100 Bike 4 Chai Riders Depart Asbury Park For A 150 Mile Trip To Upstate New York

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Hydrated and geared up, 100 bikers departed the Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ this morning in what will be a 150 mile
Bike 4 Chai Asbury Park 2011 picbike tour to benefit the cancer-stricken patients of Chai Lifeline. The bikers will ride for two days with a seleep-over on the way, ending the tour in Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, New York.

“This is going to be an amazing ride”, Bike 4 Chai’s first ever rider Dovid Egert tells TLS. “We thank everyone for their wonderful support and for everyone’s donations to Chai Lifeline”, Egert says.

Egert was the lone rider in 2009, one of 40 riders in 2010, and one of 100 riders this year.

Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien, Police Chief Rob Lawson and others from Lakewood were on hand at 7:30 AM to send off the group which was escorted by the State Police, Hatzolah and a full staff. TLS.

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  1. Tzitziz anybody? I don’t really get why we need goiyshe looking bike riders in order to donate to Chai Lifeline? Isn’t the cause good enough without this? Are they going to daven with a minyan looking like this? And during the 9 days?

  2. #3
    you are joking right? for such a unbeleivable kiddush hashem you really think the Holy one is concerned what they are wearing? on the contrary during the 9 daays is when it should be done ,if i need to remind you the second Bais was destroyed because of baseless hatred ,this just displays AHAVAS YISROEL

  3. wow i am impressed, i wouldn’t survive one mile…….

    i live a life of a salesman, always traveling …..

    seeing you guys doing it really makes me think of changing my health habits, i am pushing 40…..

  4. The answer to “anonymous” question why are they doing this during the nine days? Because, this is the week that the special needs children are in Camp Simcha and it is the week that the bikers can come in and throw a big party. When the children with cancer are there, they wouldn’t be allowed in with germs, etc. which could be life threatening. Now, how about making a nice big pledge to support the best tzedakah? !

  5. Some people are doers and some hockers. These people have volunteered of their time AND energy and you sit at your computer or on your phone hocking about tzitzis and goyishe looking bikers. Firstly,who said they don’t have tziztis on? Secondly; did you ask a Rov if they need to be wearing tziztis when biking 150 miles? Thirdly,please stop being so narrow minded with your comments! Should they be wearing a tallis on a 150 mile trip? What constitutes “goyishe looking bikers”? If you want to be so narrow minded,I beg of you;don’t be this way with your children. It is a perfect recipe for a disastrous spiritual outcome. I go biking(not in shorts but I’m not doing 150 miles-and quite frankly I would wear shorts if I felt hot enough)and my brother in-law told me”if I see you I will make as if I didn’t see you”. Is that narrow mindedness or what?!

  6. I was there helpin with the escort.. it is unbeleivable!!!!!! the Amazing organization and efficiency of ALL the Chai Lifeline heads and Volunteers was unreal.. they have everything down to a science with everything so nicely prepared for the bikers! THE BIKERS R TRULY AMAZING –All united (durring the 9 days) as a group to set off to bike for miles for this unreal cause! May it be a huge zchus for them and ther families….. May we all be zoche to see the coming of moshiach!

  7. This is a great cause but not with a yiddish taam. Do we have to show do a physical challenge to get people to donate tzedaka? how about 150 people learn a blatt gemara as a zechus.

  8. why do pple have 2 b not nice? a simple question was asked, abt the 9 days, & it can’t b answered nicely? its such a shame how pple respond 2 each other…

  9. They can wear tzitzis but they can’t hang out – it’s a hazard – it can get stuck in the chain and be dangerous. The clothing isn’t goyish – they say Bike-4-Chai all over them – anyone seeing them could google it and know they’re all yidden. During the 9 days – because that’s when the children are in camp. They asked a Rav and he said it was OK. They are riding with an escort the entire way of Hatzolo, state police, people to give out food, drinks and energy bars, and even bike mechanics to help out in case someone gets a flat or has any other bike issue.
    I’m sure they’ll be davening in a minyan of 100 men dressed in biker’s shorts whose tefillos Hashem is happy to hear today. Hashem hears the tefillos from every one of His children. I don’t think that depends on what they’re wearing.
    And these men have been training for ages to do this ride – they’re not doing something harmful or dangerous – it’s actually extremely healthy and every one of them is reaping the health benefits of regular exercise – something that all yidden should do – v’nishmartem.
    It’s a huge mitzva of Ahavas Chinam – which is our ticket home, so I’m proud to be the wife of one of the bikers.

  10. What about someone who can’t learn a blatt gemorah? How bout you stop deciding on zechus-earnings – you’re not the bookkeeper! HaShem is, and the greatest thing you and all of us can do, is believe in Him. He’s been taking loving care of us for 5,771 years (a bit more according to R’ Shimon Schwab) all by Himself.
    You’re worried about physical challenge not being holy enough for you? Try doing the Avoda in the Beis Hamikdosh this coming Succos. THAT’s physical challenge! And we’re looking forward!
    Bike on, Gentlemen! may you all be g’benched!

  11. To #3:

    Get a life. really. Maybe they should ride in tallis and teffillin…once your at it through in a tie and kittel too….cmon!

  12. My name is Adam and I might not be as religious as you, but I am Jewish and I must say I am shocked and embarrassed how ppl look at anything and everything good, and look to portray it in a bad light, these ppl are taking off from their jobs and giving up physically and monetarily for a great cause, and ppl just scorn and knock them! Who asked you for your opinion? Don’t the rabbis say “siyug lchocma shtika”? Learn to keep your mouths shut and think before you talk, that is more dangerous in 9 days than riding a bike, it was sin as chinom that destroyed the temple, not biking.

  13. This is exactly whats wrong with this town, you see people doing a great deed, giving up precious time with their family and work to help fundraise money for this amazing organization, and all some people have to do is complain “they are goyish looking” “its the 9 days” “where are their tzitis” etc etc I bet you are the same people walking around miserable that you are “stuck learning” and when you see me you tell your kids I’m a goy because I dont walk around in a white shirt and black pants! how sad. (and yes I did donate to this cause)

    To the guys riding I’m jealous I wasn’t able to participate this year hopefully next time!! Keep up the great work!!

  14. Yes, it is sad, extremely sad how some people can literally always find the negative in things! I have no doubt all these “frummer than thou” comments are alot more dangerous in the 9 days than biking 150 miles!

  15. Mrs Sheva,
    your statement that hashem listens to tefillos no matter how you are dressed, is totally against the mishneh brurah and halacha. And yes, the clothing might be necessary, but at least know that it isnt appropriate to be seen in public in. And i see nothing wrong with “knowing” a biker (comment #16). i know plenty of them myself.
    In regards to tzitzis, i think they are into a shady area if they arent wearing them, for at least some of the trip. maybe they are, i hope so.

  16. Dovid all we can say is WOW Amazing. All because of you theres 100 riders today. next year there will be 5oo all thanks to you. keep up the great work. Keep giving nachas to all of us.

    wanna be like Dovid Egert

  17. Good luck moshe stienmetz and dovid egert and all the rest. pedal safe you guys are doing an amazing thing.pay no heed to the (moderated) who feel the neccesity to post stupid comments.

  18. #31 or Anon or whatever your real name is: No where in Mishnah Berurah does it say that hashem does notlisten to the tefillos of those who are not dressed appropriately (in this case in your Anon opinion) for davening. However it does say explicitly (that means “bemefurash”) in Sefer Chafetz Chaim that Lashon Harah (and in this case Motzi Shem Ra) is Assur when written. We practice Judaism which teaches that the world stands on Torah, Avodah, and Gemilus Chasadim.

  19. #3 has a valid point, a yis should wear a tzisis, and doing a mitvah dos’nt pater it. Its not comfertable to ride with one? dont ride! find another way to donate! look at our gedolim, they would never ever give that up. another valid point is how come the only time there is in the jewish calander is the 9 days?!?! did we run out of days?!?!? why such an importent cuase should be during these very sad days that we are moring the bais hamikdash. anybody during real availus dos not go on a road trip. And we do appriciate trying to raise the money, it is a huge orgenezation who dos tremendous work!!!! lets face it, its a hard trip but these guys are having fun (speak to anyone of them) the 9 days is just not the right thing.

  20. to all those pp who are barking at the writers about the tzisis, you are so engrosed in the goyshe world that you dont even realize how wrong you are. I am like you, open minded, read and see thing i should’nt , but hay, there is a diferense between doing thing and out right defending them. Look at the pic of these guys, forget about the shirt, look at their pants, I am embarresed for eveyone of them!!! i would have not been proud of my husband, Sorry! there is a way a yid dresses and its not this!!! Chai lifeline is a great orgenesation, but doing this during the 9 days ia a huge mistake.

  21. My nephew is in Camp Simcha. You can’t imagine how happy the kids are! It is worth everything. Both parents and kids wait all year for camp! Go Billy Go!!

  22. Um, #38, you’re right about your being openminded and reading and seeing things you shouldn’t. Quit checking out the men’s outfits, thank you very much. I wouldn’t be proud of that admission. So how about you say nice things about Yidden? There are alot of incredibly wonderful Yidden in our town, and they all dress differently. Sooooooo who decides which one is “right?” It ain’t you or me, that’s for sure.
    SAY NICE THINGS! SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR KLAL YISROEL!! Remember the Pirkei Ovos mishna? A good heart is better than all the other stuff. With a good heart, all the rest follows. Let your good heart show and work on getting rid of the negative stuff.

    Every one of the men who rode their bikes to raise money for Chai Lifeline is an inspiration to every one of us. Thank you, thank you, for your beautiful Kiddush Hashem.

  23. With all due respect,your comments are shockingly disappointing. Please do not pass judgment on these tzadikim whom you seem to think you are greater than. I am not here to say whether your opinion is right or wrong however the way in which you express yourself is out right disrespectful and not befitting any yid. If we would only respect each other properly moshiach would be here already. It is comments like yours that remind me of why he has not come. Please be more careful in the future to see the good in what people do. It is very difficult to judge people favorably but it is still a commandment that we need to adhere to. Hashem loves you!

  24. This is a beautiful thing ! Watch for Shaya Luzer Brachfeld – he’s mamesh a speedster & Dovid Bernstien – he’s MR. Stamina. Go boys, Go !! We’re rooting for you all the way. And, uh, please ignore the naysayers.

  25. We can’t forget, special kudos to 4 Corners bagel store for feeding the hungry riders for 2 days. Tizku L’mitzvos ! Go Shaya Luzer, go !!

  26. Pretty amazing how the Leiby Kletzky tragedy brought us together… we were all so proud that all Yidden came together, no matter what background they come from or clothes they wear….
    And here we are, just days later, bickering over the same things again: other people’s clothing, frumkeit, psak halachos…
    For shame.

  27. i’m shocked and disgusted by those that shun this incredibly inspirational bike ride because the guys aren’t wearing tzitzis. Are you our of your … mind?? I’m from Lakewood as well and it’s despicable to me to see and hear people like you speak in this manner. Not only is this a bike ride for Camp Simcha that brings tremendous joy to the children and their families that see them so happy, it also shows and should show people like you!! that Jewish people from ALL walks of life, in all different fields and with different customs have joined together in unity for one cause: to bring joy to children and raise money for an exceptional cause. You gotta start thinking and seeing the good in people – look at peoples hearts not their clothing! you’re should be sincerely ashamed of yourself for being so lame and shallow. it’s people like you that break apart our nation, that cause segregation because people don’t fit into your pathetic little box. That’s what caused the destruction of the bais hamikdash – not people’s dress codes! Time for some introspection Mr. I Think I’m Perfect.

  28. everyone just STOP think for one second what your doing, we should all just be supportive STOP the juging leave it to g-d.

    bikers, im joulous of your olom haba!!

  29. everything fine and dandy as long as a sheilah was asked and the answer followed. I’m talking about doing this ride in the nine days and not wearing tzitzis.

  30. Gevaldiga inyon its a gevaldiga mitsvah the riders are moiser nefesh for a cause riding and sweating lechatchula for a mitsvas zedaka. I mamash envy these tsadigim

  31. why can’t they do it a week before the 9 days or right after the 9 days. The campers are then diring these times too. apparently it benefits the riders since they are not going on vacations during the 9 days.I would guess that Chail Lifeline asked a shaila or at least the riders asked individualy.It would be a chillul hashem to have a high profile publicized bike tour during the 9 days with such publicity had they not asked a shaila. They asked last year about going to times square with the campers.

  32. #40 yahu skaist
    the statement that hashem listens to you no matter how you are dressed is in fact not like the mishneh brurah in that it says EXPLICITLY that when you daven in front of Hashem, you should dress like in front of a king. the mishneh brurah expounds that to mean a jacket (and hat, if applicable) etc.. see hilchos tefillah.
    While it is true that hashem would listen to you no matter how you are dressed, you totally missed the point that it does not conform with halach, and the hashkafah that you can “dress as you please” as long as you are doing something good – – it is hashkafically incorrect.
    when was the last time you davened in a bathing suit? that might be taking it far – -but the idea is the same.
    as far as loshon horoh, i hear you, but when discussing a shailah in halacha, and when not discussing a particular person, i am pretty sure it is permissable to comment.

  33. Without expressing any opinions I would like to know if a Shaaloh was asked about not wearing Tzitizis and by who.Please no personal opinions.Just the facts.

  34. To all you holier than thou commentors. The riders davened three minyanim in the hotel, in REGULAR clothes, hats, jackets and all. Most of the riders if not all wear tzitis. Lastly, when your ready to do something meaningful, go seek out the rider who is a living kidney donor (YES ONE OF THE RIDERS DID IT WITH ONE KIDNEY!!!!) and see if all your “learning” has brought you to the level of truly saving a life! These guys are incredible and what they do physically and mentally for another yid is far more than anything learning without middos does. Try donating bone marrow, blood, platelets, or even a kidney and then ride 150 miles to meet the person(s) who needed those donations, maybe you will get some real perspective.

  35. As one of the hundred who were part of this amazing Kiddush HaShem, so much has to be said, but more has to be not said. I won’t comment on the individual issues brought up, but do want to share a few thoughts.

    As we did, ask shailos every step of the way, Please don’t assume that others haven’t.

    How many of you who complained davened vasikin the last two days? We did! How many of you spent every ounce of energy to help another yid? We did! How many developed close relationships with yidden of all backgrounds and levels of observance? We did! How many brought a smile to the face of a sick child like… we did? How many saw first hand, the suffering of families in our galus (brought on by sinas chinam) like… we did? (And just for the fun of it: How many danced to a live band at lunch today like… we did?)

    I think I speak for all of us when I say that this was the best and most appropriate thing we could imagine doing during the Nine Days. If that is what Camp Simcha’s schedule works out for next year (if we’re C”V not in Yerushalyim) I will bli neder be back, and hope you will join me. You just might change your mind.

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