Anti-Vax Event Held in Lakewood Ends in Spectacular Failure

An anti-vaccination event held in Lakewood Wednesday night failed to turn out a crowd, with barely a few dozen people straggling in to watch the presentations for which an entire hall was booked. 

The event, held at Tiferes Bais Yaakov, which featured several speakers and video presentations, was largely intended to increase skepticism in Lakewood regarding vaccines, particularly the Covid-19 vaccine, to which a massive drop in hospitalizations and deaths from the virus has been attributed to.

Event organizers. who have not publicly revealed their identities, are reportedly crestfallen at the low turnout, having believed that the event would attract an overflow crowd of individuals worried about the Covid-19 vaccine and its side effects.

“To be honest, I am quite thrilled at how this event panned out,” one influential Lakewood resident told TLS. “The Covid vaccine has been proven safe and effective. It has, with the help of Hashem, caused a machlah which killed over 300 Lakewooders to become far more manageable. Those who are actively trying to dissuade people from receiving the vaccine are doing everyone a disservice.”

Relatively few serious side effects have so far been recorded with regard to the Covid-19 vaccines, with just several thousand serious adverse reactions, including most notably blood clots, having occurred in the over 1 billion people who have so far received a Covid-19 shot.

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  1. Congratulations Lakewoodscoop for becoming our local CNN garbage!! You will have blood on your hands! Even dr shanik woke up to the dangers of this vax. Sad that our own members are selling the community for money. People maybe listen to the real doctors who are losing money and fame to save your lives. May Hashem protect us all

    • @Lakewoodscoopnecnn I can tell from your comments that you were ine of the event organizers. Not a single Rov in Lakewood has said not to take the vaccine, Hashem will protect us if we listen to Daas Torah.

      • You are correct not a single Rav in Lakewood has said not to take the vaccine. There are 4 Poskim that have said to refrain from taking them. You should educate yourself in these matters before spuing sheker. Gut Voch and gut Chodesh.

    • Liar. Dr. Shanik advised a close family member to get vaccinated ASAP this week! Your lies need to be removed from the public sphere where gullible people can be influenced.

      • I shudder when I think how these doctors will feel when they come to realize the truth about this experiment and they realized that they administered it… possibilities still on the table include sterility, auto immune disease, heart issues, and other complication RL Hashem should protect us.

    • Thank you for your comment. Dr. Robert Malone an inventor of the mRNA vaccines has not been permitted to address the public. Why? Was among the first young children to be given the sugar cube with the pink vaccine invented by Dr. Jonas Salk z”tl . In those times Physicians cared for their patients and tried to help humanity. Woe unto us during this time of Chevlei Moshiach.
      HaKadosh Baruch Hu can change all, yet there must be unity, peace and love among of all Klal Yisroel.

      • Point of information. The Sabin vaccine was delivered on sugar cubes, the Salk vaccine was injected. FWIW the current Covid vaccines have had far more rigorous testing than the Salk vaccine. The Salk vaccine took a lot of heat from virologists at the time it was released to the public. Perhaps people posting here aren’t old enough to remember all of this, or perhaps they are just misinformed? Hard to tell.

  2. This does not mean that the people who are skeptical about the covid vaccine have changed their minds. They are just not going to events about it.

  3. I am fully vaccinated but I find it hilarious that you mention the organizers wouldn’t reveal their names and than you go quote “an influential Lakewood resident”…
    Stop double standards when reporting news

  4. Wow! People are critiquing for not revealing the name of a resident who gave a comment and equating it with organizers of an event and movement. If you believe that wasn’t coming from an anti vaxxer….

  5. Hashem loves us all.
    Maybe Hashem our dear father on purpose made sure that this event does not get properly advertised?
    Hashem wants for his children a healthy life.

  6. there was a robocall that went around. Do you know any publication that is brave enough to advertise this kind of event???????????? and why not?? YIDDEN!! We are silencing our own people who have very valid concerns. Had you attended you would have been very shaken up! There were videos of testimonies from doctors at this this event to a bais din in Eretz Yisroel. It was all emes as opposed to the CDC who does not care about you at all. B’chol Dor va dor’ omdim alaynu lchalosaynu… if you close your ears and shut your eyes you will be the last one to know what is REALLY happening! WAKE UP

    and no i didnt attend. I watched it on live stream so who really cares how many people showed up? What matters is that we make hishtadlus to try to get out the truth… just look at australia and youll start getting a glimpse of whats to come if you dont WAKE UP

  7. Would you put your name on an event like this if you would be censored, shunned, shamed, threatened by your own people and beyond just for telling people that you know people who were personally harmed in serious ways from this vax???? That you have real data that proves there are serious risks with this vaccine? where is our ahavas yisroel? We dont all have to all agree, but we do have to treat each other nicely and GIVE people with a different opinion a voice

  8. @Lakewoodscoopnewcnn,

    There are no dangers about this vaccine. With a few Hundred Million people vaccinated very few had any side effects. Interesting that nobody heard anything negative about the vaccine from Dr. Shanik. Go back into your cave…

  9. Amen!!! Mad props to you the vaccine has shown a decrease in death and hospitalization and those ppl who are shunning it clearly didn’t have a loved one die of covid or worked in a covid ward and really saw hands on what covid does . And has permanent health issues after wards

  10. There is a difference between anti vaxxers and being skeptical. The anti vaxxers are kooki. However there is nothing wrong with being skeptical that this is being pushed on our children as well ad the masking if you are already got the vaccine.

  11. I didn’t hear about the event and I couldn’t have gone last night anyway. I had something else to do. But, that doesn’t mean I’m pro vaccine and I don’t want to me made to get it. That should be my choice, not the government’s. I don’t want to get the vaccine as of now and probably never.

  12. To lakewoodscoopnewcnn: who told you that Dr. Shanik “woke up to the dangers…”?? Dr. Shanik is giving the vaccine! Don’t spread lies!

  13. What does not wanting to be a part of the largest medical experiment in human history have anything to do with being “anti-vax”? This literally isn’t even a vaccine according to the medical definition as it neither prevents illness nor transmission. It is failing everywhere it is being given ( for just one example 100% of the covid ICU patients in all of Ontario where fully vaccinated last I checked on the govt website) and it is associated with over 12 thousand deaths in the US alone. Please educate yourself and don’t become part of the propaganda machine.

    • Where to begin… (sigh)..

      1) Yes, it’s a vaccine. Repeating a lie a thousand times makes it no less a lie.

      2) Yes, it reduces both illness and transmission. And infection. And severe illness. And death. Stop lying.

      3) No, it’s been successful everywhere it’s been given.

      4) No, that’s not what it says on the Ontario government website. You just made that up. Stop lying.

      5) No, it’s not. About a dozen deaths are being *investigated*, with more than a third of a billion doses having been injected in the US. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning while being crushed by an elephant as your parachute malfunctions.

      “Educate yourself”. Don’t make me laugh.

      • VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) data shows:
        December 2020 to July 30, 2021
        * 545,338 cases of adverse events
        * 12,366 deaths
        * 14,251 permanently disabled

        • Fascinating, I checked and I see these are some of the casualties the vaccine “causes”:

          Voluntary abortions
          Multiple car accidents
          Struck by lightning
          Crushed by the Incredible Hulk
          Mining accident

          If you’re going to quote a random unrelated figure to fool gullible people into thinking 12K people died *from* the vaccine, it might be useful that some these are the reports of all 12K deaths that occurred in proximity to the 335,000,000 doses injected in the US.

          Would be a shame to find out that you actually have no idea how to read and interpret the VAERS data, right?

    • @dmf
      “100% of icu patients in Ontario were fully vaccinated” as seen on govt website. Are you serious?? That sounds so out of whack you shouldn’t need to recheck to figure that it’s fake. But I checked anyway. So the numbers are 46 people are in the icu from Covid. 2 are fully vaccinated. That’s little over 4% while 63% of Ontario residents are fully vaccinated in.
      If it’s too good to be true (for your cookoo cause, anyway) it is.

  14. If it wasn’t for all these “crazies” in the world, the government and big pharma companies would have you all vaccinated with hundreds of shots a year. Similar to Eretz Yisroel….If it wasn’t for all the “crazies”, you would all have been drafted. The “crazies” are the wall infront of the corruption!!! The common denominator of both “crazies” is that both actually took the time to look into a situation while others are busy with their lives…All of you “normal” ones out there should spend as much time researching vaccines as you do your cars and shaitels and you might such become “crazy” like us!

      • Here’s an interesting idea. How about we have a publicly viewed and accessible debate before the Rabonim of our town. We can have 2 “experts” who are for the Covid vaccine and believe it is safe presenting their data and testimony and 2 “Experts” who are against this vaccine and it’s safety present their data and testimony. Let it be publicized and in front of Rabonnim and let the people hear both sides and the opinion of the Rabonim. This issue is truly a matter of life and death for both sides – those for the vaccine believe the others to be endangering lives due to Covid, and those against believe the vaccines to be very dangerous. Why would we discourage research and discourse about such a vital issue and just tell people to trust blindly? I know of 3 stories personally where an “anti” was making a public presentation and he invited a proponent to join him and present his side. All 3 times the other declined or ignored the invite. Why? If it is so clear that the “crazies” are kookoo and lying, how hard should that be to prove? And why is it that every time I have heard an “Anti” present they have quoted studies, provided sources, and backed up what they said with personal testimony from those who have actually treated patients, while the response to these “crazies” is to spew hatred, call names, quote “authority figures” as evidence yet provide little to no data? It certainly seems suspicious to me. So when will we have this debate? Do you think you can find even one “pro vaccine” person who is willing to participate? I will guarantee you 2 “anti” presenters. Let me know who, when, and where and they will be there. Be in touch.

  15. FYI this was not an anti-vax event. It was meant to make people aware of the government overreach due to covid and how dangerous the situation is becoming to our Yiddishkeit and peoples rights worldwide. It was also meant to show relevant data that questions the risks that the experimental, new technology could cause. These people don’t think covid is not serious. They did enormous research and know that the vaccine is much more dangerous and that there are thousands of people being severely injured by them while there are safe prevention and treatment meds that are being withheld from people.

    • Didn’t know about the event, but I agree with your last statement – there are people who live here in Lkwd, not Canada, not 12000, but I know 2 personally who had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, who are running around to top Drs in search of a yeshua.

      • Interesting, would you name them? Or should we just believe your anonymous comment?

        Meanwhile, after having had numerous conversations with doctors in Lakewood I can name: Dr. Kadosh, Dr. Fenster, Dr. Shanik, Dr. Lebowitz, Dr. Zimmerman, Dr. Preschel, Dr. Kassover, Dr. Kaweblum, and many others, I can confidently say they all believe anybody without antibodies especially if higher risk should be vaccinated. Some believe even more than that, but at least that, and it’s interesting that you can’t name yourself or your Lakewood sources and we’re just supposed to believe you.

        It’s almost like you’re lying to spread an agenda to fool gullible people. Not that you would do anything like that, of course. You’re a highly respectable unnamed commenter on Lakewood Scoop!

        Oh, and one more thing: MORE THAN 300 people from Lakewood have been confirmed to have passed away from COVID. I personally know dozens of them, and they’ve been named. No treatment was “withheld” from them.

        • I respect you for calling out “anonymous” people for stating their opinion with no evidence, resources, or data, and expecting us to just believe them. People like that certainly have no credibility. For example, there is a person on this thread who calls himself S209 and then he states statistics as fact with no sources or evidence. Then, after personally discrediting someone for saying they know stories “without naming names” he goes and says “I personally know dozens of them” without naming names! Can you believe such people exist? The nerve….

  16. Dmf
    Look again
    Majority of people in icu due to covid in Ontario are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated.
    Unvaccinated are 44 and vaccinated are 2

    As per covid 19 .ca

  17. I would have went but i didnt know about it. What a dishonest article the shot did not stop hospitalizations people stopped getting sick 8 months before the shot was even available. The covid shot is deadly 45k people dead already from it and thats what the cdc is admitting to over the next 3 years many millions will die from the shot

    • Avi! You are a scientific genius! You incisive analysis along with your evaluation and corroboration of fact are matched only by the scintillating presentation and the persuasiveness of your post! Kudos to you! Your willingness to go out on a limb to save lives bears mention as well. I am singularly awed by your prognostic ability as well. It borders on miraculous. תזכו למצוות!

    • Astounding news. We should quickly inform the 109,000 patients CURRENTLY hospitalized in the US for COVID-19, 98% of whom are completely unvaccinated (despite more than 70% of adults in the US fully vaccinated).

  18. “The vaccine has been proven safe” this vaccine is just a few months old, is there nothing to say about long term effects that this might have……? Is it so outlandish for someone to be concerned about long term effects?

    • Yup. Vaccines don’t have long term effects. Over the last 250 years there have been well over a thousand vaccines approved, none of which have EVER caused long term effects. Short term effects yes (rarely, in a small number of vaccines which were sometimes removed from the shelf within weeks), long term effects no. It’s just not how vaccines work- the vaccine leaves the body in a matter of days or weeks and doctors are able to see if there was any damage left behind. Unlike a virus which can linger in your body for a very long time, sometimes resurfacing years later.

      Remember when anti-vaxxers were pretending it causes fertility issues with no evidence, just to scare people? They seem to have stopped, probably because we all know people who’ve conceived or given birth after the vaccine with absolutely no issues BH. No “smoking gun”. It was just another lie spread by people who hope to profit from “alternative” quack medicine.

    • Just like the Salk vaccine and the later Sabin vaccine, there is no ability to perform a longitudinal data study on a newly release vaccine. This is basic science.

  19. To S209
    There is so much to say, with some who are blinded. See this wk’s פרשה
    1) The Moderna jab, which is extremely similar to Pfizer was patented in 2010. It was not referred to as a vaccine. It was called “gene therapy.” So you are disagreeing with the company itself. The FDA CDC WHO all agreed to call it “vaccine” because some people who will rightfully object to untested (with animals) human experimentation can be called silly names like “antivaxxer” for having legitimate concerns about being a part of a massive worldwide test. Nice trick.
    2) If it reduces illness is becoming more difficult to see. But let’s leave that. Iceland is almost 100% jabbed, yet it has many new cases. They made up a new name for that “Breakthrough cases” then you have Gibraltar. They had NO COVID but they jabbed anyway. Now they have Covid!
    Massachusetts let out info that 74% of hospitalizations were from fully “vaxxed.”
    An Israeli doctor was just recently interviewed on TV and said that 85% of new serious cases are from the fully “vaxxed”
    3. “It’s been successful everywhere.” See Gibraltar snd Iceland, above.
    Also see CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system.) website showed 12,113 DEATHS as of July 20th+/- 400,000 side effects,
    Tens of thousands of them needing ER and/or Hospitalizations A Harvard study (hardly antivaxxers) in 2010, found that only less than ONE PERCENT of adverse events were reported.
    In U.K. over 1,200 deaths were reported to the NHS. In Europe, over 17,800 deaths were reported snd over 1.575,000 serious injuries.
    That is a total of over 30,000 deaths and 2,00,000 serious injuries… not including the Harvard study result. If that is included, we could be talking about 10 to 100 times more.
    A whistleblower claims that in United States alone 45,000 deaths were actually reported but they have been hidden in different websites. That doesn’t include EY or the rest of the world.
    4) idk about Canada except that they have become tyrannical. Trudeau announced a few days ago that the government has ordered 35 million doses of more 2022, 30 million for 2023 & more for 2024.
    Effective? Really?
    5) They are only investigating a dozen deaths? Why?

  20. @s209
    1. “Injection of a killed microbe in order to stimulate the immune system against the microbe, therebye preventing disease” This doesn’t qualify.
    2. This cannot be proven when the morbidity and mortality rates from covid were so small to begin with.
    3. This is blatantly false. And if it were true then Israel and Gibraltar would not be back on the CDC very high risk list.
    4. It was on the website when I checked last and you are correct this has changed.
    5. Yes, it is. Vaers has rules about what goes on there and the numbers are very clear.

    • 1. Really? Says who? You decided?
      2. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the US for more than a year, only behind heart disease and cancer, and it is well documented that deaths are underreported. Outweighs deaths by car accidents by a factor of 15. “Mortality rates so low”.
      3. “If true”- says who? You? Actually, by percentage, in Israel the unvaxxed are being hospitalized at a ratio of 5 to 1 vs. the vaxxed in every demographic. From the beginning doctors have said we’ll need 80-90% vaccinated to crush this thing. Israel got to the mid 50%s and took a break. Hopefully enough people are vaccinated so this wave will soon end. Imagine if they could have just done a better job getting people vaccinated..
      4. I find that incredibly hard to believe. The government website just changed its mind in the last few minutes? Why does that seem so unlikely? More likely, you just made it up.
      5. Right, the rules say to report all adverse reactions that occurred in proximity to the vaccine, and then analysts parse the data available. Since it’s a 2 dose vaccine that’s injected weeks apart, and there have been 335 MILLION doses distributed thus far, it stands to reason that many tens of thousands of incidents occurred in a span of 6 weeks in 70% of the US adult population (remember, more than 2 million die in the US every year). In no way shape or form does that mean what you are pretending it to mean, though you’re probably doing a good job convincing the nearly two dozen people (!) who attended this event.

  21. I am not an anti vaxxer nor am I specifically pro the vaccination. I am seriously contemplating taking it. Can anyone list doctors that are pro the vaccination and doctors that are against it?

    • Pro (small sample):
      Dr. Kadosh
      Dr. Shanik
      Dr. Lebowitz
      Dr. Kassover
      Dr. Fenster
      Dr. Zimmerman
      Dr. Roth
      Dr. Kaweblum
      Dr. Preschel
      Dr. Singer
      Dr. Friedman

      Anti (complete list):
      Dr. Zelenko
      Random anti-Semite in Germany

      Dr. Eilenberg

  22. this is NOT a vaccine!!! its a pathetic shot that we don’t know what’s in it! or rather the maker of it said to keep away from. it doesn’t do anything more for ppl who have it! look at isreal see the data! hear the stories. You are not anti vax for not taking an experimental injection.

  23. Vaccines are only way out of this pandemic. I have heard from some experts that we might need as much as 90 % of the population to be vaccinated to get to “community immunity”. The anti-vaxxers are making sure we don’t reach that. Because of them we may, chas veshalom, need to live with this for a very long time. Lets stand up against them! Mi Lehashem Eliey !

    • i heard on the news this morning that a fully vaccinated cruise ship had a covid outbreak. not sure if this is the same one but here is an article


      100 people got covid on a fully vaccinated ship.
      i really think the message here is
      Hashem is in control. NOT US
      Hashem decides who gets sick NOT US
      Hashem decides who dies NOT US
      We think we can control covid?
      We think we can force everyone to get vaccinated and control the pandemic?
      Hashem is showing us that WE HAVE NO CONTROL
      We have to rely on HIM to help us.
      Yes of course we have to do hishtadlus but hishtadlus for one might be NOT to take the vaccine.
      Vast majority of Rabbonim in Lakewood are NOT saying in a blanket statement “take the vaccine” i have not seen anything like that.
      i have heard that for now ‘shev va’al taaseh’ is the current recommendation.
      Ask your daas torah and Hashem will protect you.
      WE have totally lost focus here.

  24. look at Israel, they are closing the place down again and again, i guess all their vaccinations haven’t done the job , they are telling people now to go for a 3rd injection

  25. Can we please respect each other and our differences!? We just had Tisha B’Av, can we not learn a lesson to be kind to another!? I am pro vaccinations but I will always love my neighbors. Hashem loves all of us unconditionally whether I am vaccinated or not.

    • Im with you a thousand percent! The vaccine is tearing friends and families apart. It hurts me so much to read all these comments from people putting down other people!

  26. You guys are so ignorant!!!! I would laugh at you forever but this is not funny at all!!! We will see whose right when ppl themselves will see ppl getting this shot and then a few weeks later getting covid and then getting seriously sick ch”v from it because it has extremely dangerous spike proteins that cause the immune system to send it to all the cells in the body. This destroys the whole immune system!!! Anyway i know tons and tons of ppl who contracted covid after getting the vaccine and giving it to others.and a lot of these ppl landed in the hospital!!! My uncle contracted covid after the vaccine and got blood clots from it. The cdc director herself said that this vaccine doesn’t prevent covid and it doesn’t prevent others from catching it so that’s why you need to wear a mask!!!!! And by the way masks don’t work either because these tiny particles of the virus go straight through. The numbers of ppl getting covid were down because covid was going away. As soon as ppl started getting vaccinated, boom… everyone started getting covid again!!! hmmmm! i wonder why!!!!! Educate yourself and quick before you start vaccinating your kids with this poison!!!!!
    by the way i am vaccinated with almost every other vaccine and i am not at all an anti vaxxer. that said i will never take this crazy dangerous vaccine!!! and to clarify, the person who created this vaccine and pushing it is bill gates and he said a year before the pandemic the only way to depopulate this world is through a pandemic and a vaccine!!!!!! Hmmmm!!!
    And one more thing, they are suppressing the numbers because they want you all ignorant ppl to get it because they want money!!!!!!!

    lets all daven that we all stay safe, vaccinated and unvaccinated with Hashems help!! but one thing for sure, let ppl make their own decisions with this vaccine. and RESPECT THEM!!!! we are all Hashem’s children no matter what!!!


      Please stop shouting, my ears are ringing.

  27. I saw it on zoom and it was a big Chizuk to me in my decision not be wary of this new spike protein injection which creates micro blood clots sent into the hearts, lungs and ovaries thereby causing those injected to feel nauseous, dizzy and out of breath. What the scientists were saying is that most of the recorded deaths immediately after taking the vaccine around the world was of heart attacks caused by these blood clots to the heart. They also explained that when they experimented on mice in the lab and injected them with the vaccine and then introduced to Covid, ALL OF THEM DIED but they decided to try it on humans anyways. This vaccine might postpone getting Covid for as long as it lasts (5 months) but without taking blood clot medication for the rest of your life Chas Veshalom these vaccines can cause hemorrhage, heart failure, lung failure and infertility in men and women as explained by the way the spike protein enters the blood stream. 80% of women who took the vaccine in the first trimester suffered a miscarriage. It would be nice if they would at least be honest with the facts and not threaten doctors who stand up for the truth. Only 1/10 of Jews went out of Mitzrayim. Do you know why? Because they were enslaved to the Egyptian government and their Avodah Zara. Most people who are taking the vaccine are relying on their doctors and not doing their own research on the side effects reported by scientists on the vaccines like they presented to you last night. Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t say later you weren’t warned.

  28. If the government was pro life throughout the pandemic, they wouldn’t have illegalized Zelenko’s protocol which he used on 6,000 patients and kept many out of the hospital and they wouldn’t have told hospitals only to accept patients whose oxygen levels were down to 92% when it was too late to begin the protocol effectively. Taking hydrochloroquine and vitamin D and zinc once a week (plus ivermectin for those immune compromised) is more affective than the vaccine with no side effects. People who are not getting vaccinated and keeping to this protocol have not gotten Covid.

  29. stand up against people who want to wait and see on an experimental vaccine that here are thousands of deaths from worldwide because YOU want them to get it???? because you decided the only way out is this vaccine which is obviously not working???? This is what Hashem wants??? many of the people who didnt take the vaccine have natural immunity and know real people with terrible post-vaccine effects. Im sorry your post is straight from the MSM, and NOT the Torah way.

    • Point of information. J&J powder was made from talc,which present near naturally occurring asbestos. J&J didn’t add it to the talc. They did fail to test the talc prior to manufacture to see if asbestos was present. I’m not a fan of J&J, but posting inaccurate and misleading information is a disservice to all.

  30. When I had a severe case of Covid, I couldn’t imagine why anyone eligible wouldn’t take the vaccine. At that time it was only offered to seniors and high-risk population. My parents live in an adult community in Lkwd and responsibly both took it. One of my parents was greatly affected by the vaccine, and yes they reported it, not that it has done much good. It was an obvious degeneration, a slight reaction after the taking the 1st vaccine and a severe one after the 2nd. For some it can cause neurological disorders, cause loss of balance, difficulty walking, affect cognitive thinking skills etc. Ask Rabbi__, the tzaddik who is a medical resource for Parkinson related issues, he said never before has there been such a surge in Parkinson-like inquiries and issues. Ask Mrs R__, a tzadeikis who has helped many in Lkwd recover from Covid (myself included), who has become privy to the many challenged vaccinatees (if that’s a word). Eretz Yisrael has its share of adverse reactions, 2 close family members had severe reactions, men 50-60 in good health. That might be the reason it doesn’t have full FDA approval.
    So it’s a hard call. I wish the medical profession would be able to test if someone has weak areas for potential issues before administering across the board. It’s like saying peanut butter is a good source of protein and making every kid eat it regardless of effect. For those suffering from a drastic decline in quality of life, it’s a tremendous nisayon.

  31. The turnout was low because nobody is on the fence anymore about this either your one extreme or the other and btw if someone would refuse to use j and j baby powder years back everyone would think he/she is wacked but guess what they are getting sued for putting asbestos in that powder but go ahead get the vaccine they wouldn’t mess you over twice

  32. Anti Vaxxers aren’t anti you taking the vaccine. enjoy the poison and the problems that come with. Anti vaxxers are anti being force to have a medical vaccine with force hitler force medical procedures !communism

  33. For all of you saying the vaccine is safe, you all know nothing. If a vaccine was so good & safe then we should be paying for it not being paid to take it. And to all those people saying it has no side effects….my father in law became paralyzed waist down after his second dose. Unless you go through something like that your blinded by fake news.

    • Liar. I’ll give you ten thousand dollars cash right now if you can name your actual father in law who was paralyzed from the waist down after his second dose.

      Go on, I’m waiting.

      • I believe it to be true. Bec. I also know s/o (40 year old mother) who became paralized waist down. Would you want your name here if it was you? NO! so I don’t have permission to write her name but she is a real person with a name.

        • I know of a frum 12 year old who was paralyzed also from this vaccine. I also know of a heart attack in a 40 year old woman and neurological issues in a woman in my town.

  34. It is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy/biologic. It needs to be labeled vaccine because vaccine manufacturers are indemnified from any lawsuits. All medications that were proven had to be disregarded w false articles claimining that the medications don’t work or are even dangerous, even though they were on the WHO safest medications list. They had to say that in order to get an EUA for the vaccines. They FDA cannot authorize EUA if there are medications which work against the virus. Remember the FDA still hasn’t actually approved it. Even if it does they’ve approved many drugs that have killed people and been taken off the market. Also follow the money,FDA, Fauci and Gates all have patents in these vaccines. So it’s kind of like the fox watching the hen house.

  35. First of all, anybody can report on vaers which has led obviously to thousands of ppl making up stories. The actual side effects have been investigated and have been found to be negligible. V’ha rayah that they paused the j&j vaccine(wrong decision) for 7 cases of blood clots in women 30-40. If they paused that for such few cases why wouldn’t they have stopped other vaccines for “thousands of deaths, side effects” according to anti vaxxers. 90 percent or more of all deaths and hospitalizations in us and Canada are amongst the unvaccinated. The CDC are idiots about a lot of things but the fact that the vaccine is safe and effective has nothing to do with them. It has saved ppls lives. If u had covid its not such a big deal to take it, but if u never had covid u absolutely shud take vaccine if ur over 20 yrs old. Over 2 billion ppl in the world have gotten vaccinated already and ppl have already had it for a year (early trials). There has never been long term effects from any vaccine. ( Unless ure an anti vaxxer and think that all vaccines kill ppl or cause autism) It is not scientifically possible for it to cause long term effects, if u study the way the vaccine works. The vaccine is a neis from hashem that he allowed science to discover such a innovation so quickly to protect us from corona. Also they’re already using mRNA technology to make vaccines for aids and cancer.

    • First of all, it is a crime to report a false report and it says it clearly when you try to fill out a vears report – go try it. Secondly, Dr. Peter McColough said that the majority of the reports are filled out by medical personnel who feel that there is a strong connection between the adverse event and to the vaccine. He also said that a huge percentage of the deaths reported happened within 3 days of the vaccine. In addtion, the sheer number of reports for this vaccine are way more than all other vaccines speaks volumes about the grave concern about this vaccine. ALso, the CDC have not been giving monthly safety updates based on these vaers reports which they usually do for other medications for over 7 MONTHS! They are derelict and this is an act of malfeasance. There are many blood clots caused by moderna (I know one lady in Lakewood who had a blood clot after moderna) and pfizer, but for political reasons J & J were the only ones reported.. The truth is being censored about everything covid related and especially about the vaccine and and how many vaccinated people are being hospitalized. If you only follow msm or drs and rabbanim who follow msm you will not know the truth.

  36. My wife is doctor on the frontline dealing with the very sick and lately young covid patients and when they ask if they could get the vaccine now… my wife tells them now it’s to late but tell your relatives to take it!

  37. To S209 I also know of a case where the 2nd mdrna shot paralyzed someone from the waist down it’s not a lie so don’t be so quick to call people liars and no they don’t want to post their relatives names for you

  38. To I also know of a case where the 2nd mdrna shot paralyzed someone from the waist down it’s not a lie so don’t be so quick to call people liars and no they don’t want to post their relatives names for you

  39. I have a friend who was 40 and dropped dead (they said either a blood clot or heart attack but didn’t do autopsy to say for sure) within a week of her second dose. She had no history of this issue. My daughter’s friend’s grandfather had a heart attack 3 days after his vaccine bH he made it to the hospital. They aren’t reporting these stories as vaccine stories. I heard more too but these I verified. I’m not telling you what to do but I am not ready to take this chance not for myself and my full future and not for my children who have a full future too. There is zero research and long term effects are unknown. I did tell friends who are taking it to take baby asprin for 2 weeks after vaccine to prevent blood clots. I’m not a dr so I take no responsibility but it would make sense to do that to prevent blood clot aneurysms and heart attacks.

    • There are a certain amount of people who die each year inexplicably.
      When a large amount of people take a vaccine, millions and millions, some of them will do so in proximity to a catastrophic event. It stands to reason that the lottery winners also took the vaccine in close proximity to winning the lottery, that doesn’t show anything.

      But your words ‘there is zero research’ are plain untrue. There is a ton of research that has been done, and is still being done.

      You can talk nicely and calmly, but your words are blatant lies, and you should be ashamed of yourself for propagating lies.

  40. Mordy If you would’ve taken the time to listen to these scientists and doctors, you wouldn’t be so quick to state your views on long term effects of vaccines. Research the way spike protein works in mRNA vaccines and how it causes blood clots in the blood stream. You obviously have no clue.

  41. Hey – to each their own. Nobody is changing their mind based on comments in the scoop. Both sides of the argument have valid points, that I think is indisputable. The CDC has become heavily politicized and therefore unfortunately cannot be trusted as an unbiased arbiter of health guidance. This is the sad reality. And BTW – true we are aware mostly of short term effects but we do not yet know long term effects of the covid vaccine.

    • Do you have any PROOF that the CDC has become politicized?
      From what I have read, Trump desperately attempted to politicize it, and all they did was resist that pressure. I don’t know any credible story about the politicization of the CDC

  42. The funny part of this whole discussion here is that 90% of these silly anti vax rants with different names signed, are all the same person!!!

  43. There are many doctors against the vaccine that are staying silent so that they wont lose their livlihood and be shunned and threatened. A few of the ones that are brave enough to risk losing everything and be outspoken are
    Dr. Peter McCulough, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Zev Zelenko,
    There are many more.

  44. We all know many of those who were niftar from Covid. We also all know people suffering from lingering effects from Covid. For some reason, the list of those who were niftar from the vaccines doesn’t exist. Baruch Hashem, the Rebono Shel Olam sent these vaccines!

  45. I also know people who were niftar while having COVID but they were not given proper treatments and were killed in the hospital, or died in the early days before anyone knew how to treat it. I also know people who did not check oxygen, stayed home and did not treat in a timely fashion and thus had a bad outcome. This could happen with other diseases too if you let them linger untreated.

    Today if you treat early, and correctly, the death rate from covid should be close to 0. Case in point: Yale University never lost 1 covid patient!

    Long haul is an issue but if covid is treated early and correctly, majority of people will not get long haul. IF they do, there are ways to treat it and their stories are generally far less worrisome than post-vaccine stories that have paralysis, heart issues, etc.

    Thousands have died from this vaccine already. If you do not research it you wont know because MSM (even frum publications) are censoring this. Check out vaers and you will see how many people died from the vaccine within 3 days of taking it. Stories abound across the world but it requires research. Even in our community people died from heart issues shortly after taking the vaccine but most people dont wants to spread the vaccine part of the story.

    FRUM PEOPLE need to STOP hiding their post-vaccine stories! Speak up! You will save lives!

  46. I also know people who were niftar while having COVID but they were not given proper treatments and were killed in the hospital, or died in the early days before anyone knew how to treat it. I also know people who did not check oxygen, stayed home and did not treat in a timely fashion and thus had a bad outcome. This could happen with other diseases too if you let them linger untreated.

    Today, if you treat early, and correctly, the death rate from covid should be close to 0. Case in point: Yale University never lost 1 covid patient!

    Long haul is an issue but if covid is treated early and correctly, majority of people will not get long haul. IF they do, there are ways to treat it and their stories are generally far less worrisome than post-vaccine stories that have paralysis, heart issues, etc.

    Thousands have died from this vaccine already. If you do not research it you wont know because MSM (even frum publications) are censoring this. Check out vaers and you will see how many people died from the vaccine within 3 days of taking it. Stories abound across the world but it requires research. Even in our community people died from heart issues shortly after taking the vaccine but most people dont wants to spread the vaccine part of the story.

    There are much safer prophylaxes options with his virus.

    FRUM PEOPLE need to STOP hiding their post-vaccine stories! Speak up! You will save lives!

  47. I am an out of towner who was in Lakewood for a few weeks . I had to be in some Urgent care.places and.I spoke to some of the workers there . They were very against getting the vaccine . I also called Pfizer about one of their products and I also asked them some questions about the vaccine . They had someone knowledgeable call me back . I asked them about the safety of the vaccine for young adults and pregnant women . She answered me that there was no testing done for those groups . I asked if they were taking responsibility if something happened . They said no they weren’t . The FDA. Approved it for emergency use only and they have nothing to do with it . I was planning to get the vaccine if I didn’t get COVID. I got COVID although I was very careful . From what someone wrote it seems the Doctors in Lakewood are promoting the Vaccine for those who do not have antibodies . Since so many Lakewood people had COVID then there is no reason for them to get a Vaccine . I am sure you are almost at 90% herd immunity if you include those who had COVID . There has been research done on antibodies of people who have had COVID and it seems that the minute they are exposed to COVID once again the immune system kicks in and new antibodies are created . Israel acknowledges those who have recovered from COVID. The Doctors admit that the reason so many people dies in the beginning is because they didn’t know how to treat them ( this is what Hashem wanted obviously ) I don’t think the purpose of why Hashem sent us COVID is to be at odds with each other . No one in Lakewood is out to hurt anyone so please respect one another .

    Wishing everyone a Kesiva Ve’chasima Tova . A Gut Gebentched Yor .

  48. I’m from Brooklyn. Around my corner is a chassidisher man in his fifties who took vax in May. He told me he still has pain in his arm. There was an anti vac event in boro park two weeks ago. I went but I’m hesitant to take any shots. I think best thing is to wear mask and keep away from indoor crowds. Also there are vitamins that include zinc and other proven ingredients sold at health food stores. So far no one in my family took any shots. Maybe it’s the breakdown of morality that’s causing all this havoc in Israel,America and Europe. There is a higher judgement.

  49. Whats the link to the event? I would have gone if I was in town. I hear there were many that watched online. I love how this event was portrayed in such a negative light here. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you, there are many that are skeptical of this shot to say the least.

  50. Just wanted to share a thought .
    Chazal tell us that any punishment comes to the world is because of us . Chazal also tells us that Hashem always does mida keneged mida .
    Why is this that we are hit with this virus in first place and we all had to stay inside for few month and everything was closed ? I just thought it’s very coincidental that year before nationally was a raid on anyone refused to take MMR and all Jewish schools expelled kids who stayed home for months
    Please respect each other and let’s stop hurting each other because someone lease thinks differently then you .
    Ksiva vechasima toiva !

  51. Still no name of anyone who died from any of the vaccines. We all know the names of people who died from Covid. Many even after they discovered all of the therapeutics. All we get is the same nonsense about the many nameless people who died or were paralyzed.

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