Bachurim Jumped by Loose Pit Bull

pitbull attacking bachur tlsTwo Bachurim walking from Yeshivah on Friday were jumped by a pit bull, TLS has learned. Witnesses say the Bachurim were walking along Ridge Avenue around noon time when a loose pit bull jumped at them.

One of the Bachurim managed to run away, while the other fell into the roadway and attempted to fight it off. Luckily, the dog backed off and the visibly-shaken Bachur was not seriously injured.

Police were called, and the owner of the dog was warned that if the dog was found unleashed again, a summons would be issued.

[TLS-CCP/Photo of dog]

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  1. He was warned ? Warned ?! Thats it ?!! Who makes these laws ?! This is nuts. Im gonna run for Committeeman on Animal Control & when I get elected Im gonna change this arcane, mundane, insane, primitive law.

  2. Simple and inexpensive way to prevent attack is to carry mace to fend off the dogs. Pit bulls can be very aggressive if intimadated.

  3. Wow…a summons will be issued if your dangerous pet is allowed off a leash again. When will this town figure out that is _not_ enough of a deterrent? Why does this pit bull with irresponsible owners get a chance to seriously injure someone? If a person attacked those Bocherim it is called assault and the perpetrator is prosecuted. Why is this different?

  4. The Boys: Israel
    The Dog: Hamas
    Law Enforcement (in this scenario: John “Herman Muenster” Kerry, wagging his long fingers at Hamas asking them to please behave.

  5. Just to iterate on something that was stated in by #3.. Pit bulls can be very aggressive if intimadated- ALL Dogs can be aggressive if Intimitaded. Its the common knowledge that if you dont understand, tease or mess with the dog they remember and for the record, Pitbulls are very smart and protective of their human families.
    Thank you.

  6. If the dog wanted to attack, he wouldn’t have backed off. Dogs attack when they are protecting their territory or they feel threatened. Were the boys yelling at the dogs? Did they approach them in an aggressive manner? Not that I’m condoning what happened. Thank goodness no one was injured and unless the dogs escaped from the house or a fenced in yard, the owner definitely should have been cited. It’s bad owners that give these dogs a bad name.

  7. Was this the same dog that knocked down the elderly gentleman a week and a half ago? If so, then it’s the second time the dog has been loose and the owner should have been cited.

  8. How about creating a educational program in Lakewood to teach its residents all about dogs?
    Yeshiva boys and yeshiva girls will no longer have to cross the street each time they see a dog on a leash comong towards them!

  9. The owner should be locked up & the dog should be killed. Period. Its a menace to society!!! No reason that a person should own a dangerous animal.

  10. Aggressive dogs are a threat. A person should be able to freely walk down the street without mace, guns, or a billy club to fight off your animal that should be on a leash. Those are basic human rights and basic human rights trump anyones right to pet ownership.

  11. i love dogs, but if you own a dog that will pounce on people when loose, that is not a pet, that’s a menace to society and should be banned. Not a warning or even a summons. He should be put down. People have rights, we have the right to walk the streets of our town and not have to carry mace.

  12. As far as i know pit bulls are known to attack without provocation!!!
    They are banned in many countries in Europe as well as many cities through out the US, Google it… So don’t start with rewriting what happened… “maybe they yelled at it”, etc.

  13. Probably knowing little about dogs they may have mistaken a dog being overzealous with affection as being aggressive. I have owned many dogs of different breeds and sizes. Whats saying this dog didnt run up and jump on the boy to greet him like so many dogs do. Just because certain individuals in this town dont own or know dogs doesnt mean this dog was being aggressive. Barks and even growls dont necessarily mean aggression. Dogs cant speak, that’s how they communicate. Just because this boy and his friend were scared doesnt make the dog aggressive or his actions nasty in anyway. I think the more dangerous thing to take from this is how closed minded some of the people that read this site are. I assume the cop who responded probably owns a dog or has in the past and realized that the dog in and of itself wasnt being aggressive and the owner most likely didnt realize the dog was loose to begin with. Now warned the owner will suffer the repercussions of the law if the dog were to escape again. This article would be way different if it had anything to do with a “ticket blitz” but no one complains when a cop gives them a warning on a traffic stop. Expand your mind people not your opinions!

  14. Thanks for the finger pointing and victim blaming. I grew up having raised 4 different breeds of dogs as pets. None of them were pit bulls and not one of them ever attacked anyone. That is not a coincidence. Saying that those of us that know that a pitbull is an aggressive dog are ignorant is laughable. It’s just like telling me that letting loose my Burmese python in the street is perfectly safe as well.

  15. letting a dog run loose is a violation of town ordinance. The owner should’ve been issued a summons, and warned that additional violations will have serious consequences.

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