Young Girl Says Man Attempted to Grab Her

west gate tlsA young girl says a man attempted to grab her today, neighbors and police say. The girl, 9, reportedly told police she was walking home from a friend’s house in Westgate when a man in a vehicle followed her, and then got out of and tried grabbing her by the arm.

The girl says she fled from the man and ran home. The man then got back into his vehicle and drove off.

The suspect is described as a white male, clean shaven and driving a white van.

Neighbors tell TLS a white van – possibly with the word ‘Avis’ written on it – was seen yesterday, Shabbos, driving around the area.

“We don’t usually have cars driving through the neighborhood on Shabbos, so when I was told there was a van driving around, I went outside to look for it, but it was gone,” a neighbor tells TLS.

Anyone with information should contact police, and LCSW. [TLS-CCP/TLS-MK]

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  1. If a “suspicious” white van was seen driving around Shabbos, someone should have called the POLICE. That was the Psak of ALL THE RABBONIM of Lakewood.

  2. Sadly, Lakewood is developing a reputation for being an easy target for child abductors. It is common knowledge that children as young as 2 wander the streets of developments completely unsupervised. It is just sheer luck that we have not experienced an incident similar to the horrible kletzky incident in NY a few years ago.

    To all parents – We do not live in a gated community. I implore you to watch your children as well as you would watch a stack of $100 bills.

  3. The psak was not to call every single time you see a weird car, it was to call if there was an attempted luring/kidnapping. In this case there was no attempt on shabbos.

  4. Anyone who reads the news knows this has been going on forever. There have been abductions and attempted abductions all over the USA for a hundred years. Just open any IRS form and you will see hundreds of missing children.

    What change is that the Internet has made us all more aware of this. And as more people in Lakewood discover the Internet, more people will become aware.

    And greater awareness equals greater prevention.

  5. There were rented vans driving around WestGate on Shabbos and Friday but I saw some of them with a FedEx magnet or sticker attached on the driver side door (probably because of the additional holiday packages they are delivering at this time of year). Make sure you are not confusing with them.

  6. The p’sak wasn’t if you SEE a suspicious van; if chas vashalom a luring attempt takes place THEN call the police immediately. As reported here on TLS.

  7. the van driving through West Gate on shabbas was a Avis truck with Fed Ex logo on it. Also the article says that cars don’t go into West Gate on shabbas is wrong. I live right outside the development and see many cars and trucks going in on Shabbas.

  8. No Reb Rambo, read the psak. Ask any Rov you want , I guarantee you that they would tell you to call on Shabbos if you SEE a suspicious vehivle or a person acting suspiciuosly. If you wait until an “attempted” luring you might be too late R”L. Your waiting is Chiliul Shabbos not your calling.

  9. At the end of the day, the parents are resposible for seeing that their children are safe and supervised at all times. I would never have allowed my children to roam around on their own when t hey were young and I have also seen children as young as 2 yrs old walking the streets of westgate and children a little older than that looking after siblings.

  10. Don’t be a chosid shoita. You don’t need a psak to tell you what constitutes danger. Use your brains and call the police if there’s a slightest doubt that danger exists.

  11. Did anyone consider maybe the fedex guy driving the Avis van tried to grab the girl??
    Also i wonder why so many incidents in the westgate area?
    and miss informed your dead wrong. No such psak exists. If we leave it up to each individual to decide whats called suspicious you’ll have a million calls on shabbos. You have to see an attempted abduction and try not to overreact.

  12. Leon were talking about shabbos! Heilige shabbos!! 6 days a week you can call day & night a million times. On shabbos we have to use more discretion. A lot of situations people consider suspicious & really nothing to get alarmed about.

  13. Ploiderer
    Don’t be an am ha’aretz either. Be careful before you advocate chillul shabbos. All you need is 1 person to call on shabbos when they shouldn’t have because of your comment and its all on your shoulders!

  14. To : ANON on 2013-12-22 at 7:10 pm
    I’m dead wrong ???? Look at your post and tell me who’s wrong .
    I pray for the safety of your children. You definetly disn’t learn enough Halochos. Are you waiting for an “attempted” abduction that might be succesful R”L. And then you”ll call ??
    This is exactly why we are targeted.

  15. Miss informed
    Common sense is in order. Is a car driving through a development on shabbos suspicious?? Would you call for that? Like it was implied in some of these comments? If your answer is yes then that’s why your wrong. There are plenty of innocent situations where a car would drive through a development on shabbos. If you’d call for that you’d be mechalel shabbos. That’s why you can’t say just call because your “uncomfortable” about a given situation.

  16. Like it has been said here in the past…when there is a real Chaptzem and the guy barely escapes with his life, people will start thinking twice about committing crimes in our areas. The same applies to burglaries too. It is waaaay out of hand. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing these thugs understand.

  17. How do you call the police for a suspicious vehicle?I live in Westgate and yes cars do drive there on Shabbos. Why would call I think of calling the police because I saw some one driving a Avis van?

  18. Why wasn’t my comment shared? All that was said was,during this time of the year Fed Ex &UPS hire part -time help for deleverys. Maybe the driver was asking for directions.

  19. what is there to think about? If the child said that the man tried to grab her HE WAS NOT ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS> tragedies can be prevented if people would not hesitate. The only trucks or vans that I can think of that would be driving thru a complex on Shabbos are for deliveries With their logo clearly visible on the side. ANY other vehicle should be suspicious.

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