Woman Assaults Yungerman During Roadrage Incident

assault 9th madison edited_wmPHOTO: A woman may face charges after witnesses say she assaulted a Yungerman during a road rage incident. The Incident occurred a short time ago when the woman says a driver pulled out of a street in front of her vehicle, nearly causing an accident. The woman then followed the driver to the intersection of 9th Street and Madison Avenue where she got out of her vehicle and assaulted the Yungerman by smacking him in his face, according to several witnesses present.

Hatzolah and Police were called as it appeared to some bystanders as an MVA, but the victim denied treatment.

A police report was taken, but it is unknown at this time if charges are being filed against the woman. TLS-CCP

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  1. I know how that woman feels, being cut off, pulled out in front of with little time to react. And most times it being done by someone on a phone, not paying attention. It’s very hard not to react in a kind way when you’re almost killed. Giving drity looks and leaning on the horn does nothing, since they’re not paying attention anyway. Some people need a good slap to wake them up. Granted, one should not give the slap, but the people still need the slap. What is our recourse?

  2. A guy did this to me yesterday, and I was in shock, he almost caused an accident. It was on clifton and fourth, I was in the turning left lane and when the light turned green this van just pulls in front of me from the right lane. What is with some people in this town??

  3. Its a huge chillel hashem. This has happened to me many times people need to know that we arent all “bochrim” who laugh it off!!

  4. hmmm!! equal rights!!! why was she not arrested.

    or she is total insane or she is on drugs.

    To such an extreme to get physical. lucky she did not have a gun.

  5. This probably happened her her a few times, like it does to me and many others, and she just “lost it.” People not paying attention, having no regard for anyone but themselves. I’ve been run off the road in my own development.

  6. It’s not good that the woman did this but some folks can get others very upset when they pull out or make sudden lane changes forcing others to go into panic mode.

    Some folks drive around Lakewood like Kamikazi pilots-
    and at least one got smacked by an irate person.

    Let’s not go around beating on others but let’s drive with care.

    Is there any wonder why the LPD write traffic tickets?

    Be courteous out there- the life you save…may be your own.

  7. Someone driving like a lunatic in Lakewood? Say it isn’t so. I agree the woman should have been arrested. In the event she’s not charged there is always civil court if the young man can prove damages. I am surprised by some of the comments left for this story. It’s no wonder why Lakewood is divided the way it is.

  8. I cannot condone her actions, but the way some people in this town drive, i am surprised it does not happen more often… go to youtube and search for lakewood drivers you will get a taste of what driving in this town is like

  9. i live on a busy street and my friend HATES it when she’s attempting to get onto the street from a not so busy one. the sign says “do not block the intersection” and many drivers do not obey it. i even hate it when i’m crossing a street and drivers don’t always stop for me whether jewish or not. not only should they stop but it shows disrespect too. a pedestrian has the right of way when crossing a street of course being that they cross carefully. imagine when purim gets here. it’s best not to drive on that day if you don’t have to cause there will be a lot of traffic.

  10. a slap to the face, unless it causes serious bodily injury or death is basically simple assault, only arrestable in certain situations. The report was taken and if the “yungerman”, whatever that is, wants to press their own charges, that person can take that report number to the lakewood municipal building, into the court house and sign a complaint against the woman.

  11. the guy was crossing lexington and the lady was speeding and had to slow down a bit she still had enough time to slow down and turn to chase him. she drove like a maniac after him trying to cut him off but wasnt able to until he stoped at a light were she slapped him

  12. A slap is a Simple Assault, only an arrestable offense in very extreme situations; say where a Domestic where signs of injuries are present. If the victim in this case wants to press charges, they may take the report number to the court house and sign complaints against the suspect. Road rage incidents like this happen very frequently w/ more violent outcomes. Lets not make this a big deal because it has a jewish person was involved….(Thats me assuming a Yungerman is jewish)

  13. All those in favor of that woman’s rash reaction should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, I know how frustrating it is when people drive dangerously and there are many in town that do. That being said, what that woman did was wrong.
    To #11 –
    “It’s a huge chillel hashem. This has happened to me many times people need to know that we aren’t all “bochurim” who laugh it off!!”
    What is this comment about bochurim laughing it off? Why quotations? What are you trying to imply? Why do people feel the need to bash a group of people as a whole lumping them into one stereotypical description. You made your point without mentioning “. . . people need to know that we aren’t all “bochurim” who laugh it off!!”

  14. i agree with #4
    first it’s a HUGE chilul hashem how some ppl. drive here.
    cutting off is not worth the chilul hashem.
    wether the lady is jewish or not,it’s still chilul hashem.
    ppl. have no patience…..
    this place is becoming (is already) Brooklyn…..

  15. I don’t understand how a person has the guts to hit someone they don’t know.

    1) They can be be taken to court
    2) They may be hit back

    What do they gain by hitting?

    I also think its weird that a lady would hit a man (or vice versa).

  16. #1 he should have hit her back hard
    #2 If he drove reclessly he deserved it.
    #3 we should take away the licenses of the nut jobs in Lakewood that drive like vilda chayas, or better yet ship them back to brooklyn.

  17. A few days ago I almost caused a bochur serious injury by obeying the law! I stopped for a pedestrian to cross clifton at 7th street. as he began his walk I noticed behind me a vehicle coming fast to pass me on my right! I had time to blow my horn and room to roll forward to the right and block his way. He came to a screetching halt and the boy was not hit. The guy started screaming at ME and passed me closely on the left after we got under way again. HE didn’t even realize he could have killed some kid. The law needs to be repealed before someone is killed.

  18. I am a loving father who loves his children very much on the way to drop them off at school and play group i almost got into at least four to five major accidents in TEN minutes, and they would not
    my fault!

  19. it reminds us of the time a yungerman almost knocked over a lady and she told him had he killed her there would have been a asifa for dressing more modestly no that is not the problem “drive safely”

  20. for example if the guy was the one who did something wrong, the only “slap” he should get is a summons or arrested if he commited a crime. i’m only saying that IF he did it. but that’s for anybody. no one should have to put up with physical attention just because. what that woman did was commit assault.
    i mean, yes pple do get angry when another driver is not driving carefully or recklessly. but there is no excuse to take your anger out on someone by slapping them on the face. the reasonable thing to do is to calmly talk it out and discuss the situation that happened and to call the police if necessary. and pple please, try to have some manners while doing it. it looks better and comes out better when you try to handle these things in a mannerly and calm way. it is very true that we are human and we do have feelings. but we need to try to control these feelings as best as we can. i pray that all drivers should drive safely and obey all the rules of the road.

  21. Can the Scoop instead of posting stupid and / or offensive and/or devisive comments maybe publish (in the weekly magazine also) a list of Right of Way traffic laws that many of our people seem to have forgotten. These laws were passed for a reason and can and do lead to serious accidents when broken. Can I suggest that right of way needs to be chazerred by our whole community until everyone knows it by heart. Better a slap in the face to wake a person/community up to this issue than another accident

  22. He probably cut her off after she refused to let him enter. Lately I have encountered it a few times, there is traffic and the cars move very slowly, I am trying to enter a Ave however the selfish brat just moves up closely to the next vehicle in front in order to block me from entering the Ave. In such a case I usually know how to get that person fuming. AND DON”T COMPLAIN IF YOU GET CUT OFF

  23. Under NJS law hitting someone (w/o a weapon) w/ your hand is Battery. W/ a weapon (a piece of metal is considered a weapon) is assault. BEATING w/ a weapon is Aggervated assault. This case would be battery. Would go nowhere in court.

  24. Oh btw I’m really in law school- and I’m a cheder kid!!! Yup I made it somewhere w/ that education. Oh and tuition in law school is way more that yeshiva’s tuition!!

  25. I personally think this is a chilul hashem for the TLS to post this story. If TLS would not post these stories it would’nt be known to the public! TLS think again before you post your “news”.

  26. What’s a smack across the face?If the story as presented here is accurate the yugerman had no problems risking much worse injuries…He’s lucky he got off so easy.

  27. I agree that drivers in Lakewood drive crazy. In Boro Park its even worse, but have you ever been to Manhattan? The only way to drive is by cutting everyone off and running over pedestrians. Have some comparison before you talk nasty. Just to play devils advocate – who says he was even driving crazy? Maybe the lady wasn’t paying too much attention and although she had plenty of time to slow down and let him in, she didnt?

  28. I think everyone here has to realize that much a website is public and read by many not just from our machane at all!
    As such it’s important to make a Kiddush Hashem with what we write. If we write – get her – she should be arrested etc., do we sound like members of an Am Kodosh?

    If we write, what a shame – we should all be more careful and considerate with our driving. Despite the crowded streets, let’s try to be safer, what sort of an impression do we give then?

    Think about it with all posts here.

  29. People need to realize that we are in golus. Of course she wasn’t right. Of course if it was the other was around – I don’t even want to think of it… but yes, we are in golus and have no equal rights. We have to learn to go out of our way to make a kiddush hashem so that we are not forced to see that we don’t have equal rights.

  30. I’ve had it happen to me dozens of times. Someone will pull out in front of me, even if there is no car behind me. They then go 5 miles an hour and pull into the next street, just in time for me to make the red light. Frustrating, yes? Enough to assault someone? Obviously not.
    I just wanted to add, I’ve driven in many places, in many states. Whether it is a city, town or highway, there are just as many bad drivers than in Lakewood. No matter where you drive, there will always be bad drivers.

  31. I drive a lot, and must say that all highly populated cities and towns in the East Coast have there share of aggressive drivers.
    However we have a higher standard that we generally live up to, and we should apply this standard more stringently to our driving habits.
    We could be making a KIddush Hashem, and at the same time be safer.
    A gut shabbos.

  32. My comment here is; I am surprised there is not more road rage on the streets of Lakewood. She probably couldn’t take it anymore and just snapped. Good for her!!!
    Nothing else seems to wake these citizens up, but now that someone slapped a person because of his stupidity, everyone has a comment. Comment on how bad you all drive in Lakewood. Have you ever watched the driving habits of your fellow citiizens, PROBABLY NOT, since you are all breaking the law. You are so willing to point the finger at everyone else, start pointing it at yourselves. Everytime I drive in Lakewood which is everyday, is another adventure, or should I say another day I pray that I will not have an accident or one of my children are not killed by your disregard of any laws. YES, you are not above the law and start acting like the rest of society you are not bullet proof….. When a tragedy happens to one of your own, maybe you will wake up HOPEFULLY, but most likely not. Get off your phones and start paying attention and respect the other people on the roads, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE….. OMG where are you all going in such a hurry, I have never seen so much impatience ever, I know you are not going to work, so where are you going in such a hurry??? You slowing down may save a life of your own child or your neighbors chilld. And I will tell you right now, if someone does cause me to have an accident or harms one of my children on my bus entering or exiting, there will not be a new word for word rage and it will have my name all over it….. WAKE UP……

  33. Oh my, with your very open and angry bias i hope none of my children are on your bus! And by the way, I and all of my neighbors do actually go to work every morning….and drive carefully may I add. Keep safe!

  34. I think this is hysterical. We should hold a SLAPATHON, to all those crazy people out there that think they can drive. AND I want to be in charge of it……

  35. To #71, maybe I do sound angry. Because you can make the most mild mannered person ANGRY. If I do drive your children to and from school, you should be pleased, honored and feel like your children are being transported in the safest way possible. The bottom line is their safety….. And you talk about me being angry, WOW you are quite defensive in your comment about working and being a safe driver are you driving to convince the rest of us or just yourself????

  36. to #70
    whatya laughing about? this is a matter of pikuach nefesh!!!! When will people learn to drive safelty??? im mamush scared sometimes to be drive..people drive as if they own the roads…and to all the guys that think its cool to speed like maniacs…well its not.
    wake up everyone we dont need tragedys r”l…

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