Young Lakewood Mother Gets 3 Years In Shaking Death Of Newborn

prison lkwd 1_wmA young Lakewood woman was too grief-stricken to speak Wednesday as a judge sentenced her to three years in state prison for fatally shaking her twin infant when the newborn wouldn’t stop crying. D.B., 27, of Marshall Street sobbed as Ocean County sheriff’s officers led her out of Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Daniels’ courtroom in handcuffs. 

Brycki was too overcome with grief to address the judge before he sentenced her.

The defendant was 19 years old and caring for newborn twin boys when confronted with the one baby who wouldn’t stop crying. The family at the time was living on Brookside Drive in Toms River.

The babies’ father, Jason H. Sr., found Adam unresponsive in their home on May 16, 2003, and summoned emergency personnel. Adam was taken to Community Medical Center in Toms River and transferred to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, where he died May 18, 2003.

Questioned by investigators while Adam still was hospitalized, B. admitted she shook the baby the night before he was found unconscious because he would not stop crying. In the taped interview, she told the investigators, “I was just so tired,” and was lucky to get five hours of sleep a night. Full story in APP.

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  1. I really do not like when the headline says Lakewood woman. That implies a frum person. B”H we have not found many frum people hurting their babies. Please change the headline to teen mother and get rid of the lakewood.

  2. She lives in lakewood, she is a lakewood woman! you are so full of yourself that you think only frum people live in this town? it is that kind of attitude that creates all of the antisemetism we see lately , shame on you

  3. I agree with your assessment that she is a Lakewood Woman, but shame on you for legitimizing antisemitism by stating that we “create” it!

  4. My heart goes out to this young Lady and her family, she had twin children at the young age of 19 and obviously couldn’t cope. We also don’t know the exact circumstances, such as perhaps she had no help or money to deal with what was going on.
    nevertheless it is a tragedy, and a poor innocent child was killed. the mother will have to live with the guilt the rest of her life, and I hope she gets psychological therapy so that when she gets out of jail she could be a good mother to the other child. (if she has custody)

  5. How is she supposed to take care of her other twin if she is in prison? The baby needs his mother. Maybe she needs counseling and help, but, not jail. I don’t blame her. It is very hard to cope with one crying baby, let alone two. She should not have shaken the baby, but, you don’t know her frame of mind when she did it. She probably was desperate. I am not trying to whitewash her actions, but, I am sure she is grieving enough;what will prison help? I am sure she’ll never shake a baby again.

  6. To all those who visit TLS that are not from the jewish community.


    But please understand that this website has mainly jewish interest stories and is catering to that group. So when it says “lakewood women” it implies an orthodox woman.

  7. Sorry to say, we do need to take some responsibility for anti-Semitism. Yes it hurts but stupid mindless comments (like #2) coming from “unzerah” is “a” source (not the only but a source) of anti-Semitism. Rabbosai, understand that you are posting in a PUBLIC forum, think before you speak/type and ask yourself how other will “perceive” your comments. You are not in the BMG coffee room or at the Sheitel Macher, you are on the World Wide Web and as such you need to moderate your comments. If you are too immature to be on the net, get off!

  8. Antisemitism has been with us long before TLS and public blogging. Search Google for “Mark Twain Concerning the Jews”. It is a fascinating read.

    On another note, when someone from a group says something it is wrong to stereotype a whole group; which is what you intend to do. That means if a white person says “I hate blacks” that doesn’t infer that ALL white people hate blacks. It DOES mean, that individual hates blacks.

    When people say that we cause antisemitism, they are wrong. It only brings out the latent hatred that is buried (sometimes not so buried) within that person.

    We need to behave and be a constant Kiddush Hashem.

  9. to #10 you are so wrong! how about the rest of the residents that have lived in this town long before most of those who now live here?? Iv’e been here 40 yrs way before most who post here
    if you know what assume means you wouldn’ assume anything!!!

  10. i have 2 comments:

    1- Post Pardum Depression,its something hard to control and it makes it hard to deal with your everyday life,and your baby. seek help,frum or not-we are all Susceptible to it.

    we live here. we do not own it. gosh!

  11. The Lakewood Woman comment was SPECIFIC for TLS. TLS is an Orthodox-Jewish website that focuses on Lakewood issues.

    Stop with your chest-pounding on how long you lived here, it makes no difference. The original poster was only referencing the TLS headline, not the concept that a woman living in Lakewood is called a “Lakewood Woman”.

    Stop trying to look for reasons to get insulted.

  12. From the advertisers and stories here, it seems that this site has an emphasis on Lakewood Jewish news – and I see nothing wrong with that. Any individual is entitled to make a blog that focuses on his/her interests, be it a hobby or a community s/he belongs to. It doesn’t imply their being racist, nor are the readers racist for assuming the story might be concerning a Jew.

  13. “The Lakewood Woman comment was SPECIFIC for TLS. TLS is an Orthodox-Jewish website that focuses on Lakewood issues.”

    That’s exactly it: it’s called the Lakewood Scoop, not the Orthodox-Jewish Lakewood Scoop. These are Lakewood issues, which is why the women is identified as being from Lakewood- not an Orthodox Jewish woman from Lakewood.

  14. To #16: You’re statement about my implied defensiveness doesn’t negate the logic of my comments, they only weaken the validity of yours since you are avoiding my comments by attempting to ridicule me.

    To #18: Regardless on what it’s called; it is an Orthodox Jewish website that focuses on Lakewood issues. “Foxnews” does not focus on news related to foxes. “ABC News” does not focus on news related to the ABC’s (yes, I know it stands for American Broadcast Company). The list goes on.

  15. The scoop does report on Orthodox-Jewish news ALSO but it has something for EVERY lakewood resident. This sit is not just for Jewish people. Why do you think they posted this story in the first place. Or what about the captain retiring or last week the other cop. This web site has a little of everything and it is called the Lakewood scoop not Orthodox-Jewish scoop!

  16. Some people prefer to only visit the Jewish news sites, especially the ones that target a specific area the reader may be living in. It’s up to the website’s editor to decide what is or isn’t newsworthy.

  17. I agree, my whole point was to give context to what #2 was talking about regarding “Lakewood Woman.” Some people got insulted. Whatever….

  18. I agree w/#20.

    #19, I’m not going to even dignify the comparison to Fox news reporting on only foxes. My point is that TLS may be run by a certain group, but they report on everything related to Lakewood. I do not assume when I read a headline “Lakewood Woman” to mean only an Orthodox Jewish woman, because it’s not stated that she is. In fact, I AM a woman who lives in Lakewood and is not an Orthodox Jew.
    I don’t mean this negatively, but maybe the person who thought it implied the woman was from the Jewish community because they themselves are- I think that’s common for anyone to do. If I was from Toms River and I read a headline about another person from Toms River, I might assume that person was like me. I think that’s just human nature.

    If TLS was only meant for a certain segment of the population, wouldn’t they only report stories about ONLY that population?

  19. #25
    you are right on target! if I thought this was strickly for orthodox jews I woudn’t even post anything here its about Lakewood and the makeup of this town is more than the orthodox

  20. TLS can report on whatever they’d like, but my point was to give context to what the “Lakewood Woman” comment was referring to. It doesn’t mean that all women in Lakewood are Orthodox Jews, she was just assuming that headline on the TLS would mean it’s an Orthodox Jewish Woman. That’s all.

  21. i have no pity for her i’ve been a mom since i was 15y im now 33 with two kids my girls never gave me sleep so does that mean i should’ve tried to kill my baby the lord all mighty is the one she has to face in the end god bless that lost soul.

  22. Unfortunately, there are problems of abuse and neglect in every community including the frum community. Problems don’t differentiate between communities and pathology doesn’t either.

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