A Mehudar Esrog, A Mehudar Pair Of Teffilen: How About A Mehudar Bank Account? By S. Friedman

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Things seem to move out of focus quickly in our hectic lives, yet it was just a short week ago when we were rocked by a massive Chillul Hash-m throwing us all into disarray. We shouldn’t dwell on the painful past, but we should not lose the inspiration for bettering ourselves either. The Vilna Goan writes that when one does an aveira, not only are they held accountable for the actual sin, but they are also responsible for what good they could have done had they not been preoccupied with the aveira. It seems likely that should we fail to improve ourselves when confronted with such an evident shortcoming, it would be all the more contemptible.If a Yid, chas v’shalom, is found guilty of doing something illegal, it is not buried discreetly into the police blotter. Read more here.

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  1. Disgusting chillul hashems seems to be an almost daily occurence recently. What I don't understand is why so many of the gedolim are so much more concerned with censoring books and fail to be equally vigilant when it comes to instilling matters of ethics and morals (and the resultant horrible chillul hashems arising from it).

    Just recently I learned that the Mishanyos Yachin Uboaz was republished in Israel this time leaving out the famous drush from the Tiferes Yisroel (which has been in every edition since it was first published over 100 years ago and nobody ever seemed to have a problem with it) where he tackles tough issues of his time like evolution and the age of universe.

    Why not dispaly equal kannois when it comes to moral and ethical corruption in our communities? we can no longer live under the allusion that we are immune to immoral behavior, can we?

  2. Yes.Glatt Yosher is probably more important then Glatt Kosher.Yes too many of us are included in Chazal's note of Rubon B'Gezel. However let us not knock Dikduk B'Mitzvas in other areas.Chazel caution that being nichsol in one Avera should not be an reason to be nicshol in another (Al Tirhsha HARBEH)Yes stress erlichkiet but don't bash the Dikduk Bhalacha in easier areas (e.g. Mehudar Tefilin)The reason we specify 'Lnan Nechdal M'sohek Yadaynu by Neilah of Yom Kippur is due to difficulty it poses to many of us.If you have an Atza for us to avoid it please give it, but don't knock our other areas of Avodas Hashem

  3. Perhaps there should be an asifa like there was about the internet and tznius. This really would bring a public awareness. It probably wouldn't stop it entirely, but then maybe people would be more inclined to ask shailos to rabbonim, the rabbonim will be more assertive in their answers, and maybe it would create a taboo about the subject of not being yosher in dealing with money.
    We have to change the status quo where everyone is lax with is, and it's ok.

  4. It seems to me that that a better way of making and causing change to come about would be if you make sure you yourself are erlich and YOU make sure you speak to a rov regarding YOUR dealings etc. Dont start giving musar to the klal on a blog especially without a name!! If you really felt you are doing the rotzon hashem with your pious letter then you would sign your name!
    All your musar may be correct (in fact not maybe but rather IS correct) however your vehicle of delivery does not seem to be the correct one and i highly doubt that YOU are the one to start giving musar shmoozes

  5. the problem starts with people not being careful with their tefilin.nobody listens. aveiro goreres aveiro and on top of that they get lousy esriogim . How much do you pay for your car ? shouldn't u at least pay the same much money for an esrog

  6. Seriously, how am I supposed to live?!

    I must stay in Kollel, because that is what I am told. If I leave Kollel, I will be a bum!!! If I leave Kollel, I will be shunned. My wife will look down at me. My parents will sit shiva on me. So you see, I am stuck in Kollel.

    That being said, what am I supposed to do?! I can't make ends meet without lying and cheating and stealing. How am I supposed to support my family?! I need to be on every government program because that is the only way for me to live. So I need to hide everything else……………

    Oh well, I'm just rambling. Maybe I should just get a job.

    Oops, did I actually say that? My wife will divorce me, her Rebbetzin from Seminary may dissaprove of me.

    What a life.

  7. once again i must reiterate that the problem starts with guys buying lousy esroigim. i walk in to shul on sukkos and its a busha. theese things look like lemons. This is not just a lakewood problem its evyrones problem

  8. No, the problem begins before the esrog. It begins with not saying Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-ma-a-a-a-….. enough times. That causes all kinds of hirhurim and then the yiras shomayim goes down the drain, and then the esrog is a lemon. I heard this from a very choshuve brisker.

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