Bachur Struck By Vehicle On Forest Avenue

A 14 year old Bachur was transported to the Hospital this evening after being struck by a vehicle. The incident occurred about 5:45 PM on Forest Avenue and 14th Street. Hatzolah BLS members initially responded to the scene, but upon arrival requested ALS members to respond as well.

The Bachur suffered a broken leg and a concussion, an official said.

The patient was transported with Hatzolah Paramedics to Jersey Shore Medical Center. TLS-55/TLS-CCP/TLS-62/TLS-50.

(The story was reported earlier in our News Alerts).

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  1. i would love to know what the statistics are in lakewood for motor vehicle vs pedestrian. stuff like time of day, location, male or female driver, male/female/child victim, hit and run or driver stopped, insured or uninsured driver, etc. i’ve seen the way lakewoodians drive, and i’ll tell ya what, i wouldnt walk these streets on a bet!

  2. I try not to walk as much as possible in Lakewood. The drivers are becoming more and more impatient and tense every year. I remember ten years ago, when walking in Lakewood was relaxing. Today, it is survival. Almost every driver is in a hurry. Nobody has any patience.

    People need to schedule their days in such a way that you won’t need to drop off three kids at three different playgroups and babysitters at three different sides of Lakewood AND get to Yeshiva on time for shmiras sdorim at 9:30.

    And if you need to rush to get home for Shabbos…..)Ou need to leave your house earlier.

    And we need more traffic signals in town, so that people don’t get stressed out from sitting at a stop sign for fifteen minutes, like corner of MLK – Pine, or like by the exits to many of the developments along Rt 9 South. When a person is stressed out, they do things without thinking clearly.

    Time management and stress management and more traffic lights would go a long way to a calmer town.

  3. I often roll down the window and slow down (when safe) to tell people that they are difficult to see and should really be wearing reflectors…I sincerly think that many feel if they stick out their hand or walk in the middle of the road it’s obvious…but it’s really not! Please wear reflectors, make your children wear reflectors, make your husbands wear reflectors, and don’t be embarrased to tell complete strangers to wear reflectors…you could be saving a life!!!!

  4. Some people walk into oncoming traffic – more so since that redicules law went into affect saying that once in a crosswalk a pedestrian is given a roght of way and all traffic must halt. Many times a driver must slam on his breaks- first seeing the retard at the last second- causing a traffic hazard in its own right.

    People expecting drivers to slow down for them must make sure that the driver sees them.

    A wise man one time said: The pedestrian may be right. DEAD RIGHT!

  5. To #9 BOOKDVA: Which specific town are you referring to? I think and hope that yoou meant to write that “this should be the last of such incidents for Gantz Klal Yisrael no matter what ‘kav’ they are”.

  6. Well said Yid! But guess what – ain’t no body gonna listen. Ya’ know why? For the same reason they drive the way they do: It’s all about ME, ME, ME.
    “I” have to go there, “I have to be here…And to Hades with everyone else! It’s getting sicker out there each day and no one gives a hoot.

  7. I was just out driving tonight on County Line and noticed a young man because he was wearing a reflective belt around his waist. That was the only way I could see him.

    I do wish the young fellow who was hit a speedy recovery.

  8. A Freilichen Chanukah to all 🙂
    I heard the impact (yes) and I ran outside.From what I can tell it appears the bochur was probably looking for a ride down Forest Avenue when the vehicle hit him.
    The driver stopped about 10ft after were he was lying so it is impossible he was going to fast.
    I heard the driver say he came from nowhere!
    In my opinion reflectors ok but WHY WALK ON THE STREET!
    We need to start preaching to the problem not a temp solution of wearing a reflector, years ago this was very rare people didn’t walk on the avenue there is a sidewalk were he was people need to start using them. And don’t cross in middle of the street that’s what I was taught. As a side note this new law of you must stop for a pedestrian crossing is crazy as it teaches people the wrong message that they can do what they want you have to stop for me.
    As a resident of “the corner that needs a traffic light” I ask Mr. Mayor(s) can we please see to it? Whats more important MLK by forest park were there is a traffic problem or forest and 14 were people get hurt all the time?
    Yes it will be a bother to me but a member of my family crashed into my neighbor its that bad!

  9. We must protect our children
    1. Drivers must calm down & slow down.
    2. Drivers must stay off of their phones.
    3. Drivers must wake up & pay attention to the surroundings; It’s a mitzvah to rush & hurry while walking to shul or yeshiva, not driving there.
    4. Thin high Index eyeglass lenses are a very big factor in these evening accidents, High Index or Polycarbonate lenses have a slower speed of light passing through the lenses which cause chromatic abberation which distorts & blurrs the wearers peripheral (side) vision depending on the strengh of the prescription, myopic (high minus) prescriptions are distorted more sweverly in which the driver can bearly notice a pedestrian while rushing somewhere.
    But I’m sure that most evening tragedies are caused by drivers wearing OLD opaque (frosted) High Index or Polycarbonate Lenses as the material breaks down after time. for example a 1.67 high index lens will begin to turn yellow after 6 months from regular wear temprature change & some exposure to heat, than the lens begins to warp, the surfaces begin to crack up & the lens turns opaque. High Index lenses shoul be replaced once every 7 months and polycarbonate lenses once a year. Many drivers wear those lenses for many years which blurrs their vision worse than a mature cataract.
    At Minzers Optical we use mostly and reccomend CR-39 plastic lenses with a high base curve and super shield scratch resistant coating which cost approx. $30 for the pair and are ready in about 20 minutes.
    I’m 50 years old but my CR-39 plastic lenses give me night vision (blei ayin horah) like a 20 year old, I nswerve around deer, shikurim etc. etc.
    Drivers should start wearing the thicker CR-39 plastic lenses and get some good vision out of their eyeglasses.

  10. Just for sheer volume of information, I’d like to vote Dr. Minzer’s post as “post of the year.” WOW ! Hatzlocha Rabbah ! Dudi B.

  11. This is SO SAD that someone would take advantage of a situation to promote a business, how about showing some concern for the victim!!
    To TLS why do you allow these FREE advertisements?

  12. no 17 well said. i think the reflector campaign was a big mistake as it just worsens the underlying problem that people arent careful when walking or driving. we should expend all our energy and money not to give out free reflectors but to teach everyone how to cross the streets and maybe sponsor defensive driving courses for everyone.

  13. I called minzer a few times and left messages to ask about hours and locations so I could purchase glasses, but no one returned my calls! I ended up going elsewhere but I was very dissappointed.

  14. The issue is not to teach people how to cross the street. The issue is to teach people how to drive.

    Growing up in Yeshiva, I was never taught how to be a mentch on the road. How to remain calm even when you are in a rush to an appointment. How to drive safely and carefully even when you are stressed.

    I was never taught that. And neither was any one else.

    THAT is what needs to be taught. If we all go out of town for a week and see how people drive in sleepy towns, and incorporate those lessons in our own driving, out town would be much safer and calmer.

  15. This trend is horrible, to say the least.

    Lakewood Police need to get tough.

    People need to learn to drive and not speed and not pass on the right and not go 50 miles per hour on the small side streets cutting across town.

    Also, pedestrians need to stop at the curb and look both ways before crossing and not step out onto the street and then act shocked that a car is within feet of them.

    Be careful at all times. Save a life and avoid injury.

    And dont take this personally. Just take the mussar and straighten up. Everyone knows Lakewood is like a demolition derby until you leave to the surrounding towns.

    Driving and crossing streets are not our claim to fame; sorry to say.

  16. the other day i yelled at a young women busy with her texting while her stroller had drifted into the street forcing drivers to swerve around her. and this was at ist and 9 [facing 9]!!!!!!

  17. i dont understand this town!
    that corner already has all the electric and equipment for a blinking light so now just put up a normal taffic light
    we arent asking you to start from scratch
    when will this town wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. There should be a law that if u as a pedesrian gets hit by a vehicle after sundown and you were not wearing a reflector then u are prohibited by law to sue anyone

  19. someone asked for statistics. i would like to add another request. what are the statistics for pedestrians hit at night vs day and at night those wearing reflectors and those not!!! It doesnt matter if you are wearing a white shirt, if you cross in the middle of the street, make sure you are wearing a reflector!!!

  20. To Motorist

    To Pedestrians

    To the General Public
    This must stop. If everyone would cooperate, all of this pain and injury could be avoided.

  21. On a similar note to all drivers, just a friendly reminder…

    It is illegal to drive on the shoulder for any reason. That means if the car in front of you is waiting to turn left, you CANNOT drive around him on the shoulder. If caught, you will get a ticket and four points on your license. The shoulder is for pedestrians, cyclists, disabled vehicles and emergency vehicles.

    In the eye of the law, driving on the shoulder, is no different than driving on the sidewalk. It does not matter how long you have to wait for the car in front of you to turn left, DO NOT DRIVE ON THE SHOULDER!!

  22. What is wrong with all these people that comment on this article out of 44 comments only one Person bothered to ask for his name to say thillim or even to wonder or be concerned about the condition of this boy, how telling it is about how selfish and self centered people are how sad

  23. This can’t be true…in Lakewood? Someone hit by a car??? How could that happen? This must be the first in this county. Just moved here. Hope they recover quickly.

  24. do you really think anyone is going to listen to what ANYBODY says..zombies have a better IQ or understanding…this morning there was a couple ( both in black ) stopped & out of the van, having a conversation,not ten feet from the intrsection where that boy was hit last night. cars had to cross into the other lane to avoid them. this conversation lasted almost 10 min.. there is no shoulder..!!

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