Yudel Shain: The Internal Affairs Is Corrupt, LPD Has Way Too Many Officers

yudel shainVIDEO: Yudel Shain, known for being outspoken on various issues, has once again been on the offensive at Thursday evening’s Township Committee Meeting. Yudel spoke out against a wide range of topics including garbage pick-up, Snow Removal, Street Lighting and parking at BMG. He then continued on with LPD’s Internal Affairs, saying how it is “corrupt” and “dysfunctional”, proving his point with a recent story. After his complaints about the IA, he went on to say how “the LPD has way too many Officers for the amount of crime in Lakewood”. Other issues he tackled, were the UEZ and Tax Appeals. Watch video of his full speech.

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  1. very well said its about time we talk about the cop issue we have too many cops and for every small thing they pull u over with 2 police cars its ridiculous i had a ticked for talking on my cell phone i was pulled over by 2 police cars

  2. yes IA is corrupt. when (moderated) got a ticket they suddenly didn’t have the audio of the cop! fishy?! it happened many other times as well incl with (moderated). TLS if you decided to post this story it would be appropiate to post my comment.

  3. FYI if you get pulled over while on your cell phone you are violating a state law. The police officers are sent for back up. It is standard procedure for the township police dept to send back up. You never know what is going on and what could happen..its for their safety as well as your own. As for the comment about too many police officers: the ratio is 1:1000 that that is one police officer for every thousand people in this town. At last census there were 75000 documented residents of this town, that means there should be 75 patrol officers on the road. If there arent enough people complain, if there are too many people complain..when does it stop??! You can not make everyone happy all the time, so why try? Just obey the laws and thank them for their service, they deserve it, no matter if you dislike the offiers they are here for you.

  4. how many of the 75000 are children?? do they commit crimes??
    how about the adults??
    the ratio of 1- 1000 does not make sense it should be based on crimes in certain areas.

  5. Its not the committes fault here they fet elected evrey 4 years..
    the problem is the heads of all other townshio departments have no elections and the public has no way of holding them accountable that is were all the corruption lies.

  6. Living on Ridge and east 5th street I must say that there is not enough police in our area. With Heimish landlords still renting out homes to drug lords and ex convicts we may need an army locally soon.

  7. the IA complaint may be correct, but the kvetching about tickets and too many cops is wrong. We have almost enough cops, and they are very good. Can we afford them? thats a different and more difficult question. if we need to cut, we will hear HUNDREDs of complaints about the lack of officers for this or that. the corruption Shain is talking about is much more subtle, and its mostly about favors and expensive ones at that.

  8. why do they need automatic back up? I’ve seen 3 police cars in a row when they stopped a frum lady. Come on now,what is she going to do? If they do stop a suspicious car then radio for back up,but it shoudn;t be automatic.

  9. I don’t think yudel represents the opinion of anybody else in town. He will always find something to whine about nobody is good for him. The LPD do a wonderful job in this town and we should all be greatful to them for keeping this town safe. And if there are a few extra officers even better. We really need to be clear that most if not all of Lakewood DO NOT agree with yudel AT ALL.

  10. I’ve studied this topic and experienced many issues regarding IA. If the Lakewood Township could actually switch to a civilian IA, it would result in a much more productive police department and bring about justice to all residents of Lakewood. Thank you TLS for taking on this issue – which demands the Committee’s immediate attention!

  11. Why are we letting Yudel S. post his meshugasim publically again? The only mention he maybe deserves, is his cold drinks on hot days gemach & absolutely nothing else.

  12. I wouldnt say that most people disagree with yudel. In fact I believe that most people do agree. It’s HOW he goes about attempting to fix it. his koach is in recognizing the problem. If he would bring up the problems and let others deal with it then maybe things would have a better chance of being fixed

  13. why are names moderated i spoke to (moderated) at tls and (moderated) told me that after (moderated) was attacked at bmg names wont be moderated anymore so when #2 said his story about (moderated) getting a ticket involving (moderated) i dont understand why the names are moderated.

  14. to#13 about time some1 knows n understands an inyun. im glad u mentioned what is lacking in the LPD a civilian review board for the IA. although at most the LPD does do a great job n they have many devoted officers who act in good faith. however, for the handfull of corrupt cops who are constantly over looked by their uniformed unionized fellow officers , n shadowed by the administration because gdforbid a bad name on their dept.having an outside non bias watchdog would be a step in the right direction in cleaning up the deep rooted LPD corruption.

  15. After watching the video and reading some of the comments I have come to the conclusion that their are some very foolish people in Lakewood and others who know the Township well. The speaker in the video comments and many topics and it appears he has no knowledge about. He attacks the public works department and the police department, who both do a wonderful job. If garbage isn’t picked up on the days he calls extra days then it would end up in the street or blowing around town which would create a very dirty look in our down town area. As for the Police Department staffing I looked on the FBI web page and they recommend how many people officers per 1,000 people are needed. The FBI broke the numbers down by regions of the United States. The FBI recommends 3.5 laws enforcement officers per 1000 people. The 2010 census should show Lakewood at about 90,000 people or 315 Police Officers. I believe the Lakewood Police Dept. has about 120 Officers. The amount of officers needed to police a town doesn’t just go by crime rate its calculated by the number of calls for service. Which include many items that are not part of the total crime rate. The State of New Jersey publishes a crime report based on every town in the State. I looked at the report online and compared Lakewood to other towns in the area. Lakewood had the highest crime rate in Ocean County. The Asbury Park press also has an area called the data universe and they I found that Lakewood Police give far fewer motor vehicle summons compared to other towns in the area, but there are more motor vehicle accidents in Lakewood compared to other towns. I will list the links that I obtained my information from so that you can read the information for yourself just as I did.



  16. Ok so let me get this straight you want to get rid of our EMS & our Police is the FD next. What do you want no protection or emergency help for the town. People keep referring to Lakewood as a city on here. The population is not large enough yet at least on paper to be a city. When it does become a city you will need alot more POLICE, EMS, & FD. Stop complaining about every dept. in the town. If you dont like the town the way it is move out. I am sure you can see it pretty easy in this town. People are always knocking on my door asking if I want to sell.

  17. yudel our police are doing great work I work in ocean township nj there to every time one is pulled over 2 police cars are there its standard procedure lakewood pd and chief lawson keep up the great work

  18. i once was stopped by officer young in a very bad neighborhood for not coming to a full stop he was so nice and another police came in back of him quickly and he waved him off and told him its all right

  19. Firstly,Officer Young is a VERY nice officer as #25 pointed out. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with him on a number of occasions.

    Yudel-how about getting some much needed funding for secular studies enhancement?? Seems like practically noone knows how to spell basic English words on this site!!

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