Will NJ Be Next To Allow Same-Gender Marriage?

frum group protest trentonTo’eiva (same-gender) marriage was just legalized in NY, and same-gender rights advocates hope to now bring it to NJ. This morning, advocates filed a lawsuit in state Superior Court arguing for the marriage in New Jersey. The suit is led by Garden State Equality, headed by Steven Goldstein.

In 2006, the Legislature voted that those couples would have the same legal rights, but couples say that’s not enough.

Just before Gov. Chris Christie took office, a vote to legalize same-gender marriage failed in the state Senate.

The Governor has since vowed to veto any such bill that comes across his desk, but the groups are now hoping the courts will soon allow it.

In 2009, the Jewish group Garden State Parents For Moral Values, led by Rabbi Leiter and Rabbi Bresler of Lakewood, headed to Trenton to protest the issue.

See video below of the group in Trenton in 2009.

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  1. I really don’t understand the position taken here… the prohibition in the Torah is against homosexuality not same-gender marriage, is it this fellows position that NJ should outlaw homosexuality? I don’t think that is either realistic or constitutional. We live in Galus and in a country that is not bound by the Torah, why should we expect a country that prides itself on separation of Church and State to abide by Torah values?

  2. sinas chinam is effecting us in a big way. Let’s get a handle on that before we concern ourselves with this almost irrelevant problem.

  3. People scream irrelevant, but it’s VERY FAR from being irrelevant. If you study the issue you will see that sedom and gemora were not decimated until there was a legalization of Toeiva!

  4. The dor hamabul was not destroyed until this became the norm in society.Even the animals partook in this toieva.Wake up yidin !!!You dont realize whats happening and how this will affect all of mankind including us!!!!!!!Nothing is more despised by hakodesh Boruch Hu then this !!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s not because anyone cares about other people’s private habits. It’s just what this can lead to: where private matters become public matters, where personal choices are flaunted, and where we and our children are exposed to scenarios from which we wish to exercise our constitutional freedom-of-religion right to be shielded.

    Why would I care otherwise what other people do in the privacy of their home?

  6. I agree that this issue is a problem and big sign that the end is near. My point is that we need to focus on ahavas yisroel and mimaila all othrer problems will be gone. Atleaset these weirdos like one another!

  7. #6: Please… our children are exposed to all sorts of private matters that are far more harmful to them than this… we can’t enforce our value system on others just as I don;t want others to enforce their values on me.

  8. עולא אמר אלו שלשים מצות שקבלו עליהם בני נח ואין מקיימין אלא שלשה אחת

    דף צב,ב גמרא שאין כותבין כתובה לזכרים ואחת שאין שוקלין בשר המת במקולין ואחת שמכבדין את התורה:

  9. @goodpeople How do you know that if we focus on Ahavas Yisroel all other issues will disappear? It’s true that Ahavas Yisroel is very important, but other prob can still exist even if we do have ahavas Yisroel.

  10. The Gemara says that the countries of the world can fall to the lowest of the low, but they can still exist if they keep three things. One of these three things is that they don’t write a ksubah to another male, which means that they don’t have a same-gender marriage contract.

    So if you believe in the Gemara, I would be very scared for the future of the country, if same gender marriage is legalized.

  11. Attention #’s 1 and 10

    The US constitution needed to protect the newly formed US governement from over-involvement of religion- because religion was so dominant 200 years ago.

    The US government was formed to rely upon religion within society to serve up whatever social norms the government did not establish at the time.

    Today’s low-lifes corrupt the very use and meaning of the constitution- that it was supposed to protect- and use it to destroy society.

    The fact that there are those who would feel much better about themselves and their corrupt lifestyle because the law recognizes them, does not mean that they are any more legitamite now then they were before such a law passed.

    It simply reflects on the imperfection of the US consitution, and society it was meant to protect.

  12. To all the avi solomons and proud Americans out there; I am one hundred percent certain that this great country will not be around in twenty years. Toieva marriage is inevitable and only a matter of time in all 50 states. This once great country is totally morally and financially bankrupt. It is an empty shell, a paper tiger. Remember rome?

  13. To “Real Torah Truth”: I think you prove my point… if you look in Rashi you will see that they were Chashud on Mishkav Zachor but not to the point that they would write a Kesubah… where do you see that Chazal would orchestrate a public outcry against the “Toeivah”? It seems it was prevalent at the time but yet no march on Trenton at the time of Chazal… interesting.

  14. All of you need to get a life and mind your own business. Why does it matter to any of you if a man and man or woman and woman get married. I think it is great, yahoo for NY, the best move they have made in a while.

  15. Rachel,

    And what do you find “great” about this??!! Can you explain? To say that we need not mix in is one thing but to praise it ?!!

  16. thers a gemara that says a contry can only stand when its moral values are rite take a look at the 2 states with the biggest probloms california and new york

  17. Whether you agree with this or not, this country or any state i supposed to side with any religion. I dont think any orthodox jew would want the government imposing christian values on them. What if the government made it a law that you had to celebrate christmas or easter? Its not a good road to go on where the government bans something because its based on a religion. It will backfire. Religion should be taken out of the equation when laws are written. It benefits everyone., religious and non- religious people alike.

  18. while I agree that marriage is between a Man & Woman , i do not think my beliefs should be imposed on others who think differently.
    to all those who would try and preach what is moral just live your own lives and stop worrying about eveyrone else !

  19. I don’t think the government should make this behavior illegal but calling it marriage is requesting ME to recognize such a union as legitimate marriage. I can not and will not.

    Now me share with you something I’m confident the activists for this behavior have kept a secret from you.There is no hospital or blood bank in the civilized world that would accept the blood donation of someone who acted in such a manner ,even once ,no matter how long ago.And surprisingly even the activists for this type of behavior don’t disagree with the health risks of accepting such blood, rather they argue that any promiscuous person carries such risks.

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