UPDATED: Authorities Investigating Shooting Near Wawa Plaza; Stray Bullet Strikes Car And Home Oil Tank

PHOTOS & VIDEO: UPDATED 4:15 PM. Authorities are investigating a shooting which shattered a car’s windows and ruptured a nearby oil tank early this morning, police confirm.No people were hit.

Neighbors of the Wawa shopping plaza tell TLS at about 5AM they woke to the sound of several gunshots and went outside to see what happened. When they got outside, they found police swarming the area.

Preliminary findings show it may have been a drive-by shooting with the shots fired from the area of Sqankum Road and Kennedy Boulevard. At least one of the bullets shattered the back window of a Wawa employee’s vehicle, continued through the driver’s side window an then ruptured a home’s oil tank on the property across the street.

The front portion of the Wawa shopping plaza was taped off as CIU conducted their investigation.

The plaza was reopened at about 6:45 AM. TLS.

UPDATE 4:20 PM. Detective Captain Paul Daly tells TLS the shots were fired at two individuals as they made their way out of the Wawa at 4:26 AM. Neither of them were hit.

There were five shots fired from a 40 caliber weopon, but only two rounds were recovered, Daly said. One of them, as earlier reported, was recovered in a nearby oil tank.

Daly says the suspects fled in a van.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Detectives Bureau.


See more photos from earlier in the morning from Crystal Photography.


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  1. I’m guessing some people will say that Moshiach is definitely almost here, or that this happened because people are not so careful about shatnez, or some other smart reason.

  2. I ‘m guessing the police had to have heard the shots themselves. The two-way radio system is such a joke, It’s amazing the officers can understand what the dispatchers are saying. Don’t even get me started about the radio headquarters uses for the fire department. BOTH the PD & fire radio systems in this town are a JOKE. A really, really, really bad one. Has crime decreased in town because of this lousy radio system they installed? Are the citizens in town any safer? I don’t hink so. How safe can it be when the members of the fire department can’t even understand what the dispatcher is saying? Fix these lousy radios before someone is killed or seriously injured.

  3. you should hear how bad it is on the first aid and ems side. the radio systems in this town are horrible and is going to get someone hurt one day.

  4. To pj just to let you know there is no jammer on the fd frequency. As a firefighter in this town I can tell you first hand the radio system is a piece of junk and they know it. They don’t seem to worried about fixing it though. If one of our own gets hurt because of a transmission that couldn’t be heard the town is going to have a very big lawsuit on its hands. Maybe by bring this out into the public eye they will do something about it.

  5. YOU CAN HIRE 1000 COPS, but if a criminal wants to, he still will commit crimes. The perfect example = look at jails. Inside they are under extreme scrutiny 24/7 via video camera’s, armed guards, foot patrols, cells, etc- and yet the inmates still manage to assault, stab, murder, and exploit one another.
    Whats the only way of cleaning up a jail to make it safe? REMOVE THE CRIMINALS.

    answer: RENTALS!
    and who rents out to convicted criminals & felons, molesters, drug dealers, thugs, gang-members, etc ??? = SLUM-LORDS!


  6. Ref the FD radio – handheld and truck radios can be heard through the repeater without any problems. It’s the transmissions from HQ that are bad. This leads me to conclude either – 1- the HQ operator is not properly speaking into the mic, or -2- the mic gain control leading into the FD transmitter is not set high enough. Maybe, as the handhelds are working fine, the HQ operator should use a handheld to dispatch on.

  7. did it ever occur to people that this may be gang related? Maybe retaliation for the stabbing victim? people need to realize there are not only individuals committing crimes but A LOT of gangs in Lakewood. It’s about turf, pay backs & just plain trying to show others not to mess with them. The only way to curb these kinds of activities is with more police.nobody in Lakewood seems to get it. if you are not willing to pay higher taxes toward more officers, the crime rate will only continue and get even worse. It’s not a difficult concept – people just don’t want to face the facts. you don’t want to pay more than you already do, so look at what you have to show for it! Lakewood is going down the toilet & won’t improve until people have finally had enough (moderated).

  8. When a Tone goes out for the Fire DPT its so (moderated) that when you Stand outside of police headquaters and you cant hear a word is said. Mind You there are some Dispatchers you can here better than others

  9. if we started the day after JFK was killed, melting down guns we’d be safer place. No 40 cal hand guns would exist and what would be left would be minimum. but no we somehow worship something over 200 plus years old over common sense.

  10. to #3- if you think you can do a better job by all means..put in an application. The town is growing by leaps and bounds, and its hard to keep up with the upgrades that you need to add to the radio system..yes the system is old..and yes sometimes its hard to understand everyone but EVERYONE understands the dispatchers. Leave them alone, they work with what they have to and its a hard job. Not everyone can do it

  11. Just wondering…would one of the many cameras up in town help in funding the shooter? Isn’t there one on the corner of Squankum and County Line?

  12. #21

    That 200 year old thing that we worship (the constitution) is what guarantees our liberties from the government. Common sense is to guarantee liberties. With your warped logic, some president one day can become a dictator and just say that he is taking full control of the country, he will make us all do whatever he wants, and he isn’t listening or worshipping that “200 year old document” – the constitution.

    It’s all we have to protect us from dictators. THAT IS COMMON SENSE.

  13. @ #22

    Where did I bash the dispatchers in my post? (Reading comprehension?) It’s not a question of doing a better job. The dispatchers we have perform above and beyond the call. It’s a question of having equipment that works properly. Specifically, the radio in HQ used for POLICE dispatching makes the dispatchers sound like they are in a car on the parkway doing 75 miles an hour with the windows open. The mobile & portable units sound even worse. The original analog system the town had didn’t have any of these issues. It sounded fine. The analog radio HQ uses for dispatching the fire department isn’t much better. BOTH systems are terrible, and it is gong to end with someone seriously injured, or dead. Let the lawsuits begin!

  14. #16 – “mr con: the perps in most gang hits in this town are not renters. They live in sec 8 legal apartment complexes in lakewood”

    the government does own any houses/condo’s/apartments. they are owned by someone aka the landlord, and then rented to the section8 receiver.
    and the landlords VOLUNTARILY sign their units up to section8, and are placed with these “wonderful” future tenants. the landlord then gets his check from the government, and the section8 receiver lives in the condo of the slum-lord. The slum-lord still has an obligation to maintain his unit, and the tenant. if the tenant is causing problems, then its his job to contact the state and start the eviction process. BUT THE SLUM-LORDS COULD CARE LESS!

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