Yeshivah Nesivos Ohr To Be Renamed Yishrei Lev

nesivos_ohr(Letter in extended article) Yeshivah Nesivos Ohr, which was recently taken over by Reb Yisroel and Reb Osher Levovits, as first reported here this past Motzei Shabbos, will be renamed Yeshivah Yishrei Lev, TLS has learned. “There’s a new ownership and the school is looking to reach even greater heights with the new take-over” an involved parent told TLS. The transition is set to take place before Pesach. Unconfirmed reports indicate that in an effort to ease the transition process, Rabbi Landesman will remain principal of the school of 220 children until the take-over is complete.

yishrei levAttached (Click to enlarge) is the letter which was sent out to the parent-body this afternoon.

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  1. #2 –
    I seriously hope not. I certainly hope that these people are a bit more mature than that. They’re not opening a new store or a new business & looking for a catchy slogan, they are taking over a yeshiva.

  2. Actually, In an effort to continue on what rabbi storch started, they took the “OHR” from Nesivos Ohr, and will continue wih “YISHREI LEV” as in “OHR” zaruah latzadik, ul”YISHREI LEV” simcha!
    It would be nice to be דן לכף זכות.

  3. I just spoke to Rabbi Levovitz and indeed he confirmed what comment #4 wrote, that the name was chosen based on that Posuk in an effort to hold on to the positive of the past “OHR” and propel the future to even greater heights with the conclusion of the Posuk “YISHREI LEV” Simcha. He also said that a lot of “LEV”, heart, was necessary to iy”H be matzliach with the new Yeshiva.

    Wishing them much Hatzlacha!

  4. Just look at the letter and you will see that they are trying to pick up where Nesivos OHR left off, and take the Yeshiva in a positive direction as YISHREI LEV.

    why must everyone always be so immature and negative?

  5. The Yeshiva where R’ Osher Levovitz was a Menahel in previously is called Lev Torah. And as someone who knows R’ Osher I can testify that he is Kulo Lev- full of heart! This is the best thing that could have happened to this Yeshiva!

    It needed leadership, and now it has it!

    Let’s keep the Sitra Achra out of this and let’s wish them Hatzlacha!

  6. I happen to think its a great name.

    Better than all the typical names, Toras this, Bais that, Zichron someone or something. It’s unique. Good choice!

  7. I was in the Yeshiva yesterday, and Baruch Hashem the kids look happy, the Rebbeim seem happy, the building is being cleaned up and fixed……it’s a new day in the Yeshiva, and as a parent I cannot be happier.

  8. Do you know why Mashiach isn’t here yet?

    One reason, i think, is because whenever something happens in the community, there are always those negative people that jump tomake light of it or otherwise say something negative.

    The day we lose our negativity is the day we will have broght Mashiach a giant step closer to arriving.

    Kol Hakavod to the Levovitz brothers for stepping up to the plate- where nobody else was courageous enough to do it- and saving this Yeshiva.

    May Hashem bentch Yeshiva Yishrei Lev with extraordinary Hatzlacha and Seeyata Dishmaya to succeed!

  9. What a great name for a Yeshiva. Not your typical name but I am sure a lot of thought went into it. דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה – By instilling a לב ישר in the תלמידים they will be זוכה to teach them תורה.

  10. #3: I dont see anything immature about it even if they did do it for that reason. It’s a nice name, and if it happens to incorporate their names, so what?!

  11. To #16. If you are a parent in the Yeshiva, you would have received the letter in the mail. If you are not a Parent in the Yeshiva, what does it have to do with you? Don’t be such a yenta!

  12. #18; If you have to know, I am not YET a parent in the Yeshiva so I did not receive the letter, but I would like for my son to go there next year under the new leadership….

  13. “Both Rabbi Landesman and Rabbi Storch are remaining through the end of the year.”

    Not true. Rabbi Storch already left and Rabbi landesman is leaving within a week.

  14. There are obviously yishrei lev people on here. Yet I was told they are requesting a new internet ishur. And a new interview with assurances for no video watching etc. Is it yoshor to teach your child to lie in order to stay in yeshiva? You guys are on here too.

  15. alice….get your head out of the sand.

    if you are going to have a home where internet is freely available without an ishur and without a filter, hollywood produced videos are watced, Tznius is disregarded and rabbanim are talked down to and about…….you will not get into a yeshiva that has values against all that.

    the stupid comments of “but you guys are on here too…” are immature and stupid. Obviously, most people today (myself included) have internet in their offices for business and thus can be on the scoop as well. However, we dont bring it home.

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