Attempted Abduction Of Young Child

LCSW LPD logo_wmJUST IN: POLICE & LCSW have just responded to the 14th Street area after a man attempted to abduct a child, sources tell TLS. The man, fitting the description of the suspect previously wanted for a similar act earlier this week- as reported on TLS – drove up to the area a short time ago with a similar vehicle and attempted to lure a young child to his car.

Several officers and multiple LCSW members have swarmed the area in search of the vehicle.

The vehicle is described as a silver/grey Honda Accord.

The suspect is described as a 20-30 year old white male with brown hair and thin build. TLS.

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  1. why are there so many unsupervised young children walking around the streeets? where are the parents? what is going on in this world, keep an eye on your children!!

  2. I see so many young children playing in front of their homes unsupervised, it pains me to think what would happen if one of these children was taken. Their safety is more important than a few minutes to yourself to put on dinner or wash dishes. They are a gift that must be protected.

  3. yes # 4, most criminals, perverts, molesters operate in a area they feel safe in, or blend in, or are familiar with. This pervert needs to be caught and spend some time in a cell. Come on public, see something, say something. Lakewood Police 732-363-0200 , press 0

  4. Good job I am fat, 40-50 have silver grey hair, & don’t drive a Silver grey Honda.
    If not I guess I would be one of the 5 thousand suspects in Lakewood, who fall in to that description. All you 20-30 thin brown hair, silver grey Honda acord guys, how does it feel to be a suspect?
    BTW he may have borrowed the same car twice from some guy living in that area, shmearing arround in a borrowed car, just offering rides, to some kids, and a little over reaction from some parents, it may be the real thing though who knows?
    At least we all care.

  5. #3- the article mentions a Honda ACCORD- that meants the modle is an ACCORD.

    Child abduction ranks right up there with murder, rape and arson.

    Time to get engaged….the days of being complacent are over.

    We have eyes-yet don’t observe
    We have ears -yet act deaf
    We have mouths- yet don’t speak up

    Let’s get engaged.

  6. We need to watch our children just a little more then usual even in the daytime. I see children as young as 8 or 9 yrs old walking alone or with a friend pushing babies & children in baby strollers on rt 9 a main highway alone and i think to myself isn’t that child neglect!!! I am a mother of 6 children ranging from 9rs to 21yrs and never ever let my children under 16 even be out of my sight and when they even went to a friends house or neighbors i would check up on them. Please Parents be more responsible!!!

  7. MOST IMPORTANT of all is SPEAK TO YOUR CHILDREN. Make sure they understand NEVER NEVER to speak to or go with ANYONE for ANY reason…… Cant stress this enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. #13 – I agree 100%. The hitching has run out of control. I can’t understand how anyone would let their child leave the house without knowing how they are getting to their destination or IF they are getting there. The parents of Lakewood must be more responsible.

  9. I already got engaged a while ago. I dont think my wife will let me get engaged again.
    Please explain; what do you mean “lets get engaged”

  10. About 2 Shabbosim ago a white, mid-sized SUV stopped in front of my house and took pictures of two of my children and my niece and nephew and then sped away. Needless to say the kids were terrorized and now walk around in fear. It was Shabbos so that my wife could not write down the license plate but after Shabbos she wrote it down but misplaced it! Tonight she found the paper mixed in with the mail and the license plate is ZKE-17B, NJ. It’s interesteing to note That this took place on Shabbos when there is little we could do about it. We will be reporting it to the LPD and LCSW. Please if you see this vehicle notify LPD and LCSW. Thank you.

  11. TO #16: AS far as hitching is concerned, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is also the responsibility of the Menahalim. I see bochurim all along the roads during the day. Many are kids who dorm here. THeir parents don’t even know, but it’s out in broad daylight. The menahalim have to know and put a stop to it. It’s dangerous for the kids and it’s a danger to traffic safety for all when the cars stop for the hitchers in middle of the roads.

  12. A big problem in this area within the frum comunity is the lack of education. The parents and educators are so uptight that people are scared to talk to their children about predators because it is a dirty word. In the mainstream world, schools offer educational programs to teach children about the dangers of abductors, explaining what danger they represent. They teach them to recognize danger, how to get out of the situation, and how to report it. I do not see any of that in the Jewish community and its a real shame that these near tragedies have happened.

  13. Let me get this straight;

    1. Just a day ago, was the first report of a possible child predator on the loose, and actively attempting to coerce kids into his vehicle…

    -AND THERE ARE STILL PARENTS LEAVING THEIR CHILDREN UNATTENDED???? (let alone in a town with a known gang issue.)

  14. to #20 how can these boys get around???? they have parents !!! Having children is a responsibility. Drive them or arrange car pool. No excuses.

  15. #11 Raintree – would you let your 15 year old daughter go down the block to a neighbor at 8:00 pm or your 14 year old son to a 7:00 Maariv two blocks from home?

    Do you wait at the bus stop to walk home your children that get dropped off after dark ( 5:00 and on)?

    In your opinion is

  16. Parents who leave their chldren unsupervised are neglectful , This is not hard to understand so why would anyone try to defend that?
    I really do not understand why a comment like that would be removed from my post here.

  17. To #10: What does it Matter? The person is a pervert and should be treated as such! If he gets caught, he should be punished to the full extent of the law. Perverts come in all shapes, colors and religions. Please don’t try to make this incident into something else!

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