planning done they could have never known that the mir will all of the sudden enforce it

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