Yeshivah Student Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Dog

Yungerman bitten by dogVIDEO: A Yeshivah student was hospitalized this afternoon after being bitten by a dog. The Yungerman was reportedly walking home from Yeshivah when a dog living on his block suddendly attacked him, biting him in his leg, an official said.

Hatzolah, Police and Animal Control responded to the scene.

The Yungerman was transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center with a serious leg injury.

The animal was captured by Animal Control and is being taken to a shelter. TLS-00/TLS-CCP.

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  1. (Moderated) I have a dog and he is very friendly but neighborhood kids taunt him and if they ever went too far (which they have come close as they where throwing things at him) he my attack them in self defense.


    …..maybe someone was bothering the dog prior to the a “attack”?

  3. @Anono Are you nuts? Judging by the video? Since when do you judge a dog by it’s looks? The dog is obviously vicious if it went and attacked someone! They should shoot the dog on the spot to make sure it doesn’t do this again!

  4. i dont really have anything against dogs but we have to remember that dogs arent humans even though they can be kind pets. dogs can get out of control sometimes.

  5. why would you shoot a dog so quickly? we should shoot the (moderated) who attack people, and have the brains to understand what they are doing.

  6. its crazy that today you find in jewish frum houses familys with pets. these dogs, animals, become part of the family. they become a sibling, a loved one. they are animals if they get out of control and unsafe kill them. the problems start when the peta lovers think that these four legged animals have rights. the problems arrise when you have people treating dogs like humans. shoot the beast!!!

    We are the ones that rent out the houses for these people, and don’t care about anyone else just at our own money,

    dear home owner;
    you don’t live next to the dog, not even that, your tenant doesn’t even know who the home owner is, there’s a management that takes care and the neighbors have to suffer because of you, you just care about yourself, you get your rent and take advantage of all the Yidden that bought on that block, because now it it’s a Yiddish block and you cash out on your deal,

    For you home owner I have to say “SHAME ON YOU” you are the Couse of the problems, not the fence not the dog caretaker, you are.

  8. How old are you exactly? We owned dogs (in Lakewood) more than 25 years ago. Our neighbors had pets as well, and these were (are) “Jewish Frum Houses.”

  9. Children who do not have pets don’t know how to treat animals. I saw kids throwing rocks at a bunny as it ran to and fro trying to get away from them. They must have been between the bunny and his home. I went out and told them to stop. They looked at me like I had two heads.

  10. A child who isn’t a baby or toddler, abuses an animal, there is something wrong with that child. They do not need to have pets to know that throwing rocks or hitting an animal is wrong. If you are talking about a 7 or 10 year old, it isn’t normal behavior, and they should be evaluated.

  11. @Brian What are you talking about? I’m not judging by a headline but by a REALITY! THE DOG CAUSED SERIOUS HARM TO S/O, WHAT DOES THAT MAKE IT IF NOT VICIOUS???

  12. They were older kids who were throwing rocks at the bunny. THere were other instances of animal abuse I sited, however the Scoop will not print them because they are not flattering to the children. How can things change if you refuse to look at the problem. You can try to hide the unpleasant behavior, but it will surface again and again.

  13. I had dogs when I was growing up. Even the most docile dog will attack if it’s provoked, mistreated, scared, feels threatened or, doesn’t like your particular human scent. None of us knows what this dog’s circumstances are. It could’ve been mistreated, left home alone, neglected or abandoned. It may have been starving or extremely thirsty. Perhaps it has a medical condition. The authorities will investigate and decide this dog’s fate. Screaming for it to be shot or put down, without knowing all the facts, is cruel. If it’s determined that the dog is vicious and a threat to everyone then it’ll be put down. I’m not defending the dog. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t rush to condemn it without knowing all the facts. Btw, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge each other either.

  14. @26, where did you get your information? If you look around there are MANY breds of dogs but the most common one and the MOST vicious is the pitbull, that dog in 9 times out of 10 will attack unprovoked because it is bred to be mean. And for your information the dog most commonly used on police forces is German Shepherds.

  15. The video broke my heart. People need to be responsible for their dogs. But dogs, or any animals, also need to be respected. Dogs usually bite when feeling threatened. There is also a difference between a dog biting and a dog attacking. My friends dog had to be put down after he bit a kid that was being taunted by some kids. Please educate your children about animals. Educate yourselves too.

  16. The dog should not be allowed loose without it’s owner watching. Apparently the dog was free to run out and the owner wasn’t even home. So I have no sympathy for his owner or the dog. If a dog is in a fenced in yard where it can’t attack, I have no problem with it. On my block there is one non Jewish family and they had a dog for years. Everyone on t he block gets along very well with this family and the dog never bothered anyone.

  17. It’s really fustrating when I post a comment that is being moderated to not (possbily insult) the Frum community. I posted #29 and it was edited to (moderated).
    Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

  18. to Proud Orthodox Jew, the only fact in the article is that the student went to the hospital. When there is evidence that it was an unprovoked, vicious attack by this dog then I agree it should be shot.

  19. @#27
    No one will ever know dog-bite stats for APBTs because they are lumped into a super-broad category of “pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs.” This basically can take almost 50% of all dogs into it due to the extremely broad definitions of what is a “pit bull.” So mutts are included as “pit bulls” just as some purebred dogs such as the APBT, AST, SBT, etc.
    And you are wrong, It is NOT 9 out of 10 are “Pitbulls” which is irrelevant anyway because the dog involved isn’t even close to any Bully Breed!

  20. Next time I post something that is moderated to not insult someone, I will file a complaint as to my rights being violated! I am not defaming anyones character.
    Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship.

  21. Part of writing comments on this web site is agreeing with their rules.If you want to write things that TLS dosent agree with, write it elsewhere.

  22. @33, you can get the stats from the board of health. All dog bites are broken up into bred catergories and 9 times out of 10 it is a pitbull that was unprovolved. I know the dog in question doesn’t come close to a pit, it looked like an older dog. There isn’t a broad definition of what a pit bull is , either it is or it isn’t, and if you look around Lakewood you would see more than half the poeple that own dogs are pits.

  23. @36 It is a public forum and I have the right to read and comment where I choose. If I make a reference to someone in the Frum community (and I’m not saying insult or belittle, just refer), then I have that right. Just as so many comments are posted referring to Goy, or even the Reform and Conservative movements, are posted, putting down those groups, and not moderated nor removed.

  24. I have had dogs all my life, have known many dogs throughout my life. This dog looks exactly like a dog I had about 15 years ago. It’s a herding dog. This type usually moves the herd, as opposed to guarding it. Dogs like this still have very strong instincts despite not working in the area for which they were bred (they will nip at the hocks of the sheep to get them going if the barking doesn’t work). Dogs are very intuitive and have excellent memories. And believe me, they can read people better than people can read people sometimes. They really can smell fear too. That’s why police dogs on the chase can follow the bad guy, they smell them. There are many reasons why this dog could have bit the young man, some of which are legitimate protective instincts of the dog because they felt threatened, or in the case of a herding dog, moving the subject. And it doesn’t take much for a dog to feel threatened, because they have their own set of doggie rules we humans need to understand. Dogs will also react to those they feel are inferior, weaker, or submissive to themselves, or the opposite, those they feel are dominant to themselves. Just based on the small footage of Kevin from Animal Control getting so close to this dog without the dog attacking him shows to me this dog was not vicious, but submissively fearful, as opposed to a fearful dog who makes a stand and is dominantly fearful. Kevin not only read the dog’s behavior correctly, but portrayed himself correctly too (dominant and non-threatening, non-fearful). However, we don’t know this dog’s history, and I could be completely wrong. ALL dogs have the potential to be habitual biters. The main point is that the dog was free to run loose as it pleased. Whether this is the owner’s fault or not remains to be seen. Despite the best defenses, I’ve seen some Houdini dogs in my day. Judgement needs to be withheld until all the facts are in. Just sayin’

  25. I completely agree with Anonymous (#31 & 35 & 38) regarding the abusive nature of the moderators deleting harmless comments left by readers on this site. If they don’t personally agree with what’s written they delete the comment. This is a violation of simple human rights and freedom of expression on a public site. The moderators should be fined and instructed to behave and run the site in a fair and legal manner.

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