A Medical Professional Responds: This is What Could be Causing the Mysterious Virus in Lakewood

A local doctor submitted the following letter to TLS, but asked to remain anonymous: To whom it may concern, As a medical professional serving local communities for the past 20 years, I felt compelled to respond to your December 15, 2021, article, “Over 100 Lakewood Yeshiva Bachurim Home Sick with “Strange” Virus”, since I have important information that could help to shine a light on the “mysterious virus” which is causing their stomach pains, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.

The mysterious symptoms they are experiencing are not a new phenomenon; many Ocean County residents have felt them for the past few months already. People have been complaining of tightness of the chest, stomach pain, abdominal discomfort, tiredness, fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms that are medically well known to be associated with various kinds of environmental pollution.

In fact, over the last few months, people have started noticing a correlation between these mysterious symptoms and the constant gray and white or yellowish lines that seem to follow the military airplanes which fly every 5 to 10 minutes across the Ocean County sky. Starting at about 7 AM many mornings, they fly for 3 to 4 hours, after which the sky would become overcast with grayish color clouds covering the entire area as well as nearby communities. Within a few hours of the start of the spraying, people would begin complaining about a metallic taste in their mouth and the same kinds of symptoms the Lakewood bachurim are experiencing.

Numerous people have started to contact their state representatives, inquiring about the nature of these lines. It recently became public knowledge that the federal government officially approved a budget for geo-engineering programs across the USA. Officially, these are part of the Bill Gates promoted initiatives to lower the earth’s temperature to prevent global warming. Part of this climate control program involves the spraying of many chemicals in the sky, via military airplanes, in order to block the sun and thus lower the earth’s temperature.

Recently, after one of such spraying, people took pictures of white stuff falling down from the sky around the Clifton and Forest Ave areas. It is most likely that what falls from the sky ends up in the community’s water system, seeps into the agricultural land, and is on the grass and bugs that chickens and other animals eat.

Over the past number of years, many scientists have come forward to expose the chemical aerosol spraying program and its dangers, to the public i.e., chemtrails, officially known as geo-modification or geo-engineering. Chemtrails, they explained, are made up of aluminum, mercury, barium, strontium, and other components which, while meant to block the sun’s rays may also cause the binding of iodine in the air as well as lung inflammation and heart problems. As such, these chemtrails are known to lower thyroid function and create difficulty breathing and fatigue, essentially depleting people’s immune systems. As a result, thousands of ever-present viruses and bacteria in our own bodies and in the environment, which our immune systems normally handle perfectly well, could infect us and spread within our communities.

My communication with numerous colleagues across the east coast of the USA, has confirmed that such sudden flu like symptoms have been observed across the board over the last few months. These adverse effects are most heavily pronounced in densely populated areas where heavy chemtrails blanket the sky. While the symptoms that the bachurim are experiencing are not dangerous and are not deadly at all, the enormous pandemic-induced tension and stress that we have been under for the past two years has created a state of fear and emotional fragility that serves to exacerbate the problem.

As a medical professional, I would call for

  1. immediate investigation by environmental agencies of the air and water quality in Lakewood and surrounding communities and
  2. immediate discontinuation of the geo-engineering as it is officially known and linked to the kind of environmental pollution symptoms that we have been observed in our community for the past several months.

It is particularly important to note that on days following a significant rainstorm, when the sky is cleared, and on days when there are no flights, the number of mysterious virus-like complaints goes down by 80 to 90 percent. That is a significant drop which warrants investigation into the effects of the chemtrails above Lakewood and of the sudden mysterious symptoms experienced by numerous area residents.

Additionally, in the last 4 weeks, hundreds of people have observed especially heavy chemtrails. It is well known in the scientific community that chemtrails could easily be a trigger of epidemics, so keeping in mind that we are in the middle of pandemic, it would be essential for all communities across the United States to start making their official county and state representatives aware of this correlation and thus minimize the chance of such pollution becoming a major factor in continued pandemics.



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    • I was in Area 52 in October, and I saw some people with antennas coming out of their heads. I dismissed this strange sight as Halloween costumes, but after reading your comment, I’m not so sure about that anymore. So I think I’ll be avoiding area 52 for a while.

    • Wikipedia? Harvard? LOL. They edited them to what they were told and paid to do. Do you have HAARP, DARPA, NSA, CERN, etc., on your resume. Did you ever serve in the military? Of course not.

  1. Hi – why cant it be the flu? Pretty talented medical professional I must say – but please use your brilliance for more rational theories.

  2. Solution being metal hats and silver foil on our walls? Seriously? The Scoop is really posting this nonsense from “anonymous” medical sources.?? Seems legit
    Are they so desperate for engagement (it worked – I’m commenting!)

    The conspiracy theory of chemtrails has long been disproven…

  3. If that was the case why is it that hundreds of bucherim in yerushalaim have the same virus and same symptoms and not coming back with positive flu tests this is a virus not some chemicals. Enough stupidity

  4. We eat garbage food, We put poison in our body we drink alcohol smoke cigarettes,we don’t exercise but somehow some debunked theory is what’s causing us to get sick Goes together with the anti-vax campaign

  5. And does that explain the thousands of Bochum I’m with the same symptoms in Israel ? Seems pretty absurd to blame the sickness on this first

    • Viruses will always morph and become some “variant. Fortunately although this one is most likely most contagious of them all, it appears to have a shorter span, is much less lethal than the one’s “before”. That’s what I saw in my research. Nevertheless, treatment with Zeleko’s Z-Stack is warranted as early as possible. Even if it’s just the flu it works. He has everything in one all natural capsule: Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamins D and C. It is not a Pharma-Fraud. This Yid risked everything and has cured thousands.

  6. And anonymous doctor. Come on. Are we publishing every conspiracy theory. Chem trails have been proven over and over to the water. Any Doctor who’s actually a doctor will publish links and sources. Not easily disproven conspiracy theories.

  7. Spraying the skies with dangerous heavy metals day in and day out is bound to have negative health effects. There are many whistleblowers who came out saying chemtrails are 100% true and it’s been going on for years. Don’t bother googling or checking snopes- big tech censors everything that is true and real. A good place to research this is on the ecowatch website

    • Which doctor in his right mind would say something against the mainstream tand then sign his name? Look at all the comments here. Do you think he needs this? He’s seeing something in his position as a doctor that you are not seeing and sharing it. You can believe it or not.

  8. So the new mode is that anything that sounds strange is automatically crazy a conspiracy theory and not true? I was actually pretty impressed that a doctor would think out of the box. I have no idea if its true but its worth looking into. These lines in the sky have been showing up in Israel also which has also been experiencing a similar sickness.

  9. All you chachomim posting negative and sarcastic comments simply didn’t wake up yet. You may think you sound clever now but you were the same clever people who thought the virus was from a wet market and the vaccine was a miracle. Now we all know the virus was created for the vax. We are all just trying to figure out what’s the vaccine for since it doesn’t do anything for the virus. Stop talking about conspiracy theory and start thinking about what might really be going on!

  10. Wow..! I never thought the TLS would ever write about this.
    Ive known about this for years but most people only seem to believe what they watch on CNN or Fox ..
    If you are interested in educating yourself on the matter please research:
    Harvards Geoengineering project with Dr David Kieth.
    Stratospheric aerosal injection program.
    Sun dimming technology.
    Cloud seeding.
    Chem trails.
    and you can literally just look up in the sky and see them wipe out the sky almost daily ..
    you can watch 2 planes flying at the same height, one has no spray and one leaves a line from horizon to horizon.
    you can notice them turn them on and off as they fly leaving broken lines.
    You don’t have to be a genius .. just open your eyes 🙂

  11. Anyone who outrightly dismisses the possibility of this being true has to wake up and do more research. For starters, Google Bill Gates and geoengineering.

  12. It’s obvious from a majority of the comments on here that not enough people pay attention to the world around them and take fresh air and Hashmes world for granted – if you were paying attention you’d notice the weird streaks iand the haze that blankets the sky quite often.

    Theres plenty of verified information on Bill Gates desire to block out the sun and on energetic shifts (ie. Rollouts of 1G- 5G ) or attempts to manipulate nature have coincided with outbreaks and epidemics Weston Price foundation has a great article documenting this back decades.

    In Judausm there is no such thing as coincidence and everything IS from Hashem but iwhat if those reasons are for us to wake up and stop the destruction of his creations ?

    • So Judaism believes that Bill Gates is trying to block out the sun?!

      Have you ever heard of King Canute?

      You should really have a nice long rest

  13. Shame on TLS for posting such an absurd letter. Fake news 101.
    And if this dude who claims to be a medical professional is legit, like yo sign your name at the bottom!!!!
    This is so ridiculous but quite entertaining! So maybe that’s why TLS posted? For entertainment purposes and clickbait? (Which may be why they posted the original post in the first place, because that too was random)

  14. Unfair Scaremongering.
    The claim that the government is producing chemtrails has been going on for more than 8 years. Why are hundreds of people suddenly getting sick in the last 2 weeks if this has been going on for years?
    This is a conspiracy theory that has not been accepted by the scientific community which includes plenty of conservatives.
    Why didn’t Trump do anything about it during his term as President?
    I don’t believe this is the cause of the latest breakout of sickness.

  15. What an ironic discussion thread.

    When the vaccine discussion is brought up, any research brought forth is silenced on grounds of “you’re not a doctor, who are you to talk”.

    Now a doctor is talking, and his suggestions are silenced without bat of an eyelash based on “this was researched and disproven”.

    Ultimately, no purpose debating a fool.

      • Dr Anonymous, what you’ve written is one of the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent letter were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. Given the rather outlandish dictates from medical professionals over the covid pandemic like taking off your shoes before you go into your house or leaving your food outside for 3 days (I guess for the wildlife to eat) or outlawing praying on your porch even though your porch is about 40 ft from your friends porch etc(remember that?), this idea sounds rather middle of the road. I actually kept copies of those letters I knew in a few years no one would believe what these people have suggested….. Education doesn’t guarantee common sense.

  17. I work an hour from lakewood and can attest to the fact that my breathing is always easier out of Lakewood.

    The details are too long for this forum, but the same is when I travel on business.

    When I come back it gets heavier within a few hours or sometimes a day or so. (BTW my shalom bayis is excellent so it’s not my wife!)

  18. I’m one of these people .
    I took some aspirin drank a lot of fluids Powerade and ice coffee
    Stayed in bed
    I though I was going to die cv
    Bh I didn’t die
    And feel better now

    • Mark, it’s interesting that the aspirin, Powerade, iced coffee and staying in bed worked for you. When asked what to do about this latest outbreak in Lakewood, the CDC released a statement recommending that all Lakewood residents wear masks coated with aspirin, Powerade and iced coffee, and that they go to bed with the masks on, face down in the pillow. Did you come up with this remedy on your own, or did you get the idea from the CDC?

  19. It’s amazing how people with zero knowledge of medicine and health can disregard something a professional doctor with years of experience says. People like that will just deny anything and everything anyone says. Because apparently they know everything.
    I think he is just trying to bring out an awareness to the effects pollution have an health.

  20. Conspiracy theories are crazy until it’s true. I’m not saying this is true, but saying it can’t be? With all the government overreach were seeing and the lefts agenda it’s not possible to be true? Everyone in power is good and wants what’s best for you? Let’s not keep our head in the sands, we did that before and it didn’t go well, the fact checkers have no fact checkers, the media lies constantly, there might be a bigger agenda here wake up or be like sheep, it’s definitely easier.

  21. Contrails is nothing new.


    What the doctor is talking about is something totally different, that’s when something is added to the contrails. Whether we believe this or not is a different story.

    One thing is for sure, the skies should not be turning different colors and stuff should not be falling. That sounds wrong!

    You’re not going to get any answers out of the NJ politicians because they’re a bunch of leftists who are probably happy with this. You better off trying to get it from a conservative in the House and Senate.

  22. Absolutely hilarious!!! Curious to know how he explains the contagious aspect of the virus and why people feel better after 2 days lol.

    Actually, it’s very scary to see how the masses can believe in such imbecility. But that’s not a new phenomenon either. Unfortunately as Jews we’ve seen this sad reality turn against us over and over again throughout the generations.

  23. I never knew anything about this. It doesn’t seem responsible or intelligent to take either side of an argument that you don’t have enough information about. I will not write it off as a conspiracy theory, nor will I swallow it and take it as a fact. But I will keep my ears open for more information about geo-engineering and chemtrails. I do have to say that it probably leads to more chronic conditions, not a sudden, acute illness that spread around in specific yeshivos and into the bochurim’s families – that sounds like a very contagious virus, not a reaction to environmental pollution.

  24. I don’t believe what’s written here but i did get a metallic taste the last days. Everything tastes metallic. I wonder if it’s related to this new virus.

  25. Just curious. I thought it was the vaccines that were causing every symptom known to man.
    Now its chemtrails??? Which one is it?
    Should we be expecting a new phamplet in the mail any day now? listing the fact that Shmerel from Lakewood has a cousin who was perfectly healthy until one day he looked up at an airplane- and 3 weeks later got into a car accident! Or Fradel from Monroe heard from her mother in law about the guy who saw a chemtrail and had a stroke exactly one month to the day!
    I can just see it now! More bathroom reading material from “anonymous healthcare professionals”.

  26. Fellow Yidden!
    Why do we have to put down anything that someone tried to bring to our attention without even doing the least bit of research! In Baltimore today we have also seen the most trail clouds ever in one day! Is it easier to just go on in life and close our eyes to things that are happening around us? I just saw someone take a testing swab used to test for Covid and put it near a device that picks up electromagnetism and it rang a 5! Do simple research before accusing others of conspiracies. Have we not learned from our brethren in France and Holland that the Holocaust is coming to them? Take heed and do hishtadlus at least and be on guard. No one is asking you for money. Don’t worry. They’re just trying to save lives, if that means anything to you.

  27. Why all the negativity? Are you all so naive to trust our amazing government officials who all magically become millionaires when they are in office? Where do you think they get so wealthy from? I understand that we are naturally trusting people- but WAKE UP! There is real evil in this country right now, and just automatically rejecting everything as a “conspiracy theory” is ridiculous. I know it’s easier to reject anything that sounds evil, but unfortunately, so much of it has already been proven. And yes, I’ve seen the smoke myself. Don’t know for sure what it is, but how can you say it’s for sure not evil?!

  28. Just a thought – the Bochurim, who have been the hardest hit, are the ones that are out at 7:15 in the morning….Right when they are spraying…The girls come out an hour later …

    • 1. we were almost wiped out in adar.

      2. while adar is a happy time, it isn’t about jokes.
      you and the rest of your ilk, that think purim is all about purim torah, are extremely screwed up individuals

  29. While I’m not going to comment on safety & concern about Trail clouds.
    But to blame these illnesses on that is Ridiculous.
    Whoever wrote to LS can’t be a Medical Doctor!
    If he proves he has some of Medical Degree, he’s extremely Incompetent. Go back to school! Stop posting theories that can’t correlate with Medical Illness.

  30. Chem trails are a real thing. There not just in Lakewood there EVERYWHERE. Govt probably wants to kill off some of the population. It’s also probably causing cancer. Since this Omocron variant is so new That’s what’s causing this mysterious illness. look at what’s going on in NYC with it. There are lines to get tested. It’s highly contagious.

  31. My son had these symptoms along with over 100 bochurim in his yeshiva. Many got tested for Covid and other things, including the flu. Everyone who he knows got results that they have the flu. My son got tested and he had positive flu results. Why would anyone suggest it is anything other than a very contagious flu?! My impression is that the many sarcastic remarks are stemming from this glaringly obvious “explanation” that this doctor is oblivious of. My guess is that TLS was quite happy with the results of the attention this article got and realized it is unlikely to change anyone’s mind.

  32. Maybe the doctor can explain why these so-called “Chemtrails” can be seen in
    countless pictures of warplanes during the Second World War, nearly a decade before the term “global warming” was even coined and over 40 years before the climate change issue went mainstream in public consciousness.Contrails are a naturally occurring phenomena (warm, humid exhaust from the plane’s engines crystallizes when exposed to the cold air of higher altitudes, forming those long lines).Nothing very sketchy at all,just some sciency stuff…

  33. I just came back from a sheva berochos and I couldn’t drink the soup since it tasted like metal. I thought for sure it was cooked in an aluminum pot (which is poisonous to the body as aluminum is toxic to the body) and now I read this!

  34. I am also a anonymous doctor. The polution that is causing this virus is not the imagionary polution that Bill GATES is spraying down from military planes over lakewood as this would not affect the satmer bochurim in yerushalayim and the chabadskers in kfar chabad . but rather it is from the infected VAPING DROPS that bill has put in to bochurims E cigarettes that effects bochurim of all communities world wide . THIS IS THE ONLY COMMON DENOMINATOR!!!!

  35. If I would tell you that mashiach is going to come, you would say conspiracy theory and make laitzanus.

    If I would mention gog and magog, you would scoff and make laitzanus.

    So what is the point? Do you need it to smack you in the face until your leitzanus falls away?

    If you learn a little bit, ayin the medrashim, it clearly says that the entire inyan of Gog and Magog is that they are full of gaava, and think, and proclaim, that they are the smartest and best people ever.

    Followed by doing whatever they can to wipe out the jewish people.

    Except, this time they dont’t just kill the boys. That was Pharoah.
    They dont’t try to kill the boys and girls. That was Haman.

    They don’t try to kill us spiritually as well, that was Yavan.

    Rather, they try something “new.”

    Which is to just take out the entire world, themselves included, to ensure that every last shred of Jew and Torah is gone.

    Do your research, and learn from history.

    They dont just try to kill us spiritually. That w

  36. Another plausible theory as to why there is such an uptick in this virus in this area is that there has been a tremendous amount of deforestation in our area. The New York State DEC website speaks at length about research that has been done in Japan and here to effects on the human body with having forest or not having forest. It is not just people in our community who are affected by this virus other people living in our areas are also.The less trees the less healthy the area that we are living in is. Yes it is important for people to have a place to live but you also need to take in consideration the environmental impact that it has on people.

  37. Call a spade a spade. If the bochrim are in Israel too then this can’t be the answer.

    What I want to know is if these bochrim got the covid Vax newly approved for kids.

    It’s not around long enough for us to know how they’ll react. I am truly curious if these kids have been vaxxed.

  38. Avi – Just maybe the Laitzunes
    and Gaivah is from the so-called Doctor and Lakewood Scoop for posting this article.
    The possibility of Bochers’ symptoms can Not correlate with Chem Trails!

  39. “a local doctor serving the community for the last 20 years”. That gives you a glimpse of how our overall medical system is doing.. the only thing we have going for us is hatzolah. but to become a doctor there is no easy quick scheme of finishing med school in two years. We should wake up and realize that although our economy is red hot, medically we are still in the dark ages.

  40. Hey ladies and gentlemen whether it is healthy or unhealthy, aren’t we entitled for some sunlight in the morning. Lakewood used to have a beautiful sunny sky. Since about 6 months ago and especially in last 3 weeks all you see is military airplanes spraying some cloudy garbage in the sky and by late morning we have all sky covered with the chemicals they spray. Are we not entitled for some sunlight? How long this nonsense will continue.

  41. I believe what is being written about is actually what is called Contrails coming from Military, Commercial and Civilian Aircraft.

  42. Oh wow! Now it all makes sense. My husband and I were in Lakewood three weeks ago and I remember on Shabbos we saw a huge military plane flying very low spewing something in the sky.
    Motzi Shabbos, I experienced abdominal pains and vomited at least five times. I developed a fever and was very weak. My husband experienced the same and couldn’t stop coughing. Lakewood residents must speak up!

    • Is It Purim now? I thought Winter Zman was longer than that!
      65% of my Beis Medrash got sick this week, Half of the guys that got tested for the Flu came back positive, those that didn’t were told by by doctors that they came too fast after they got symptoms. everyone from the second group that went back again a day or 2 to get tested were positive.
      So meshugoyim, you can have your fun, but try to keep in mind that it’s really just the Flu.

      P.S. Has anyone besides me realized that “Bill Gates” is just a code name for Hashem? He runs mamash everything, Pandemics, epidemics, financial markets, it’s incredible!

  43. I am in New York my breathing is worse in New York I go to Lakewood and my breathing is better must be the kedusha in Lakewood please call hatzlah

  44. I JUST came home frpm yeshive bec i”m sick.
    I never heard so much trash in years.
    Where im located, yeah, there ain’t no planes, i get up at 6:40
    You are mentally ill
    seek help

  45. Wow this is an interesting article I haven’t heard of this phenomena before, it’s very unique and completely new to me. After I read the comments I see some people are very against this whole article and are quick to lable it a conspiracy theory, I understand where they come from (and I even have some of the same sentiment) but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized more and more not to disregard something without doing proper research and due diligence. It may indeed turn out to be a falsehood, that’s why we need more good reporting on this (specifically from Lakewood publications). (To prove authenticity) I’d like to see 1) any sort of military documents (or other official doucuments) that may lead to shedding light on this topic whether direct clear evidence or albeit anecdotal 2) to do interviews with the residents who complain of this phenomena and try to draw a picture of what the patterns are ect. Whether it’s debunked or proven (or perhaps neither?) I think there is a great deal to learn here and know why these bochrim are complaining? Maybe they are trying to get out of Seder? 😉

  46. I can personally testify that I saw it with my own eyes!
    I was in my room around 12:00pm and I saw a low flying slow moving US Navy turboprop spewing the chemicals.
    So I tracked the flight via flightradar24 (an airplane tracking app and website) and was able to see it heading to base.
    As for the earlier comment @ellsworth morre Jr. It isnt true becuase usually airplane contrails start at high altitudes.
    I am saying this as an avaition enthusiast and in the process of getting a FAA pilot certificate.
    Just Google Bill Gates geo-trail.-though it may not come up in a google search due to goverment cover up…
    Try duckduckgo.com

  47. Wow this is a relief to finally see someone talking about it. I live in Lakewood and I’ve been having trouble breathing the past few months. After it rains, it’s a lot better. Recently I’ve been wearing a mask throughout the day, especially when leaving my house, and I can feel a difference in the quality of my breathing. I think the Yeshiva should try having the bochurim wear masks throughout the day and iyh they will feel better! Filter out those toxic Bill gates chemicals that are hurting our community.

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