68.5% of Seats at The Siyum Are Sold Out

[COMMUNICATED] As a result of the unprecedented growth of Lomdei Daf Yomi, Chavrei HaSiyum, Masmidei HaSiyum and Lomdei and Makirei Torah all around the world, seat reservations at The Siyum are moving at the fastest pace ever. Over 68.5% of the seats at MetLife Stadium are already sold out, and reservations keep coming in at record rates.

The Siyum will of course be an unrivaled experience of kavod hatorah and inspiration. An anticipated 300,000+ participants will participate across dozens of cities and countries around the world. It will once again be historic.

Take a moment, close your eyes and hear the roar of Amein Yehei Shmei Rabbah.  Visualize the spontaneous eruption of singing and dancing as the majestic words Hadran Alach Talmud Bavli thunder across the stadium. Picture the lasting impact of hundreds of thousands declaring in unison Hashem Hu Elokim.

As hard as it is to fathom, The Siyum will be so much more than just an event. The Siyum, per the directive of the Gedolei Yisroel is and will continue to be about a resurgence of Ki Heim Chayeinu – Torah’s primacy in our daily lives.

Through the Ki Heim Chayeinu Initiative’s drive to increase kvias itim laTorah, a global movement is forming that will last for the next seven years and beyond. The Ki Heim Chayeinu Initiative and The Siyum will impact the world, but we cannot do it alone.

The Siyum needs the support and partnership of visionaries like you. The Siyum is the single most powerful, proven, and effective driver for increased Torah study, and Kavod Sheim Shamayim that multiplies with each iteration. Your ticket reservation is not just a ticket to the event but your investment in seven years of Torah learning by tens of thousands.

There is no better time than now, during the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah to demonstrate our commitment to Torah learning. Start a new seder, join a local Daf Chaburah, join Chavrei HaSiyum and of course reserve your seat to The Siyum now.

Don’t wait any longer for your once in a lifetime opportunity to partner in the torah of The Siyum. In it’s zechus may you merit a Gmar Chasimah Tovah.

Reserve your seats HERE.



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  1. I think the seats were mispriced as evident by the fact that all the lower seats sold out and many ppl telling me that they are not going because they missed out and won’t spend on the high priced seats.

  2. Only seats available are $100 and up per the website. Not affordable for the average person especially if he wants to bring his boys along. I wish I could come……

  3. It’s truly a shame that they made going to a football game (r”l) more affordable then the siyum hashas. It’s an embarrassment how expensive the seats remaining are.

  4. I’m very inspired by the spontaneous eruption of singing and dancing that will happen in a few months. What song will they spontaneously sing?

  5. I wish I could send my 3 older boys with my husband who is it being misayem, but we can’t afford the seats. I guess we’ll make a beautiful family siyum.

  6. The seats that are left are only affordable to Baal Habatem they were never ment for the yeshiva man.

  7. I’m mot sure why everybody is complaining. This has always been the major source of fund raising for the sponsor, so of course they need to make the seats higher priced. Of course these seats are designed for wealthier people not yeshivaleit.why the surprise. There is a huge marketing campaign that costs huge amounts of money and those costs cant be absorbed if they cater to bnei Torah.

  8. This should be more expensive than a football game for several reasons with the most obvious being it’s a much much more prestigious event that only occurs every seven years.

  9. I am not sure why everyone is complaining. The cheap seats opened the same time as expensive ones did in August and everyone had fair opportunity to buy a cheap one. Of course those go first! I happily bought a cheap ticket in the hopes that I can attend even though I live in canada.

  10. I highly doubt Agudah hasn’t thought out the frustration everyone is experiencing with the remaining higher priced seats.. I believe they have it down to a T and somehow they’ll end up accommodating everyone. I’m just going to wait and see.

  11. There is millions of dollars at stake here. They will not lower the prices unless they see very close to the date ,that they can’t fill it up with the expensive prices . They might find some rich donor to subsidize the seats by having him give a big donation .

  12. Hey. What’s the fuss . This is a big business ,like any other business. If they can make more money ,they will.

    If you had the chance to make millions of dollars in profit in your business ,would you volunteer to lower your prices and make less ?

  13. I am also disappointed about the pricing of the tickets. I was able to go to the previous siyumim as they weren’t so expensive. I planned on taking my 3 older boys with me as it should be an extremely memorable event. Unfortunately, this event has become more about marketing and more like a business that they priced most of the hamon am out of going. I’m sure they’ll get somebody to sponsor the rest of the unsold seats. It’s just a pity that they seem to have lost site of the bigger picture and the impact it could have had on many that will not be able to afford it now.

  14. My rough estimate is that about 20,000 men’s and 15,000 women’s seats were under $100. So stop kvetching about how it’s too expensive to go — they allocated plenty of affordable seats, you just procrastinated too long.

    But if 68.5% are sold, and all the under $100 are sold, that means there are still about 25,000 unsold $100 and up seats (about half of them). That must be why they are making this publicity push.

  15. In the marketing campaign from the sponsor of this event , they claim you should buy these expensive tickets because ” it’s your chance to support Torah for the next 7 years “. I’m still trying to figure out how my spending 180 dollars or more per seat is going to support Torah . Which yeshivah or kollel is being supported by this money ?

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