Homeless Woman Struck And Killed On Cedarbridge Ave

PHOTOS & VIDEO: A woman crossing Cedarbridge Avenue this morning was struck and killed, police tell TLS. At about 5:06 AM this morning, a 54 year old woman was crossing over Cedarbridge Avenue near Cedarbridge Plaza, when she was struck by a vehicle.

Police and EMS responded to the scene and found the woman with a serious head injury from hitting the windshield.

The victim – who officials say was homeless and trying to find residency in Tent City – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lakewood’s Traffic and Safety units are investigating the incident, along with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office.

The road remained closed for several hours for the investigation. TLS-CCP.


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  1. They will probably faster install a light next to tent city so the respected prominent residents there can cross cedarbridge than puting a light on Martin Luther and Pine so people can safely turn their cars in either direction!!!!


  2. This is the THIRD fatality in the past few years from tent city. Two others got burned to death in the winter from their propane tanks. This is a very unsafe and dangerous environment. There is a reason for safety laws and these people violate these laws and we see the terrible outcome time and time again…….

  3. time for the reverand to pack up his circus and move to toms river!!! get him out of here so that more people shouldnt get killed, burned maimed and raped at his tent city!!

  4. This may the 3rd death of residents of tent city, but there are a lot more deaths in Lakewood from car accidents or murders that do not involve tent city residents. Don’t make this about something it’s not! People hate tent city so much, you can’t open your eyes and look past their homelessness and see that they were once like you, all of you haters need to realize you are more than likely only one pay check away from a tent yourself, it can happen to anyone. Dont judge unles you judge yourself first.

  5. Close it down now!

    There has been one issue after another with Tent City. Now is the time to force the residents to seek shelter elsewhere, or accept shelter in a facility that is designated for that purpose.

    If this means going back to court, then so be it. The homeless are not able to make decisions for themselves, because of many social, economic, or mental health reasons.

    It is humane to end this now.

  6. This is no joke those poor homeless people are not mentally stable and they are literaly getting killed out! It is so sad. We need not to cave into pressure and get them somewhere safe where they won’t get killed all the time. This is so sad and insane!

  7. Hey #1 sad to see you you say things that you have no idea what you are talking about. There is a light at tent city, tent city entrance is at Clover street. Are you implying that the residents of tent city are not allowed to walk down the street? How about the driver was the driver doing all that could be done to drive safely? Lets let the police do their jobs and get back to us on what happened. Then we can make plans to correct things.

  8. I believe that it is the PEDESTRIAN- regardless of their income or housing situation- who has the right of way when it come to the “battle” on the road. We in NJ (and other parts of the Northeast) seem to forget this part of the law!

  9. If there was a light, why didn’t they cross at the light? It was at 5 in the morning – not exactly the best lighting, you know what I’m saying?

  10. How discriminating you all can be. What a shame!! These kind of accidents and even worse happen here everyday. We average at least 2 flipped cars a week in the=is town, by people not obeying the law. But that’s ok. We can’t say….GET RID OF THEM. STOP DISCRIMINATING on others that are not like you!!!

  11. the entrance and exit to tent city is at a busy intersection of clover and cederbridge, there is no traffic light controling their “road”. No normal planning board would allow even a private driveway in such a location. It is very very dangerous. These homeless are a threat to themselves and the taxpaying residents. GET THEM OUT

  12. You are all looking it as someone from tent city so who cares what happened. She had friends and family just like you. In this ecomomy we could all end up there easily. We should be thinking of her friends and family now and our first responders that were there. I am sure it is not an easy day for them either. Like your mother should have told you I will. If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.

  13. Pedestrians do have the right of way in NJ and other states, but that doesn’t mean they can cross the street without looking both ways and making sure it’s safe before they cross. Many pedestrians waltz across the street without looking, cross against the light, cross in the middle of the block, walk out between parked cars, J-walk etc. Some even cross carelessly with their kids in tow. Pedestrians, as well as drivers, need to be more careful.

  14. Hello people this accident happen a half a mile away from tent city what lakewood dont need more light it need people with common sense.The people that want tent city gone give the homeless a room in your house they got no place to go

  15. I just wonder who this poor unfortunate citizen is. There has been no news on the persons name just all this talk that she was from tent city.

  16. Maybe when the post office closes the township can reopen it up as a shelter and move those people out of tent city for good. Sounds like a humane thing to do to me.

  17. Some of these people are victims of the economy. Are homeless not human beings? May she rest in peace, and may God provide her friends and family comfort in their time of mourning.

    We are supposed to practice what we preach. It doesn’t make sense the ignorance and arrogance of people.

    We are not here to judge, we are here to live amongst our brothers and sisters. We are to walk in his footsteps. Is that what we are really doing?

    Just because she was different does not make her less human. She bled just like you and I bleed. Have some sympathy.

    As for the driver, I can not image how she/he must feel. This person took another ones life. They must be devastated, that cannot be an easy pill to swallow.

  18. I am horrified at the lack of empathy for human life! Homelessness is not a disease!!! For every single individual that felt the need to post these comments, shame on you!

  19. have to say it. the majority of “us” (people who think they are above and beyond everyone else because we have a job, money and a roof over our heads) really need to wake up. the only reason “we” are’nt living in a tent city is one or maybe two paychecks! i know if i lost my job, or had some other event happen to me and i could’nt pay my bills, thats where i would be. dont be so quick to hate or point fingers at the less fortunate. hey, just my thoughts.

  20. I think those people that think the tent city is a bad place should open your eyes..it has been there longer than many of you have been living in lakewood..just not as publicized at it is now..Now the Township Committee wants it gone because they think its an eyesore NOW..I say just leave them alone..They keep the area clean, more than the other areas that are known as tent cities in town.

  21. Why doesn’t the trailer have lights on it 1) for at night to light up the place 2) warning lights. That trailer was blocking traffic it should have some warning

  22. All the people in Tent City were offered a home but the conditions included them to be sober and clean. So they declined the offer. Do not feel bad for them they are a product of themselves. Also The man driving the car did not see the woman crossing because she was in a poorly lit area and not at a cross walk. It is a tragedy she was killed but (moderated).

  23. This woman was not homeless she lived in town and the accident happen at Cedarbridge and Arlington which is a few blocks from the entrance to Tent City. There are too many people in this town that want to blame Tent City for things without first getting the facts or better yet ignoring the facts completely. Your time would be better spent complaiining about the number of people from the Community that get hit by cars and trying to do something about it.

  24. wow this is very sad!! people just have no heat and can be so ignorant and mean…MAY SHE REST IN PEACE AND MAY HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS GET COMFORT FROM HER PASSING!!!

  25. I believe the law says “Pedestrians in Crosswalks have the right of way” if you are jay walking acoss a busy highway you take your life into your own hands..some roads in this town are dark, Not a lot of lighting…just have to be careful when we drive

  26. The women has a name. It is Catherine LaPalce She was recently asked to leave the Dover Retirement Home because the state would no longer pay for her because her allocated time fpr state assistance was expiring and the state would not extend it. She was 56 years old. Family was not there to help her. The state would not help her and there was no homeless shelter to go to. To all of you that write such negative comments about the homelees please tell me where this women was supposed to go for help.

  27. There is no shelter in Ocean County for people to turn to. This battle has been going on for decades. Years ago, there were many news stories in the APP about the homeless people in the down town area of Toms River — the county seat! — about the people living in the woods on the Parkway easement and a camp very similar to Lakewood’s behind what was then the Grand Union off Route 37. Many, Many stories. The powers that be never responded then and they aren’t responding now. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out there are still homeless in Toms River.It’s not just a Lakewood thing, it’s an Ocean County state of mind and it’s pathetic.

  28. I don’t understand why there is no homeless shelter like most other major residential towns and cities in this great country. If everyone hates ‘tent city’ so much, so create a healthy alternative! Our elected leaders better be reading this – you can get your finger on the pulse of Lakewood right here. I vote a proper homeless shelter.

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