Young Lakewood Student Gets Stitches After Banging Head in School Bus Window [PHOTO]

A young Lakewood student was injured when she banged her head in a school bus window, parents say.

The eight-year old girl was reportedly on her way home from school yesterday when she banged her head in the window while the bus was turning. The girl received a gash in her head and got off the bus for medical assistance. She required a staple (graphic picture of the injury).

Parents say they’ve complained to the bus company about the driver, who they allege isn’t safe.

“Girls complain all the time, and yesterday a girl actually got hurt from one of his short stops,” a parent said. “She was sitting innocently in her seat.”

The parents say they LSTA met with this bus company back in November, but the driver is still driving for the company.

However, the LSTA tells TLS they immediately investigated the incident, and found the driver did nothing wrong.

“We immediately reviewed the video, and the driver was going 8 MPH on the turn,” Avraham Krawiec of the LSTA tells TLS. “He did nothing wrong.” Krawiec says he also immediately spoke with the parents regarding the incident, and invited them to come watch the video.

Krawiec said the LSTA since November only received once complaint about the bus driver, who he says is doing approximately eight routes.

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  1. In the words of the girl who was injured as well as those sitting near her, there was no window involved in this incident. The short stop casued this girl to go flying toward the aisle and hit a metal part of the seat. Maybe the actual footage can be added here.

  2. Im afraid the reason LSTA doesn’t recieve complaints until a kid gets hurt is that parents fear not having a bus driver. Its unfortunate that parents need this to wake them up and complain about bad drivers.

  3. It’s unfair to always blame the bus drivers for everything. As Mr Krawiec mentioned, the bus was going 8mph and there is evidence to prove it. Both my boys and girls tell me that almost everybody on their busses are moving around and not sitting as they should. I see this as well when many times I’m behind a bus and there are (seemingly) 20 faces piled up by the back door staring out that back window/door. I see it many times as well driving parallel to a bus.

    Do some bus drivers drive reckless? Likely, but most I see, seem to be driving like a mensch.

    Kids need to sit down and stop treating their bus ride like they are on a playground. These kids would not get away with it in most out of town cities and I’m not sure why they get away with it here. Besides for the Chilul Hashem, it can be vey dangerous.

    p.s. I have no idea if the girl here was sitting down when this happened or not. My comment is more in regards to all the commenters about to comment on how all Lakewood bus drivers drive like animals, which simply isn’t true.

  4. Would have to see the video before commenting specifically to this incident but I live at a major intersection and I daily see kids standing up and walking around the buses. Once the weather gets warmer they’re screaming and hanging out of the windows as well. There is no discipline on many of the busses.

  5. Similar thing happened to me in the summer. I was working in a camp and a boy Had his head out the window, the bus then went over a bump causing the boys chin to bang against the bottom of the window, opening up a sizable gash, he received several stitches. It didn’t even occur to me to blame the driver! Kids act like kids and are sometimes hurt in the process. This is Not to say there aren’t any reckless bus drivers, rather to say that sometimes your little angel is also at fault.

  6. Kids are always seen standing up on the seats. Couple that with some of the renegade drivers who I had the misfortune of seeing them drive like they were escaping the plague and you have a recipe for disaster.

  7. I am a bus aide for 2 runs that pick up at SCHI and goes to the Center where I work. I have children on my bus rides from ages 3 to 21. They are either in car seats or buckled in. I let the bus driver know when it is safe to leave. If any of them unbuckle their seat belt I instantly tell them to bucket it back up or I tell the driver to pull over. On my bus run to bring them home, we have young adults as well as kids on our bus. Myself and another aide stand for most of the ride to make sure nobody stands up, pulls hair or attempts to bang on window. We are dealing with kids with many different disabilities and behavioral issues. If the bus company hires the right aides the kids would be more safe while on the bus. Many times my driver had to stop short or take a turn wider or faster than usual but if the kids are properly buckled in and the aides watch them from back of bus, it would be a safer ride for everyone.

  8. It’s not true you should worry I see bus drivers flying yes I see sometimes kids standing on the bus and jumping around but the bus drivers and I’m driving safely on the bus company does not care I have called to complain with numbers of the buses and I still see the same drivers I even went down myself to show them videos I’ve emailed them pictures and The drivers are still driving nothing is ever done that is why I don’t put my kids on a bus

  9. I’m sorry it was supposed to say the bus drivers are not driving safely and they are driving doing illegal things I’m not saying it’s okay for regular drivers to do illegal things but these bus drivers have responsibility with other peoples kids and the videos and pictures I’ve ever shown them the phone calls I make to them doesn’t seem to matter we need to demand the safety for the kids on these busses

  10. Last Thursday a bus drive by me with multiple girls sticking their heads out the window. I warned the girls to put their heads back inside and they laughed at me. The bus driver continued driver. Why oh why were multiple windows open on a cold wintry day! Yes, this is not safe but if the driver doesn’t insist on safety then it’s a lose lose situation.

    • I am constantly worried about these children on the buses because I have never seen such behavior by the children on the school buses. When I went to school you either sat in your seat facing forward or you were off the bus. Bus drivers are responsible for each child that gets on that bus, and making them behave is part of the job. It’s not to be mean to the bus drivers or the children it’s for protection. And parents this starts at home with teaching proper safety on the bus.

  11. This is one of the Reason we are losing Bus Drivers !!! Injury happened and it could be covered by insurance company. But agreements need to stop complaining and it happens when bus comes late do me favor setup on that route bus chat and it will help each parents where the bus is !!!

  12. Kids need to stay seated on bus. Seems like that is not enforced by drivers. Children standing on bus and leaning out the window should get a warning. Then banned from bus. Parents need to teach their school children to follow rules and follow safety guidelines.

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