Woman In Voice Mail To S.S.S.S: Raffling Off Ipod Is Absolute Shame

ssss anniversary outAUDIO: A woman extremely unhappy with the South Side Sandwich Shop’s Ipod Touch raffle, voiced her frustration in a voice mail message at the store. “With all the exposure, and technology, and…you have Yeshivas all around you and you’re encouraging boys to come in and that’s what you offer them, I think it’s an absolute shame”, the woman said in her message, obtained by TLS. “I truly hope you retract this offer. If you don’t, I intend to make a big deal about it”, she said.

ssss cakeThe Shop is offering specials all week long in honor of their 1st Anniversary. Customers who purchase sandwiches are entitled to a ticket into their raffle to win a free Ipod Touch.

The raffle will be taking place this Thursday evening and announced at the weekly S.S.S.S. Shiur.

Please note: The voice in the audio has been distorted so as not to disclose the caller. The name of the caller has been removed as well.

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  1. She is 100% right . There are many things they can raffle off ,does it have to be something that our youth should not own??? Its a CHARPA and a BUSHA .

  2. Stop looking at everything negative he’s a great guy honest and he’s got the best food look
    At it positive and maybe the winner will put on reb a.miller

  3. Stop all these silly things and start focusing on more important things. If u don’t wanna be included in the raffle then either don’t shop there or request not to be included in the raffle!! Get a life!!






  5. All rabbi millers shiurim are preloaded on ipods . Im assuming this women used a telephone to call into the ssss . How could she ? How could she use such technology as a phone, to call . Doesnt she know how dangerous a telephone can be for kids and also adults . She should be ashamed of herself.

  6. 1) Its her children and others with parents like this that are the ones who go off the derech 2) my Rov has an ipod and its loaded with shas so he can listen to it in the car, so mrs. directionless, clueless, dangerous, you are exactly the problem we need look no further your voice mail can be given to all local schools and parenting teachers to show what the problem is and how not to be. thank you mrs. voice mail for your service to our community

  7. People dont realize that the ipod touch has internet and can access anything. I personally know a boy who got one and bcame a different person.

  8. The problem is that the iPod Touch is wifi enabled. Do you want your kids connecting to the internet anytime, anywhere, without supervision?

    There are plenty of other model iPods and MP3 players that do not have internet capability. I don’t see anything wrong with those.

  9. The Rabbi Miller shiurim are on an iPod Classic, which is a whole different story than and iPod Touch. You have to be nuts to let an iPod Touch into your (and surely kid’s) possession. It can connect to the internet without hooking it up to a computer. It is like carrying around the internet in your pocket, whereas an iPod classic or nano, can only be connected to the internet through iTunes on a computer. Only then can you download videos or songs onto the iPod, but you still can not access regular websites like an iPod touch. That’s a huge difference. The comments show how ignorant people are about today’s technology, and the best prevention of a disaster is EDUCATION on the part of the parents. There’s no other choice. Parents MUST learn the ins and outs of todays “toys”.

  10. (Moderated)
    lady, please- live your life the way you want. teach your kids what you wish to teach- BUT STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS. if you dont want your kids having that dirty-ipod- talk to them to never to enter into the contest. for the parents that are not afraid of that horrible ipod, they can allow there kids to enter.

  11. maybe she should stop making spupid phonecalls and take care of her crying kids. i also think its the same person that called town appliances afew years ago

  12. I’m gonna have a raffle at my store for a chinese calculator im sure that lady will come running to participate!! Or maybe she will have a problem with that because the cinese are communist!

  13. the wifi can be blocked by the parents – if u dont let ur kids get things they will get it on their own and then u lost complete control

  14. I hope you realize that there are other non-orthodox people who stop in for sandwich’s and food as well as members of the orthodox community. I personally am going to win that bad boy by eating there EVERYDAY! 20 SANDWICHS!

  15. hey everyboy she has a point why conyinue bringing thimgs that can harmful to our youth!! but to u lady, think of better things to waste ur time with. like tznious etc…..

  16. I don’t know about you, but I had 3 shnitzel sandwiches yesterday and I’m gonna get their honey BBQ beef sandwich today, and I’ll probably buy 5 more sandwiches tomorrow, so with all those entries, I’ll probably win the silly thing anyways. So don’t you worry Mrs. Voicemail, your kids have no chance of winning. Great food deserves a yashar koach!

  17. She has a point. It should be a parents decision & judgement wheather their kids are allowed to have an ipod and will use it responsibly.
    Why should a kid win an ipod potentially against their parents will or knowledge. What is Daas Torah’s position on this ? I wonder….
    How would you feel if your yeshiva\bais yaakov handed out ipods to your kids without your permission ? Think about it. I have nothing against S.S.S.S. I think they are great and should be supported.

  18. Avtually, I’m shocked that SSSS and this site are publicizing her voicemail.
    Since when is mocking a mockery of someone a good thing?
    I’m more upset about this than the Ipod.

  19. I also can’t believe that they are selling delicious sandwiches to Yeshiva bochrim , they should only sell fruits and vegetables. I will be making a big deal about this.
    P.s. I hope I win.

  20. Why is it you think that only yeshiva bochurim go there. I am a frum girl who also likes good food. I think that if a bochur was raised correctly, he will use the ipod only for Torah.
    p.s. if the woman on tape needs a babysitter…

  21. Can you please disclose this woman’s name and number. It is imperative that I call her. I really believe I can help her in finding the right psychiatrist. I feel terrible for all those children in the background that have to grow up with an unstable mother. It is mothers like these who tend to have the biggest trouble with their children.

  22. Come on dudes, all kids know what it is and when I was in yeshiva there were a load of kids that hid everythin they did from their parents. I’m sure this lady would b very suprised to find out what goes on in almost every lkwd yeshiva while the rosh doesn’t know what a car is come on guys technology moves on u go with it I gotta go so ill stop here

  23. To this, oh so very holy mother; What do you mean when you say “I truly hope you retract this offer. If you don’t, I intend to make a big deal about it”. What exactly will you do?? Egg the store? Burn it?? Should this be taken as a threat and be reported to the police? Maybe bring your heilige children along to help do whatever it is you intend to do. That will surely help cement the proper attitude about technology into their minds. It is so important for their chinuch. I am not saying this man is right with what he’s raffling off. I happen to have no clue as to what the item is. I do know one thing; this attitude of “I own this town and everything that goes on in it” has got to stop!! I have the internet where I need it and always ask daas Torah when it comes to these issues….but this attitude MUST STOP already! I understand your concerns…..but I am equally concerned about idiots as yourslef. I know one too many people who live very different lives today precisely because of parents like you. I also know of many such children who were heading south and were saved ONLY because their parents were flexible and understanding with them. How’s for a ROV who not only drove his son an hour away to play pool with friends but he actually walked in and played a game with him! Yes a ROV,that is! His son told me that the fact that his father loved him and cared for him at all times kept him from drifting farther. This person is now a productive person in Klal Yisroel.

  24. I am surprised that the woman didn’t have her husband call up instead, I mean what if the machine didn’t pick up and an actual male person answered? Would she have spoken that way to a man?! I wouldn’t consider that very tznius. Well, she got her 5 min. of fame.

  25. I am not sure if the woman is my Sister-in-law or my Mother-in-Law, but she actually sounds like both of them. My only advice in dealing with them is to stuff them with sandwiches.

  26. I went to a school auction & one of the prizes was an ipad. I think that was very hypocritical. For a yeshiva to raffle something with internet capability when the yeshiva does not allow internet in their students homes is wrong!

  27. I hope i win this iPod ,so i can listen to (moderated)
    Lady, why don’t you take care of your screaming baby’s in the backround

  28. what about all those chinese auctions/ tzedakah organizations that raffle off ipods as one of their prizes…!!?? Is that no okay as well?
    Lady you really need to get a life!

  29. You can try to shield your children from the world all you want but that never works. Instill your familys values on them is the only thing you can do.

  30. I think exposing people to batter fried hot dogs is a much bigger problem.

    But seriously, Poeple who have low slf esteem, look to find ways to make themselves feel superior to others. This has been my observation over the years.

  31. Why can any person just call up and threaten that they will make a big deal about something and degrade the store or the owner? What is this? What kind of krum frumkeit is going on here? If you feel you have something intelligent to say, walk into the store and have a heart to heart civil discussion with the owner! You know, this woman may even have a good point, but I for one lost all respect for her and anything she says by the way she so arrogantly threatens to taliban the store into doing things HER way! Who exactly do you think you are anyway? There is a way to do things. THIS is not the way. And by the way, those kids in the background might benefit from an ipod or at least an mp3 while you are busy making your policing town mashgiach phone calls.

  32. Welcome to Lakewood.

    Listen, this is a free country and everyone has a right to kvetch and voice their opinions. Not everyone has o agree.

    I understand the reason this woman is upset and it’s for the protection of handing dangers to people.
    However, Mutterperl Shlita from SSSS also has every right to raffle that IPOD off like any random jew has a right to sell or raffle off cellphones.

    Ppl like to freak out and make big deals over things.
    I can give you a list of things to have canaries about.

    Sometimes you just gotta chill out though.

  33. Lousy marketing. With that being said, the screaming child in the background was a glint of an intelligent idea, and is deserving of props.

  34. Its because of “frum” mothers like her that there are so many hurt teenagers in our community these are the lady s who look down on any kid they see on the street whose is not wearing black and white,who doesn’t let her kids talk to the nieborghs children because there not frum enough for her etc sick disgusting egotistical so many like her

  35. You wrote that in jest, but i happen to agree. Where are all the angry calls from parents demanding that these eateries in town stop serving trans fat ladden, cholesterol raising, artery clogging, lifespan reducing foods? that poses a MUCH greater threat to our children than an ipod which can be monitored and controlled by the parents (assuming they are responsible parents)

  36. No one is putting a gun to your head and saying EAT THIS FOOD! You have choices in this world. You can choose to eat there or not. You can choose to enter the raffle or not. You can choose whether or not to actually use the ipod touch if won, or not. It’s time to take responsibility for our own actions. Stop blaming everyone else for your own bad choices!

  37. excuse me but who does that woman think she is. i’m a customer at SSSS and i luv everything about his store. the food, the friendliness, etc. even if you think you can do something about this raffle, do you honestly think that it’s gonna stop people from going to stores and buying the products? no. and i think this raffle is a fantastic idea. mr. mutterperl is a nice guy and if you don’t like the raffle then don’t go to his shop. period.

  38. this is nuts! this lady needs to take care of her kids and mind her own business. btw to everyone who is writing “to her” . do you really think that this lady goes on the internet? she probably has no idea what this blog is! someone should print this out for her and give it to her. than she will have another thing to complain about… “how could ppl have computers in their homes, this is a disgrace”

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