Will you miss President Trump?

If yes, what will you miss about him?

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  1. Not at all. He can’t be gone a moment too soon.
    Finally we will have a politician in charge instead of an entertainer. Finally the focus will be on bettering the country instead of feeding someone’s ego. (Yes, Biden has an ego. And probably a great big one. But as a mature human being, he knows that his ego will only benefit if he helps the country. His ego and the country are not on a collision course. Unlike this guy). Finally decisions will be made based on expert opinions, not ‘the gut’. Finally we will have someone who is willing to put in the hours at work, not golf playing, TV watching, and empty headed tweeting.

    Good days are coming, starting tomorrow.

    Good riddance

    • You are 100% correct! Finally we will have a President who will put his son’s Ukrainian riches ahead of this country. Finally we will have a President who, in the past, has taken plenty of campaign cash from pro-Iranian regime lobbyists in the U.S., and who said a few weeks after 9/11, “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran.” That’s my kind of guy! I’m proud of Uncle Joe! And I can’t wait for his presidency to begin!

    • You must be raving mad and drinking the cool aid. This president’s momentous accomplishments can fill a book of 10,000 pages! I’m an older guy and I can tell you he’s the best president this country’s ever had. Golf course? He’s worked harder than anyone! He’s only being thrown out because of the sheer hate espoused by Hillary lovers. An indescribably insanity has gripped much of this once sane country. This terrible hate is even worse than in the Nixon impeachment days (and that too was a travesty). But it doesn’t matter, because Trump did more in 4 years than any president could ever do in twelve.

  2. His policy “America First”, not scared to tell other world leaders “behave-or else” cut alot of the red tape regs and baloney like global warming, created jobs and brought down unemployment which makes society much happier and productive etc….the list can go on for a long time. but Hashem took him away from us so we move on….

  3. commenter #1– you are raving mad.
    I will try to take your comment and explain why.
    1- celebrating a “politician in charge” is folly. Most of our problems are
    caused by politicians. Look at the nut jobs in congress. Not to mention the mayor and governor of the state to our immediate north.
    2- Trump has improved the country in so many ways, which the previous “politicians” you revere have not done, including border security, energy independence, lowering taxes, booming economy, bringing back jobs,
    — too many to list here.
    3- Yeah, Biden is “mature” and clearly on the decline mentally. I cannot even imagine why you think he would be a strong leader. He barely knows where he is and what day of the week it is. Also, he is a crooked individual who has been profiting off his name as Vice President. The only reason this is not common knowledge is that he has been protected by the media, who didn’t want to ruin his chances of winning. He is now beholden to other countries, like Ukraine, China and others and this will affect his ability to protect our interests.
    4- By expert opinions, do you mean like Dr. Fauci, who has contradicted himself constantly and clearly did help the Covid situation? Give me a guy with a good “gut” any day over Fauci.
    5- I dont know how you can say Trump didn’t put in hours of work?
    Given the amount he has accomplished, I dont know how he managed to fit it all in. Have you seen the energy he puts into his campaign appearances? As opposed to Biden who barely came out of his basement a couple of times to deliver a speech in an open field with no audience?

    To finish off, I would also raise a point that you did not. Already we have seen attacks on free speech in the past few days. Gun rights are next and of course religious freedom will not be far behind. Our entire country is under attack by left wing radicals so by saying you think good days are coming, you have demonstrated your lack of understanding of the dire situation we are in.

    I fear for us all.

  4. We will miss his quick, decisive actions. He has a very good heart and generous disposition. He has been a sincere friend to Israel. For that we owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. He led the country admirably during a paralyzing pandemic. No. We won’t miss his tweeting. But those tweets are not the essence of this man or his remarkable achievements.

  5. He stood up for whats good for the country, not whats good for his political future. #1, you obviously have only listened to the leftis media who wouldnt dare speak of any of his great accomplishments, but rather spend the time talking about tweets.

  6. It was refreshing to have someone who spoke like normal people, not measuring every word.
    It was nice to have a friend, not enemy of Yidden in the white house
    And I am a huge fan of the majority of his policies.
    The one thing I am happy about Biden being sworn is the dreamers given a pathway to citizenship. I personally know several dreamers, and no – they are not all rapists and thieves. There are some really nice people who are being used as pawns and are scared every time a neighbor knocks on the door – it is just not right.
    And in general, it is important for people in need to have a safe haven – yidden, remember the 1940’s where loi aleinu our parents and grandparents had no where to go?
    But iverall, I will be sorry to see him go. I sincerely wish Mr. Biden all the best, and hope his policys don’t wreck the economy and turn over the country to a socialist utopia, think Russia 1960’s.

  7. Something that has been bothering me these past few months is, if you look back four years to Trump’s initial run for presidency, all the frum publications were filled with Rabbanim and Daas Torah encouraging us to vote for him as his policies were more Torah aligned. They even sent in busloads of Bochurim to Pennsylvania (who were registered there) to increase the votes there. Where were these Rabbanim during this past election? Where were all the ads and Kol Korei’s like we saw four years ago? I’m just wondering if anyone else noticed the difference this year than four years ago. Has Corona affected our values? Have things changed since last time around?

  8. And what about Hakaras Hatov for all the good he has done for Klal Yisroel – recognizing Yerushalayim as the capitol of Eretz Yisroel to the world, pardoning Rubashkin, leaving America out of new wars, making peace agreements in the Middle East, to name a few. If Moshe Rabeinu had Hakaras Hatov to the water and sand, can we not have at least a bit of Hakaras Hatov for the even just one thing?

  9. I will definitely miss him as president. It was refreshing to have a prez who wasn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns and get things done and be out spoken and not be afraid to speak his mind.

  10. Are you kidding ??!! Greatest president we’ve EVER EVER had!! Was greatest domestic prez with jobs,economy, energy independence,etc.etc.! Greatest prez ever on world stage by confronting biggest world threats like china and north korea head on and squeezing iran like no one ever has!! Also loves yidden and eretz yisrael!! Anyone that dislikes him just doesn’t begin to get it!! I cry for all the pain and suffering inflicted on him by all those G-d despising pigs!!

  11. As an avid student of history, I can tell you that President Trumo has been more effective and has accomplished more for the betterment of mankind — both home and abroad — than any president we ever had. Period. He strived valiantly with thousands of accomplishments under his belt, doing more in a month than most ‘good’ presidents did in 8 years! We all owe him a debt of gratitude for working tirelessly on behalf of this country, especially while he’s being vilified by all the sanctimonious, diabolical haters, whose cold and venomous souls know neither victory nor defeat. SO LONG MR. PRESIDENT! WE WILL MISS YOU GREATLY AND I HOPE YOU RUN AGAIN IN 2014 — IF THERE’S STILL COUNTRY LEFT BY THEN

  12. [email protected]
    He truly wants the opportunity and prosperity that he has for every other American. He owed no political favours to anyone, and because he didn’t toe the Washington line he was vilified and slandered beyond anything ever said about all the crooks and evil liberal/communists rejoicing in Washington right now. A sad, sad day for America. But Hashem has his plan…

  13. Will miss his honesty. His way of seeing the truth without poltical glasses.
    He did what he felt was the correct thing to do, even if it may not have been popular.
    חסיד עומות העולם.

  14. I felt like there was something almost “heimish” about him perhaps his typical NY style accent which we tend to associate with heimishe people or a certain persona he exuded which made him feel like a “landsman”. On the other hand, he also accomplished so much that was the right thing to do despite what everyone said about him. He was fearless and confident enough to do the right thing- maybe if there’s something to take away from his presidency that we can apply to our own lives it is that- do the right thing even if societal norms pressure you to be a certain way. He was strong in his beliefs and refused to waver. He didn’t feel he needed to apologize to anyone if he had done what was right. In other words don’t be afraid to keep your family’s mesorah and minhagim, don’t be afraid to do what is right like living within your means even when there is pressure to do otherwise.

  15. What an amazing president always stood up for what is right always stood up for israel and the jewish people cut all the red tape for business we will definitely miss him

  16. I will miss President Trump greatly.
    #1 – under 3% unemployment under his term.
    #2 – no threats from N. Korea on Nukes
    #3 – no more ISIS.
    And much, much more.

    He was a terrific, fabulous president. That doesn’t mean I would want him as my Mechutan, but he was a superb president.
    Those who say “good riddance” and are happy to see him go are either young or under-informed. Or both.

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