After contracting Lyme Disease, Lakewood resident launches awareness event

The call-in event will be held next Monday, June 26, at 8:30 PM.


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  1. Please do your research on lyme and its followers. It is a very similar to the anti vaccine crowd. There is such a thing as lyme disease, but the cult like followers believe that it is significantly worse than it is.
    Since the medical establishment (and insurance companies) do not believe in the , the lyme doctors convince people that they are sicker than the patient has to pay them direct since insurance will not cover it. These “doctors” are stealing money for years of trreatments that cause all types of other problems (mostly psychiatric) and then blame it on the disease and not the treatment.
    They are now claiming that hatzolah and doctors don’t know how to remove a tick properly and we need to train them ? Ask yourself, if you trust your doctor/hatzolah with your life when it comes to a broken arm, a cold, etc. why all of a sudden should we doubt them on lyme as its followers would have you do ?

    • It happens to be a big Rebitzeen in the community will be speaking. She requested not to publish her name on it. There are reasons for everything. The only thing you should be afraid about is GETTING LYME chas v shalom. Think before you write. Lyme is no joke!!!

  2. There are other symptoms and issues that can arise from a tick bite. There is someone in Lakewood that can not eat red meat anymore because of a tick bite.

  3. I’m sorry #1, but you do not know what you are talking about. I had lyme disease years ago, and so did my brother- thankfully there are no long term effects- because we were treated, but I know of someone who suffered terribly from lyme disease. It’s a disease which if not treated within the first few months can start to shut a person’s body, Rachmana Litzlan. I know that what I had was a tick bite, and the first symtoms are joint weakness- which I did have- I couldn’t walk easily- I was crawling around the house. Stop talking nonsense, and follow your own advice- do some research.

  4. I think the moderator should not allow people to accuse someone else of not knowing what they are talking about, #4 does not have a right to accuse me of not doing research, and he/she is also misinterpreting my words.
    Lyme disease does exist, and tick borne illnesses are a reality and can be dangerous, but there is still a cultish like following for proponents of lyme that is similar to the anti vaccine crowd. We trust our doctors with our lives, but the lyme followers will tell you that your doctor all of a sudden doesn’t know what he is doing regarding lyme.

  5. You are really uneducated take a few min and go online do some of your own research
    There are many many ppl suffering greatly from Lyme it effects the entire body and breaks down it’s system the old time doctors are uneducated as this disease is a new epidemic ppl who had chronic illnesses for years that doctors couldn’t diagnosi are finding cures as well with Lyme!!its not a txt book illness!!and it imitates many illnesses I’m happy to hear you don’t have it but I know ppl who do and they suffer greatly’s a shame you would bad mouth ppl who are trying to help others did you know most ppl diagnosed with MS really have Lyme ?and they can be cured!!!i bet your doc would just tell them there is no cure!!
    Do your research

  6. I would like to make VERY clear about Lyme disease. It is a REAL DISEASE. I know many people who suffered YEARS from it!!

    Yes there are people who get better on the quicker side.But then there are some people that take much longer and get rid of the Lyme symptoms.

    For all those people who write WITHOUT thinking first. How about you go on to the CDC website!!!!!! Did you know they write after 30 days of a tick bite it can go into the central nervous system and cause “Permanent damage”!!!!

    Some of those symptoms listed are Intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints, and bones
    Heart palpitations or an irregular heart beat (Lyme carditis)
    Episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath
    Inflammation of the brain ( which causes Psychiatric symptoms)
    Nerve pain
    Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet
    Problems with short-term memory

    I will make your life even easier here is a link

    Now after you read and do your own research please go and DELETE your comment!!!!!

    Lyme can be VERY serious. The debate is how to treat it. Everyone agrees that it can cause serious complications.

  7. To Shamon as a Lyme disease sufferer I can tell you that I am not part of a cult and I go to a dr that graduated from Yale medical school and works in the National Istitute of Health. You obviously have not done your research on real problems and only look at the fringe. Rav Belsky ztl and the Skevere Rebbe both agreed that chronic Lyme exists and that some drs do not know about Lyme and other diseases this is based on research they did because their talmidim and chassidim suffer from this. The CDC the centers of disease control and medical boards are very political. I’m sure you don’t believe like the mainstream drs that boys need to have surgery to become girls. So yes drs can get it wrong. Like the gemarah says the best of drs go to gehinnom because they think they are 100% right and can’t say that they are only human and can be wrong. Research changes everyday and is contradictory. There is a lot of drs that back chronic Lyme disease and other infections and it is not a cult. Like pirkei Avos says do not judge someone until you reach their place. You sound like you have never suffered from chronic Lyme or regular Lyme for that matter I am suffering and I follow drs and rabbonim so think hard about what you are doing.

  8. BLINDNESS: CDC says you have to have 5 types of Lyme to be considered “a Chronic Lyme Patient” for treatment…to me that’s like saying…yeah it’s ok to smoke 2 cigarettes a day because, we’ll ya know, it’s not 5 (no offense to the cigarette smokers out there). Here’s my story. My son was very sick for a over year. Constant strep probably over 10 times over 18months and bronchitis. Starting a few months after being bitten he would wake up almost every other night in excruciating pain in his legs. Our regular doc just said it was “growing pains”. He had difficulty focusing and could not complete his work in school, and was upset with himself, and depressed. Kindergarten. Who hates Kindergarten?! We noticed something was wrong because his mood and attitude changed completely, in addition to always being sick. After going to a particular eye doctor for a regular visit, it was discovered he had a very rare eye disease caused by something in the environment. Not hereditary. If it was not caught when it was, he would have been permanently blind in that eye within 6 months. Imagine a 6 year old little boy, going blind. It was also discovered that he had 2 types of Lyme, and babesia (research babesia and see what horrible things it does the the brain, neurologically) and other infections. Three doctors (including 2 eye doctors) are just about positive that the babesia was the cause of the eye disease as it produced an abnormal growth of red blood vessels in the eye. Research is currently being done on it and his case. B”H he is just about back to normal and after a few surgeries the eye surgeon was able to save his eyesight. He has been treated for Lyme, babesia and other infections for a little over a year and will stop very soon. So yes, my son was VERY sick and almost went blind. I believe that general physicians are very knowledgeable and that it is a very selfless thing to dedicate your entire life to helping others. I also believe, however, that in an ever changing world, we are constantly discovering knew causes and treatments for a world full of diseases, cancer etc, and that people such as LLMD’s (Lyme Literate Medical Doctors) specialize in this field. Just as any other specialty, a retina specialist, an oncologist etc. So this story, can be added to anyone’s “research”. Lyme by itself is not the only culprit. It comes with a very complicated package. P.S. apparently babesia has to be reported to NYS health department…but hey, there’s only 2 types of Lyme not 5? Makes COMPLETE sense right? Umm…no completely contradictory. I am in the business of dealing with numbers on a daily basis. Numbers are amazing. And one thing I can tell you, particularly with statistics, is that “Figures don’t lie, only liars figure”. Lyme has become as “controversy” just like anything else because it would cost governments and insurance companies LOTS of money to tackle.

  9. Lyme disease is very serious. I have a sibling that was sick for months because they didn’t diagnose it right away. Being that the aches caused by Lyme are not necessarily reflected as Lyme. So sometimes the doctors overlook lyme. That’s why it’s such a tricky sickness. She couldn’t even keep down the strong antibiotics on her weakened stomach. However it is true that there is a deep connection between the anti vaccine crowd and the Lyme disease know it all crowd.

  10. Because Lyme has so many different symptoms it is difficult to diagnose and treat. Doctors will treat the obvious situations – patient knows they were bitten and a bullseye rash along with a positive test. However many people do not not remember being bitten ( ticks are tiny like a speck of dirt) and do not develop a rash. I did not have any of those – only light virus symptoms which I thought was a cold coming on. At some point insurance companies investigated and closed down practices of doctors over diagnosing Lyme so we certainly don’t have to worry that doctors are over treating Lyme – if anything they don’t keep the antibiotics going long enough and Lyme returns. The worst part is the psychiatric part which people have to hide because they don’t associate it with Lyme and think they’re going crazy. Having said that not everything is Lyme and it’s very tricky. Only people who have it can understand it; everyone else thinks the person is making it up.

  11. If u would do your research you wud think twice before posting…when you have someone who is so sick with this horrible disease will you believe it then? I pity the pple who think its a cult and realized how you really must not know much…to this new organization i applaud you and thank you for bringing awareness and if you can save pple just remember how many grateful pple there are! Thank you chaiforlyme!!

  12. This particular phenomenon was researched by the NIH. People in certain parts of Eastern US have a problem with a particular chemo drug due to being carriers of a particular strain of lyme found in that area.

  13. The Infectious Disease Society of America (which happens to be the group of doctors who would profit the most from treating chronic Lyme) released this statement “After a thorough review of the literature, the panel concluded there is no convincing biologic evidence for symptomatic, chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection after completion of the recommended treatment for Lyme disease,”. On the other hand, the “lyme-aware doctors” such as ILADS, are scamming vulnerable people out of thousands of dollars by running dubious tests that “prove” their various symptoms are due to “chronic Lyme,” then giving them repeated infusions of IV antibiotics. They take advantage of the confusion between real Lyme disease, as opposed to “chronic Lyme”. It is the same group of people who reject evidence-based medicine, run after all sorts of unproven treatments

  14. I think those that have posted are taking the term lyme disease very literally. When the camp that deals with lyme says lyme they mean multiple chronic infections- many of them tick born diseases which cause the body to react in a funky way. It’s not just about joint pain, its about undiagnosed rashes, behavioral issues, sudden ODD, ADHD or ADD. A quick search on google will bring you to the ILADS foundation and to the works for Dr. Klinghart, Dr Richard Horowitz, Dr. Charles Ray Jones all great founders of the camp that believes and has seen people with multiple bizarre symptoms become asymptomatic from irregular forms of AUTISM, BIPOLAR DISORDER, OCD, ADHD, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, MYESTENIA GRAVIS, BELLS PALSY and other machlos. I wish the community a refuah shelaima and the zchus of judging others favorably.

  15. I highly recommend the Lyme Support Group on WhatsApp to see what this is really all about. Real people, real stories. May God help us.

  16. Stupid question.

    Without getting into the argument of chronic lyme disease, why do all the lyme disease advocates insist that doctors who went through med school and understand microbiology, lab science and how to analyze medical research just can’t, or don’t want to, understand lyme disease??

    When I Google lyme, I see all sorts of conspiracy theories that the government and the medical community are try to hide it. But how can you be motzia laz on all the frum doctors that give their life to helping you in your most desperate times? What do they have to gain? They have access to, and many have looked over, the same information you Google. And they have many patients who are suffering from whatever the illness, watched their journey through the world of specialists, including the lyme specialists, and have a lot of observatory knowledge which I would not underestimate (hamavin yavin)

    Ask you rav if you need to make your mechila-request rounds, motzia shem rah is serious stuff.

  17. I have one question for you!
    Those who think this is a hoax
    Why can’t the doctors who are soooo educated infectious disease and all help these sick patients …give it any name they want!!but they can’t help them!!unfortunalty it takes a ride in the medical world of incurable diseases and symptoms with a thousand names but no cure to finally leave the txt book diagnosis and take a Lyme test…which lead to a cure!!!yes these ppl get better it’s called desperate and they are finding help the answer to your question is yes even if you have strep,mono,sudden mood changes etc…there is a trigger!!and only a specialist can help you not a threat wouldn’t go to a local doctor for cancer..I know someone who was diagnosed with Ms by infectious disease and local doctors and was paralyzed!!she went to a Lyme doctor and is now walking on her two feet!!!you tell me if this is a hoax

  18. The lyme doctors like Dr Horowitz claim that someone can have lyme disease even if all their regular blood work comes back negative and they have to take his special blood tests.

    I asked my docotr about it, and he said dont believe in this heebee geebee lyme.

    Does anyone have experience about someone having lyme even if their regular blood work came back negative?

    • All the time. Their are specialized labs that tests for more strands then other labs. Plus if you do research you will learn how the tests are outdated and not so accurate for different reasons. It is very possible to get a false negative.

  19. My cousin had all the symptoms of Lyme bullseye rash and flu like symptoms and still the test came up negative. The test checks for antibodies to the infection not the infection itself. So if the immune system is delayed in sending antibodies the test will come up negative. I know someone who took the test a few times and the first time came up negative and the next two times positive

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