Residents Say They Were Wrongfully Issued Summonses For Trash/Recycling Mix-Up

al burdge dpw director[VIDEO MESSAGE] The  Director of Public Works, Al Burdge has reached out to TLS after residents complained to the Township Committee regarding summonses they wrongfully received. Burdge says, residents have complained to Committeeman Ray Coles after they received a summons for misplaced trash in their recycling bins, which they claim were wrongfully placed by a third party.

The DPW therefore has requested that TLS post the following notice:

“Every residence in Lakewood is issued a trash and recycle can that has a serial number on it. This number aids us in identifying which can belongs to which residence in case the can needs to be repaired or replaced. It is important that every resident retain and properly maintain the cans that are assigned to them. The cans should be placed in front of your residence two or four feet away from any other object (including another can). We understand that in some cases you may have to place the cans in another area. We ask that if that is the case, that you write your address (in black magic marker) on the front of the can. This will aid you and the township of Lakewood public works in properly identifying which can belongs to you.”

“We all have to be vigilant about what we put in the recycling cans”, Committeeman Ray Coles tells TLS. “In large developments, it may be difficult to always use the correct can, but we can be sure to only put appropriate items in the recycling can”. “In the long run, it will save the township money, it is better for the environment and we are setting the right example for our children”. TLS.

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  1. I have seen several times that while the bin is at the curb on trash pickup day, passers by just drop in their trash without any regards to recycling etc.

  2. somebody is missing the point. When you put out a can for pickup, anyone can walk by & throw anything in. There is no way to guard against that.

  3. If each can has to be placed two feet from another object, including other cans, where on Earth are we supposed to park on pick up day? Also, are we supposed to sit up the whole night guarding our cans to ensure that passersby don’t put their trash in them? Really! Who comes up with these rules?
    BTW, are they going to start issuing summonses for broken glass and other stuff that falls out of the cans and is left behind by the automated garbage trucks? Perhaps we can start the Lakewood Civilian Garbage Watch to patrol the streets to prevent miscreants from throwing objects into the wrong cans. ( This was not a diss to the LCSW.)

  4. To for where to put your car??..How about trying that thing they call a driveway. And if you are havinga problem with people putting trash in your bin, place it out in the morning instead of at night. It’s not rocket just takes a little bit of common sense.

  5. Hey #5
    Great idea to get rid of the cans……Lets just pile our trash in the street and maybe they could run the snow plows down the street to gather the trash.

  6. I think all trash should be recycled as an alternative fuel source, that will really be good for the environment and the economy. They should develop a car that runs on raw garbage, that will eliminate the need for garbage bins and trash pick up altogether. If you don’t generate enough garbage to run your car, maybe you can make a deal with someone who doesn’t have a car. If you have too much garbage, maybe the township can buy it off you to run their vehicles etc.

  7. I was recently thinking about a related issue; the government is legendary in its ability to waste money and I bet that recycling wastes amazing amounts of money. First of all I do not buy the hype that anything is really gained- I never bought global warming and recycling is quite likely an awesomely expensive cure to a non problem. many government jobs are about getting paid to sit in a fancy office and do nothing or to harass decent citizens; recycling might be an entire industry within the government which does exactly that.

    Then entire premise and detailed analysis of equipment, manpower, costs and expected results should be studied with a fine tooth comb and I bet the result would reveal staggering waste and harassment for absolutely nothing.

  8. the problem with putting it out in the am is the trucks come to SOME at 7am. people are still sleeping.and dont want to be woken up by rolling bins. maybe we should get locks on the bins to keep others from throwing their junk in. second thought the driver wont be able to empty them in that case. mmm let me think about that one.

  9. To # 7- Anonymous:
    Did you ever consider that perhaps not everyone has a driveway? Instead of assuming everyone has what you have and be condescending, look around town a bit and notice the many homes that do not have driveways. As for your next comment about putting it out in the morning, first of all, in some areas the trucks come around quite early and if they wait until morning they may miss the pickup. I opt instead to take it out late at night. Other times the cans are not picked up until late morning or even afternoon. How would your idea of putting it out in the morning prevent passers by from throwing in trash during all that time it sits out?

  10. To #12 Metzpah..I’m not assuming anything. Every house..condo..or apt bldg has a driveway or a parking spot. So don’t give me your holier than tho condescending attitude.

  11. i wouldnt mind if other people put their soda cans-candy wrappers-take-out wrappers in my garbage cans—-it’s when they throw it on my lawn and have a good laugh while doing it –that i object to—–what should i do—get in a fist fight–or call the police?—-it’s annoying, but what recourse do i have?—i go out –and throw it away

  12. this is a non issue ,just put the garbage in the garbage and the recycling in the recycling now how hard is that . if you can’t figure that out I dont know how you ever graduated from high school

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