Yeshivah Nesivos Ohr Under New Ownership

nesivos_ohrYeshivah Nesivas Ohr, on Oberlin Avenue has new owners and a new Principal, TLS learned. Rabbi Storch, who opened the school approximately 10 years ago, has left, for reasons not made public. The school has been taken over by brothers, R’ Osher and R’ Yisroel Levovitz as of this past week. No additional information of the take-over is available at this time.

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  1. I hear from reliable sources that the Yeshiva will have a new name and a new direction. Rabbi Osher Levovitz has a reputation as a great principal and he will definitely be a success in this new post. I look forward to applying my son next year to this “new” school.

    Their current Rabbeim are a class A team, possibly the best in Lakewood.

    Scoop, keep us posted of the new developments of this restructuring.

  2. wow. This is major news!

    Yisroel “H” Levovitz is the perfect guy for this. He led Bonei Olam for many years and made it into the success that it is, and he will surely do the same for this new Yeshiva.

    Kol HaKovod!

  3. Rabbi storch and his rebitsin. Should open a girls high school they both have many years of experience any true hashkofas from the alter heim

  4. As a parent, I have to say that, yes, the rabbeyim are as good as they get. They are a great team and my boys love their Rabbeyim year after year.
    I’m just a bit nervous, I don’t know anything about the Levovitz’s.
    How will the new administration affect the style of chinuch in the Yeshiva. Will my boys still be happy there? Will the Rabbeyim continue to be happy?
    Please, anybody with information, please come forward.

  5. R’ Osher is the best thing that can happen to the Lakewood mosdos. He is a treemendous bal middos and mechanech. He is a living example of what you want your son to be like.
    Wishing him much hatzlocha.
    (you think I’ll get my son in now – I will be applying in 2 years)

  6. As a parent in Nesivos Ohr, I am really happy that Levovitzs are taking over. Rabbi Levovitz sent out a letter to the entire parent body last week informing us of the news.
    The Rabbeim are fantastic and my children are doing very well there and are very happy!
    May the Levovitzs have much Hatzlacha!

  7. I think this is great for the school. Osher will be the Menhael and Yisroel who has tremendous experience in running Bonei olam will be the administrator. Getting into the school will not be easy with him in charge.

  8. I wish the Levovitz brothers much Hatzlocha I hope they keep the school as is with the same mehalach and hashkafos as rabbi Storch put into it. there is a need for such a school in town.
    to turn it into another hard to get into school will be a disservice to lakewood.

  9. “I hope they keep the school as is with the same mehalach and hashkafos as rabbi Storch put into it.”

    Why would they do that? There is obviously a need for a change of direction, otherwise this change wouldnt be taking place.

  10. Wishing the new hanhala hatzlacha rabba. But the leaving of rabbi storch just proves that our kehilla is not ready to have a school that accepts boys according to their needs, and the schools feeling they can turn the child into a ben torah. Not whether the father wears a blue shirt, or the mother wears boots. No other school here was that way. And now none will be. This just proves until attitudes change we will never be able to support a school that accepts children with the desire to teach them, and not for the fear of the school image to a bunch of ploitering people with such low self esteem they need to feel better than the next person.

  11. I totally agree with #19. That is the sad fact in Lakewood. You are not a worthy school unless you reject people. That’s why Bais Yaakov Elementary didn’t thrive either. And that’s why the other schools have STILL not opened to their doors to the 65+ girls who are STILL without school for over 3 weeks now! Now that’s normal right?!

  12. the same is true with the girls schools! Why cant people be accepted for what they are unless they are not tziniusdik but aside from that why cant their kid have a chance to grow up and become better than their parents. I have a friend who grew up in a very modern home out of town and is today a real Ben Torah! I think we should make a collection for a reward to the first school to accept any kid from BY, and then others will follow!

  13. I have two sons in two different Yeshivos. YNO has an academic curriculum that for exceeds the other Yeshiva, both in Limudei Chol and Kodesh. I hope this move does not affect R’Landesman who is a master Menahel and governs with love. I truly hope R’ Levovitz keeps the same spirit of R’ Storch to “love and care for every Yid, no matter how they measure up to your levels”. Hkb”h should grant them hatzlocha, the wisdom and courage not to be intimidated by the naysayers that run amock in this town.

  14. well People in Lakewood want the best of all worlds . They want a system that guarantees them a school . They also do not want to be taxed for that or be required to pay for funding . 80% of the parents can not or will not pay a tuition amount that equals the cost of educating their children . They want to be able to choose the school and feel entitled to get into a particular school even if that school is full and there are other schools with more room . This is a great recipe for a functioning school system

  15. the system will not change until people are willing to go to any school in town. The fact that most people want to go to 2 or 3 schools which are full also is part of the problem. Imagine in the public school system if everybody would have the right to choose their school district. You would have a situation where the 2 or 3 best districts would have 80 percent of NJ kids and places like Lakewood would have empty schools.

  16. They wanted to keep Rabbi Landesman on, but for personal reasons he won’t stay on. He was planning to quit anyhow, even before this new ownership thing.

  17. People do not realize that this is a large part of our problem . Everybody screams that every child is entitled to get in to a school . But if every parent would be required to publicly state in writing that they are willing to go to ANY one of the schools without fighting and screaming then most of the problems would be solved . Of course you can still apply and hope to get in to your first or second choices . But if you want a system of public education where everybody has a school you shpuld also be required to apply to every single school and be willing to go anywhere you are accepted .

  18. As a parent I am thrilled at this news and look forward to keeping my kids in so they can continue to take advantage of the great Rabbeim under the new Ruach that is coming into the Yeshiva.

  19. Reb Osher is a real professional and very organized. I am confident that the Yeshiva will now go to the next level. Rabbi Levovitz has warmth but can be firm as well. This is the type of dscipline that we need. Hatzlocha.

  20. As a Parent of YNO I have to stay a few things, First to #26 you are out of your mind he had no intention of quitting let alone leave, in fact the rebbeim where going to leave if Rabbi Landsman was going to leave. So before you make any comments like this get your facts straight.

    2nd I must say the first mistake the Levovits brothers did is let Rabbi Landsman leave, HUGE HUGE Mistake. I don’t care how good Rabbi Levovits is he does not come close to the 40 + years that Rabbi Landsman has.

  21. You do not have your facts straight. Rabbi Landesman handed in his resignation a few weeks ago for many reasons. Rabbi storch convinced him to stay as something was already in the works. Rabbi levovitz asked him to stay on, but he declined for personal reasons.

  22. Since rabbi landesman is leaving and the rebbeim are staying, must be that the rebbeim are happy with the new situation. I wish them all much success.

  23. A new administration in politics or business or a yeshiva,
    needs to have a new start. It does not reflect on the job performance
    of the dedicated menahel and others.
    I do hope that Rabbi H. is continuing as English principal.
    He puts all his koichos into the program and he does a great job.

  24. Seems that a lot of the yno hanhala and parent body are connected to the internet.its about time we had a school for the age of technology.

  25. I am sure if it was any other Yeshiva in Lakewood there would be many more comments. YNO obviously has very few parents on the internet.

  26. lets hear everybody cheer how happy we are and where. and all the complaining that you did for the past ??? years , didnt happen.

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