Yungerman Takes Private Jet to Get Out Of Erev Shabbos Traffic Jam

jet erev shabbosEXCLUSIVE: [PHOTO] A Yungerman traveling to Lakewood for Shabbos didn’t set out to take a private jet to get to his destination, but there was just no way he was going to turn back and miss his mother’s birthday party.

The Yungerman, who resides outside the state, left his home for Lakewood early Friday afternoon, a trip he makes with his family several times a year.

But this time, shortly after getting onto the highway, he realized that there wasn’t much of a chance he was going to make it on time for Shabbos, and needed to find a way to get there.

“There was just no way I was going to miss my mother’s birthday party – no matter what it took,” the Yungerman told TLS exclusively.

And so with no other option in the bumper-to-bumper traffic, the young man, his wife, and two children, found themselves pulling into the nearest airport.

At the small airport, the man met a pilot who agreed to fly his family to the Monmouth Executive Airport.

About 25 minutes and $2,000 later, the family arrived in Wall Township.



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  1. That’s not news that we all have to hear about.!! We have a post about a mechaneches in critical condition and then a next one about someone being niftar, and you feel someone spending thousands of dollars to get to a birthday party is newsworthy? I wanna throw up! It’s EXCESS. If you wanna say he did it to get to someone’s bedside before they were niftar, maybe. But to publish for Lkwd to read about HIM throwing away money for his family party- why is it publish-worthy? Please remove it.

  2. I got to agree with number 4. even if this individual is wealthy and gives a lot of money to tzadakah. this was just a complete waste of money. Even if the birthday was so important to his mother, that it was an issue of Kibud Aim, it was necessitated because of poor planning. Hardly something admirable, or newsworthy.

  3. Wow! Unbelievable. A free amazing service the scoop offers and you sit there and comment (in capital letters) hate against the scoop?? Really??? You serious??? Come on!!! Why??? It’s a free news outlet. Sit down read and enjoy. Why the non sense comments about how your not enjoying your free subscription?? Sign off!

  4. The point is that “if there is a will theres a way”.

    I’m sure his mother was very proud of all the trouble he went through.

    (Now if it was the sviger ……)

  5. To #4: I take issue with one thing you said…that if it were to get to someone’s bedside before they were niftar, maybe you’d be OK, but not for a family party. why is it that people would drop everything and spend $$ beyond our means only for death and funerals but not for honoring one’s parent or attending and joining in another family member’s LIFE and SIMCHA? I have a relative who came to this very realization and now he makes every effort to attend family simchas whenever possible, even if it means flying out of town to attend, Even for nieces’ and nephews’ own children’s bar mitzvahs and weddings. They realized how they would drop everything and fly out to attend family funerals r”l but not simchas so they resolved to change that. True that most of us can’t afford to do so, but for someone who DID spend the money on celebrating his mother’s LIFE and giving her nachas and honor, don’t say it’s not as important as getting to someone before they die. And for the commentor who said it was poor planning, who are you to judge what circumstances led them to leave when they did? Maybe there was no way he could leave the night before? And what if there was double the amount of time necessary to get there as per halacha, but the traffic was just too bad?


  7. Shame on everyone here. If you really stop to think and really look inward you will see all these comments stem from jealousy. Everyone has a right to do what they want with their money. We are just being judgmental cuz we all think we cud use $2,000 for better purposes. I wonder…perhaps Hashem feels this kibbud av vaim was most special.

    On the other hand, Lakewood Scoop, maybe this should’ve not been posted. People r suffering financially and r working overtime to put bread on the table. This can really cause pain and anger for a person who cud think of a million ways to use the $2,000 for very very basic nessecities. Perhaps this story should have remained unplublished here….

  8. Maybe TLS heard it from someone that knows simeone that knows someone else that knows another guy that his shvuger told him the story?!

    Anyway TLS got story a fellow who obviously did his planning accordingly and didn’t have shabbos arrangements at home went and did this lekovad shabbos nada to be mechabed his mother is very nice. Thanks for posting.

  9. Thanx, TLS for this uplifting story. It was important for him, important for his Mommy & he did the right thing. Hope his mother Shepped nachas.

  10. to number 17, not everyone here is posting because of Jealosy. I gave over much more then that to tzedakah for Pesach, and can pay $2k for a flight without it adversely affecting my life. It is a question of using proper judgement and using the money that is given to us in a responsible manner.

    Is it possible that a situation would arise that I would feel the need to pay for a private flight, could happen, but I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone about it for the reason’s you mentioned in the second half of your post.

  11. For all you petty people who are so quick to judge how and when others should spend their hard earned money, perhaps it is time to learn to prioritize your own life. Do you spend thousands of dollars on your children’s clothing every season? Do you indulge in a vacation or even two every now and then? Eat out in restaurants? Lease one or two cars when you could buy a second hand jalopy? The list goes on and on…I have personally witnessed families who could barely make ends meet spend money they didn’t have on some or all of these “excesses.” This family did not ask to be written about in TLS or have their story publicized. How dare you judge them when their intentions and choice of expenses were a whole lot less selfish than many of your own. This story was certainly not newsworthy and the responses to it are nothing short of pathetic. In my opinion, TLS should remove this “story” and all comments so that everyone can go back to pretending that they are busy learning or working instead of firing off their uneducated opinions and judgements.

  12. Enough with the hate. Who cares if he spent money on that. And maybe he is a huge baal tzdakah you dont know. Obviously it meant a lot for him to get to his mothers bday. Enough with the hate.

  13. He did it to avoid being Mechalel Shabbos. It’s quite simple. Amd Hozaos of Shabbos and Yom Tov are on a different expense acount.

  14. Why is this in the news? Is it everyone’s business to know? If he felt it was worthwhile to get to Lakewood this way why do we have to do his chesbonos for him.

  15. I’m deeply disturbed about the negative comments! I think this man got a tremendous mitzva of kibud aim!! It’s his money he can decide what he wants to do with it! No one has a right to judge him, or decide what he could of done with the money! If you don’t want pple telling you how to spend your money don’t tell other pple how to spend theirs!!

  16. If the article would’ve sAid ” yungerman rents plane to be at his dying mothers bedside erev shabbos” you critics would only have praise. It’s beautiful that he didn’t want to end up in a holiday in. For shabbos on the side of the road and pulled out money whether he had it or not to be me handed his mother in life!!! Why is death more important???

  17. Imagine you go to a store and spend $1.50 on a cold drink because you’re really thirsty…for a person who’s broke you look crazy but in your eyes to “splurge” on a $1.50 is not a big deal…for those who are BH wealthy $2000 is like your $1.50

  18. Shame on all u critics!!!! I know this man very well. He just gave $75,000 to tomchei shabbos b4 pesach, half of u critics had food for yomtov because of this man. Look how self centered and judgemental ppl in this town are. Shame on you!!!!

  19. First of all everyone should please re-read the comment rules. Most of you are doing exactly what TLS doesnt want. Second of all, it is a huge chutzpah for any of you to go and start judging this person. Each person can do what ever he wants with his money and you have no right to go decide whether or not he did the correct thing. And you wonder why mashiach isnt here?!!!!! Its not your place to say anything!!

  20. TO “#32” Who wrote:
    it is a huge chutzpah for any of you to go and start judging this person. Each person can do what ever he wants with his money and you have no right to go decide whether or not he did the correct thing.

    You are right that they should not be judging or deciding what he should be doing or not doing with his money.
    BUT you are VERY MUCH MISTAKING when you say [as others here unfortunately have said the same) that
    This is very very wrong!
    Hashem has given each of us the money we have and ONLY Hashem and The Torah decide what we should do with our money!
    If a certin spending is considered a WASTE, then whether we like it or not we have no right to do that with our money. There are Torah guidelines what is and what is not considered a waste of money.
    A Yid is guided by Hashem’s will, NOT by “Whatever he wants to do!”!

  21. I think this is a bueatifull story that someone was able to be machabed shabbos & kibud aim mi k”amcha yisroel & all u who want to judge this tzadik, u r not in his position, u never know what the story is & if this was a necessity for him then let him spend all his money on what he wants, mr or mrs yeshivish, just bec u don’t have $2,000 for something that u don’t see would be necessary for u maybe its a big deal for him so stop judging people stop complaining about the other person worry about urself

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