Amber Alert Unfounded At This Time

The Lakewood Scoop has received dozens of messages regarding an Amber Alert in NJ, claiming a 3 year old girl has been abducted. The message reads “3 year old girl taken by a man driving a new silver truck NJ plate 72B381-keep it going so they can find her”. We spoke with the LPD and they have no knowledge or information regarding this. They also pointed out, that NJ plates usually begin with letters and not numbers. There was a missing person in Lakewood today-who was accounted for-which may be the cause for some confusion. We will keep you informed with any additional information.

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  1. Btw thanks 2 all the peaple who helped in finding the girl taday thanks 2 the police department, chaveirim,hatzolah,and of course the buffs keep up the good work

  2. To anonymous at 10:37
    You could leave the buffs out but LCSW units were searching since approximately 4:00 PM. You can give them a LITTLE credit.

  3. Wow! I think the LCSW can be a little more humble & should not be jealous when the the Buffs are given a pat on the back for a job well done! Achdus Please! Can't we all just get along?

  4. If the LCSW could show some maturity and put thier egos behind them then the klall could see them as something more than a bunch of radio toting hoker wanna bees. Still got alot to learn guys!

  5. I guess you're right. Go buffs go! Let's be bachdus!! Lcsw will have another 100 or so members. Now wouldn't that be great?? The girl would have never gotten lost to begin with!

  6. Well said "groisa askan" I'm just afraid your not part of the "klal"just another one of the bleeding heart buffs. Oh and btw maybe let us know how you can be reached next search. I'm sure you'll come running in middle of the night,am I not right?

  7. Hey LCSW relax. Mr. "Groisa Askan" is probably one of those Hatzolah bashing guys too. Probably calls them a bunch of "radio toting hocker wanna bees"(hey,did I get that right)too. Just depends on who the spotlight is on. So tonight it's simply LCSW's turn. Take it as a compliment.It means your doing a good job and someone is let's say a little "jealous"?

  8. WHAT CHUTZPAH !?!?!?

    Isn't it amazing the CHUTZPAH of those guys (the so called buffs) who have radios on their belts programmed with every organization's frequency (channel) on it, listen to the calls 24/7 and then have the AUDACITY to come running to the call as if their part of some organization WHEN THEIR ACTUALLY NOT!

    Now of course no one is gonna tell you to get lost, but that's because their too nice to do so, so don't get all comfortable, your a thorn in their way and if your not called to assist then please don't dig your nose in, your obviously not on any organization for that reason.

    Then you have the chutzpah to come on this blog bashing guys who, oh did I forget to mention!? ARE part of an organization and devote of their time and effort volunteering for the community.

    Wether its Hatzoloh, LCSW, Chaveirim or any other volunteer organization, these are for the most part married guys with families who run out of work, dinner at home, family time or what not, to assist a person in need in many different forums.

    Where does that senseless chutzpah come from ?

    Yes, that's what I thought, JEALOUSY!!!

    Shame on yourself!!!

    I know you aren't good enough to get onto any organization, or they simply won't take you on, but I wonder why, so maybe its because your immature, or maybe its simply cause you have a mouth or chutzpah the way you just proved us all.

    And don't you come here on the blog bashing people or calling them "radio toting hoker wanna bee" (btw, spell check!)

    Wait a minute, isn't that what you should be called ?! "Radio toting hoker wanna bee" !?!?!?

    Yes, that's what I thought.

    So please just stop throwing in comments repeatedly praising yourselves (buffs) cause we know its you who writes these comments, and don't make a fool of yourself by bashing people who. ACTUALLY DO GREAT WORK!

    Oh and btw, LCSW was VERY active on the search earlier today and THEY ACTUALLY FOUND the person that was missing for 8 hours.

    Credit is due when credit is due, so yes, "KUDOS" to the LCSW for your phenomenal work today and keep up your holy work!

  9. Omg, all u guys r such babys!!!! Grow up. Guys like playing like they r importent, be it hatzolah, chaverim…(Not that its not a great thing)its like playing police, fireman… U just never grow up. Makes them feel good. Enjoy!

  10. To anon 8:32am, maybe you relax, the guy before you is simply fed up and is making himself clear explaining that, so go back to your coffee and let someone express themselves

  11. If you joinned Hatzalah, Chaveirim, LCSW or the Buffs (what ever that is??) you knew when you started that it was not going to be 9-5 and only when it is convenient for you or your family. Bottom line is…. if one is having a medical episode Chas V' Shalom CALL HATZALAH because they know what to do, If you have a flat or need a jump start call Chaveirim because thats what they do, if you have an intruder in your home or need law enforcement for any reason call the POLICE because that is what they are here for!! As for the "BUFFS" probably if one were to call Hatzalah, Chaverim or the Police they will be there too. But not sure in what capacity.

  12. Anon 10:04
    You're 100% right and next time you have a missing person call the POLICE AFTER 24 hours because they won't consider the person missing until then. Good luck!

  13. And if you need assistance with legal or criminal or security issues but are hesitant to call police for some reason or need fun unzere to get involved and if you need patrols in your area as we'll, you can call the LCSW.

  14. to anonymous at 10:24 the 24 hour wait is television that 24 hour stuff has been gone a very long time.but i guess its easier for you to complain if you can make up your own facts

  15. LCSW was searching since 4 in the afternoon with a couple of guys missing work and classes just say thanks that you are part of a community that has so many people doing good in the capacity that they can

  16. Say what you want but it was LCSW who found the missing person. Many of the members took off from work and missed family simchas to participate in the search.

  17. And KUDOS to CHAVEIRIM as well for an unbelievable job yesterday with the search!!

    We should be proud of all the organizations out there who volunteer of their personal time to assist people in need.

    And to the one who said that well, when you join an organization you take in consideration that you may have to take off of work or personal time to assist, your right, but that doesn't take away from the appreciation for their great work.

    So I don't see where your trying to get at, but anyone who VOLUNTEERS of their time for others, no matter what perks that may come along, they deserve a very big YESHAR KOACH!!!

  18. The nerve people in this town have is unbelievable!! I personally dropped literally everything(and I had A LOT to do) and spent 5 hours helping in this search. How people always have something stupid to say is beyond me. I don't know which LCSW member posted before but you mistakenly called them "perks". I know you were just responding to previous comments. You and I know we don't have "perks". The radio,vest…are our TOOLS to do our VOLUNTEER WORK. To the guys that like to knock us and evry other organization in town it is called "perks". That's why they can't stand us(JEALOSY)
    Unit ** out

  19. Thank you LCSW and Chaveirim for a job well done! Keep it up and keep in mind being a community organization will always bring some negativity from usually the same people. No matter how good of an organization you are the bored sould will always have something to say. Just look at Hatzolah which is there literally 24/7 and is a LIFESAVING organization. If people can talk bad about them then just accept the obvious;you'll get some of that crap to. Just keep up the good work. Lakewood is a lot safer than it was two years ago when you guys started. We had incident after incident at that time. I don't know what you guys have done but it can't be anything to bad!

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