Yudel Shain: Some Bedatz Kosher L’Pesach Cups, Asur To Use All Year Round

greek_sunDo you know of a disposable plastic cup which is Bedatz Kosher L’Pesach, yet Asur to use all year round? According to Yudel Shain, such a cup exists and the reason for it being asur? It contains an ‘Avodah Zara’ on the cup. The following is a quote from Yudel “There are plastic disposable cups (7oz-50, 75, 100 pack) being sold in stores with the words written bdatz kusher lipesach, & the apolo greek sun on the cup. It’s a not an acceptable cup for all year & not for pesach as it has the Greek avoda zorah emblem on it”.

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  1. They don’t worship that emblem and it is no longer an avodah zara. Does he ever ask a “real” Rabbi before he comes out with one of his “chiddushim?”

  2. Why is that symbol on the cups? Does it mean anything? If it has no idolatrous connections why should it be ossur.? Sometimes I think Rabbi Shain is a little too extreme, it’s like he’s davka looking for things to prohibit.

  3. Just imagine if you gave your kid a cup of juice in one of those cups, together with animal crackers depicting a trayfe animal. Oy Va’avoy! What a churban that would be! And let’s say for a minute that somebody was doing all this while using the internet, I mean, help help, help, real trouble!

  4. most doors in u.s. and beyond have a CROSS ON THEM!!!!. A 4 panel door is obvious, a 6 panel is a bible and cross,… we have mezzuzah on the doorpost, they have their symbol on the door. What kind of doors do you have?

  5. The steipler was makpid that doors and windows should not have any type of tzelem on them. He even made them fix the windows in lederman shul. He used to say that in Europe yidden were very makpidon this.

  6. @ #2, #5 The issue of “lo sa’asun iti” isn’t dependent on whether they worship it. The image is boleit, so it may be considered a carving, and so it may be assur to own. The gemara in A’Z is pretty clear, it is brought down in the S’A, and many halachic sources poskin based on this din. It’s not as simple as you want to make it out to be.

    Until you have received s’micha AND seen the sugya, being moreh heter is as bad as being moreh issur.

  7. Rabbi forcheimer @ rabbi felder both say its assur y would a person drink from these cups even if its a small chsash there so many others out there for same price

  8. I took a look at Rabbi Shain’s blog and his comments about various hechsheirim. I cannot accept denigration of choshuve yiddin and their avodas hakodesh. I cannot accept comments about the kcl having timtum halev because the meat they consume is not kosher. That is not the way we yidden talk about other yidden. I personaly do not eat several hechsheirim but I will not denigrate them. Please do not continue to quote Rabbi Shain.

  9. According to this logic, TLS is also not kosher. Because the picture of the sun is posted! This is really silly. Oh, also a plane is shaped like a cross. Does that stop r shain from flying? How about Swissair?

  10. I agree with anon says:March 9, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Shain has a long history of cutting down anyone that doesn’t “agree” (hamayvon yovon) with him. He has no problem with putting down talmidai chachomim, rabonim etc.

    I guess he has a right to do whatever he pleases. I am also sure he does good things too. However, I think that his actions are against the stated guidelines of TLS of not allowing bizoyon talmidi chachomim. Therefore, I do not think he warrants to have his opinion (never checked with rabonnim, because he is kligur vee zai aleh) posted as a main post. His chassidim can always find his opinions on his own website.

    Let it go on as a comment, which it really only is, his own comment.

  11. What exactly is the chishash chometz in a plastic cup? Who needs a badatz hechsher on a plastic cup? Pesach or year round.

    Yes, I know that all sorts of plastics have a hechsher. I once spoke to a Mashgiach who travels to China and Taiwan and checks out these companies. He told me that he goes once a year. I asked him “For what?” He said “Nothing! They want a hechsher on their product so I come by once a year and they pay!”

    Is there kitniyos in the cardboard box that your matzos come in? I have not yet seen a hechsher on those yet. (But I have faith, that next year there will be!!)

  12. Why do you have to steal someone elses identity? Nobody likes it when you don’t agree with them. It leaves a very salty taste to know someone is there just to argue. There are all kinds of symbols in our world that can be connected to avodah zorah. Horses have been a symbol for years. Yet some people have no problem wearing them on their right chest close to their heart. We all have our personal things that don’t bother us. It could be an image, a book, a song. It can come from pagan sources and we don’t even know it. I had a playball once that had a drawing of zeus on it. I loved that ball. I didn’t care about the stupid picture. So before you pasul everything. Just remember a caged ball can’t bounce.

  13. Klal yisroel is going through very hard times
    We should not bash anybody
    And be more in achdus
    And when anybody comes with a chaschasch of anything we should thank him and not bash him and make him
    I think haschem will take action on all people making fun on avoideh zorah
    Even on chaschasch but when for sure I think haschem will expect that we do biarto haroh mekirbechoh
    And with that sechus we should be mazliach

  14. when the sheitel story came out people lost many thausends of dollars and it was also a symbol of avoideh zorah
    and people where not eating or drinking them and still the whle world burned them and no sheitel is made in india
    and even some rabonim who where mesupek still said not to use them
    plastic cup that cost one dollar and you drink from them and have on shaboss table and make brochoh when you drink from it
    and there is no really hefsed mumen for sure people should not use them
    thank you judel to bring this up

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