AUDIO: Dr. Shanik: Stay Home for Pesach

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    • Because not everyone will get sick. Some people are just carriers and they bring the disease to other people! What do so many people not understand about this??

  1. I’d like to start by thanking TLS and all the organizations that are helping us all in the current matzav.

    Just wondering if there can be any relief from Lakewood township in the form of a tax reduction on property tax. We all could use the few extra dollars to make YT and get through this.

    Even though public schools are in session electronically, the actual schools are closed and therefore should have much less overhead….

    No bussing for any schools…

    Board of ed amounts for approximately 50 of my tax bill….

  2. Dr. Shankik. If my husband , myself and my parents all tested positive for corona virus, should I have my parents come to me for Pesach or should they stay home.

  3. Dr. Shankik. If my husband , myself and my parents all tested positive for corona virus, should I have my parents come to me for Pesach or should they stay home. Please advise. Thank you

  4. This is clear as day. No one travels, anywhere. Period. Now, Sara, it’s very possible that even tho you were positive, you or ur parents can R”L catch it again. Theres no evidence that ur immune.
    Do NOT take that risk !!
    Ur Mothers matzah bry is not worth it !! And their Nachas for one Chag isn’t worth it, either. It’s tough on everyone.
    No need to ask 17 different ways. Heres the answer:
    Stay Home !!

    • What’s more bizarre is how everyone is clamoring for a vaccine.
      Now you claim that being immune doesn’t prevent you from catching it again.
      See some flaw in your logic?
      Or do you just toe the line?

  5. People may not host their parents (or even single parents) even though this is very painful for all of us. You DO NOT KNOW IF YOU ARE STILL carrying the virus silently, as it has a lengthy incubation period! This virus is EXCEPTIONALLY contagious, they do not even know yet how contagious but it is estimated AT LEAST 2-3X more contagious than the FLU. It remains in the AIR. Hatzolah will not even enter your home – they make you come outside unless it’s impossible for you to walk. This is NOT A NORMAL DISEASE. We just heard a close family friend’s father passed away …. people we know are dropping. Do not endanger your own family. It’s ridiculous!

  6. @bizarre I’m very happy for you that you can’t understand why someone can’t stay home but guess what for whatever reason pple cannot. There have been many full extended families here in Lakewood that fully got the virus and fully recovered and are out of any contagious stage. According to dr birx if your body develops healthy anti bodies then your are most likely immune to the virus. The question is more for how long. In Israel in fact they are starting to treat ill paitents with the anti bodies of a recover individual. They are set to start the same here. In addition They are hoping to come out with a test soon so you can test if you do have anti bodies

  7. It very simple. Stay home this once,So you can go away next year gd willing. for those of you who don’t understand. Stop trying to. There are no leeways. This is a new and confusing virus. The only thing you should be clear about is STAYING HOME!!

  8. It makes no no sense!!! That the groceries are packed!! No Minyanim etc. Something must be done!!! It’s almost impossible to get orders..

  9. Lakewood isn’t getting strict. The dangers have been known for weeks. I have many married children living in Lakewood, as do I, and they will not be coming to me for Pesach. My friends are doing the same. I’m so surprised that some of you are surprised. We made these decisions last week already. It will be very lonely for us. Some of my kids work full time and will have to make Pesach for the first time with very little warning. I will try to help, but it’s a difficult time for all.This is happening all over Lakewood and all over the world. My siblings in Brooklyn are doing the same. Let’s do this this year so everyone can be around next year to celebrate together IY”H.

  10. Why can’t people be more sensitive and kind. Yes it can be extremely difficult for people to stay home. Even if you think its not a valid reason, its not an excuse to dismiss it or speak so rudely and condescending to others. Remember why we are in this position to begin with!

  11. To those who GET IT, thank you!!! And to those who keep trying to find a way around staying home, you are being willfully ignorant and selfish.
    Keep dodging the voluntary social distancing or you will find yourself INVOLUNTARILY sequestered for a much longer period of time. And dont cry anti-Semitism when Lakewood ends up in the news again and you get negative press. That will be on YOUR head.

  12. @all & Anonymous #9 – I’m so sorry if I didn’t come across as sensitive and empathetic. You’re right, this is a very difficult time. But, this year, we need to sacrifice the enjoyment of this Pesach soo we can enjoy mnay more Pesachs in the coming years, IY”H. We all have to sacrifice. I was supposed to have many guests this year; some singles, as well as a young married couple with a newborn who have no where to go as well as my elderly in-laws. But, I probably wont be able to. IT’s sad but thats the reality of Pesach 5780.
    Now – if someone, for whatever reason, absolutely can’t make Pesach, discuss it with your private Dr. Maybe you can go to your parents/children.
    Chag Sameach to all !!

  13. could the rabbonim please come out c”clear” if one can go to parents in law in lkwd? this leter from the doc does not say clearly if yes or no. only rabbonim or doc I don’t care what you have to say.

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