Why Does Anti-Semite Lisa Anderson Have A Public Platform? | Baruch Rivlin

The hate group Rise Up Ocean County has been operating in the shadows for a while, spewing hatred and venom at the Jewish community centered in Lakewood.

The group’s leaders remain anonymous, too chicken to show themselves as out and open anti-Semites.

But they seemingly have at least one public figure, a radio personality, who agrees with and promotes their hate. Her name is Lisa Anderson, and she is the host of the show Around Ocean County on 100.1 WJRZ. As a resident of Freehold, it is doubtful that she frequents Lakewood very much. Even so, she has chosen to publicly agree with and promote Rise Up Ocean County.

Commenting on a Facebook post from Rise Up Ocean County, Anderson commented, in clear reference to Jews, “There’s nothing honest in anything they’re associated with. Nothing. Everything and anything they can get away with they can and they do. They will find every loophole and apply it to fit their agenda. It’s their world and we’re supposed to live in it”.

Typecasting an entire group with one hateful brush is the essence of bias. Every town, including Lakewood, has its struggles and its handful of folks who commit crimes. But for Lisa Anderson to paint the entire Jewish community in Lakewood and surrounding areas with a broad stroke, alleging that there is “nothing honest” with how Jews go about their lives is textbook and pure hate speech and follows ancient anti-Semitic Nazi-like tropes about all Jews being dishonest.

As the host of a radio show, Anderson has a bully pulpit – a forum where she can theoretically spew her hatred of Jews to the masses over the airwaves, with nobody to question or refute her claims. As a public figure supporting Rise Up Ocean County, she has made herself, by default, an unofficial spokesperson for the hate group.

Lisa Anderson should not be the host of any public show. She, her hateful opinions, and the bigoted opinions of those that she aligns herself with should not be given a platform on a radio station listened to by thousands each day. If WJRZ truly cares about protecting minorities from bigotry they would fully disassociate themselves from this vile person. We’ve heard what Lisa Anderson has said about Jews, the question now is, is WJRZ listening?

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  1. Well said! Thank you for addressing this issue. Noone should be allowed to to paint a whole community as bad, that is straight out hate, and as a public figure she must be condemned.

  2. All these people that spk out against jews their names should go public and a list should be made…when these wackos wanna sell their house we should make a no buy policy!

  3. can we be pro-active? is there an email address for the radio station/ petition to have her removed bc of her hateful words? it’s not enough to bring it to peoples attention here, it needs to be nipped in the bud, action is nec

  4. I’m certain if her comments would be against African Americans or any other minority, she’d be off the Air immediately.

    Guys- you need to hit the advertisers to get their attention.

  5. Beasly, the radio’s holding company, is a publicly traded company, under symbol BBGI. Someone should notify investors…

    Their transfer agent is American Stock & Trust Company. A company founded by an ultra-orthodox jew, with headquarters located in the heart of an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn called Boro Park. Hilarious!

  6. The hate that is spewed on the RUOC facebook page is terrifying. Textbook antisemitism. Some examples (far from exhaustive): 1- dirty Jews- dirty streets and dirty homes- when were they even in our homes, ever?! 2- there is a video with a warning- orthodox children depicted- they have to pick on small defenseless kids?! really? 3- a prayer group being a clandestine meeting to evade the law- really?!

    The reason that RUOC was created may have been legitimate– but it has devolved to the point where many of the allegations have no basis in reality. There are many orthodox Jews that are also bothered by over-development, as is clear from this and several other local websites. All humans, RUOC members as well as Orthodox Jews, are encouraged to stand up for what they believe in by enforcing local zoning laws etc. But that is absolutely NOT what RUOC is accomplishing- they are spreading hate against individual human beings.

  7. When Dennis and Judy on 101.5 said some comments about the NJ Attorney General everyone pounced. They were suspended right away, and that was after only one comment. Wheres the same outrage with all the twitter trolls and the media left against these comments. She has been spewing hate constantly and yet everyone’s silent, and she still has a platform. This double standard has got to stop.

  8. Perhaps people should write to the advertisers, that they are not buying their products anymor, because they are advertising in a anti-Semitic radio show. And the copy of that letter should go to the radio show. If the radio show thinks that they will be losing money by having her on the radio, they may give her a job to wash the dishes behind the in the kitchen area . Money talks !!

  9. Lakewood residents, stand up and call / email everybody you can to rid this bigot from the public airways. Remain silent and you will face history being repeated.

    Please specify who the BP shareholder is.
    Convey your outrage to the radio station, repeatedly and en mass
    Call your Council members
    Bombard their sponsors – If anyone has info on who their sponsors are please share

  10. Hi,

    Would just like to say that although this is hate speech, it is still free speech. Trying to make people lose their jobs because we do not agree with what they say can be a slippery slope.

    • And protesting their hate speech is also very much endorsed by the law. No one is talking about doing anything illegal. Just trying to put pressure on people who are condemning virulent antisemitism.
      Besides not all speech is allowed under the umbrella of free speech.

  11. “If no response by tomorrow there will be a movement to notify advertisers”

    To njhatewatch: Why do you think this behavior is productive?

    • Not quite as simple as you claim in your comment. People have bechira, can one persons bechira impact another person? It is a machlokes Rishonim.

  12. Note: Their is well documented evidence that government controlled Facebook, Google and Twitter created programs to censor non-“democratic” agenda content. Democrats in Congress have been silent in rightfully condemning and punishing AOC,Ilan Omar, Cummings, Rashida Kumar, et al in their blatant insidious hate speech. They are pawns in a global agenda to revive the anti Jew and Israel hate tropes. They should be removed forthwith. Traitors all with the social media and alphabet agencies prepping and propping them up to destroy America and the Constitution.

  13. People who are on the radio or in public positions should be held to a higher standard.
    Especially if they associate their job to the name.
    It happens all the time even not associated to their businesses.
    Businesses feel their employees represent them even when off and especially on social media.
    It’s actually becoming a scary phenomenon that people will video others acting stupid or racist and the person will be found through internet searches and lose their jobs.
    Reminds us to always watch how we behave.

  14. Honestly she was giving an opinion and for the many people who have grown up in ocean county they have watched what Lakewood has become. She’s not advocating for burning crosses in people’s lawns maybe everyone just needs to boycott her show and go on with their lives, don’t let hate consume you. Have a blessed day!

    • She uses the word “they” multiple times. Was she referring to specific local politicians or to Jews in general?? If the latter, than that’s outright anti-semitism. She’s entitled to her own opinion, but as a radio host the standards are higher! Thank You TLS for exposing this!

    • Seriously? Stating that everything every Jew does is dishonest is an opinion about the changes in Lakewood? Some people will defend evil.

  15. @TobyMargolla I love how you have such a wonderful live n’ let live attitude when there is venomous hatred directed at Jews and the Jews dare react. What are you even saying?! Do we just have to sit silently and allow everyone to stereotype and label all Jews and we are not even allowed to respond?? I wonder if you would say the same if you were the target of that hate ON A DAILY BASIS NOT SEEN SINCE GERMANY IN THE 30’s.

    • You have the right to respond. That is not the issue. Please, go ahead on her show and show her how foolish her words were. Having an open discussion would do good.

  16. To Toby Margolla- would you be ok with some1 publicly saying your family/neighborhood/culture ” are ppl that do norhing honestly?” That alone is a terrible thing to say abt a community of thousands of ppl. If some1 would say that abt blacks or Hispanics, could you imagine the outcome? Its cruel. Not true. And spreads hate. Keeping quiet and ignoring bad is what we are good at. But its time to speak up and not get walked all over… I can assure you of many kind and honest ppl here…the hate is a sad situation…and dangerous

  17. B’vah’chah’shah, all frum should do More Talmud Torah (MTT), More Davvening (MD) and More Chesed (MC)—I’m a goy and this is the best and only advice I can convey to the observant Jews of Lakewood.

    Once the Almighty (HaShem) raises his hand against the foes of Israel and the Jewish people—no group of nations or nations or anyone will survive.

    Several great Rabbis; the Hofetz Chaim and Rabbi Kanievsky (sp?) have indicated the time of the Messiah is very, very near !!!


    a goy, Gerry Mullen

    • It’s called personal responsibility. If I made vicious statements about the race or religion of my coworkers, I would get fired. That would be my fault, not theirs.

  18. I sent an email to Matt Knight, program director at the station. He responded by stating:

    “Our station general manager has been notified of your email and the matter is under investigation. Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention”.

  19. I find this deeply disturbing that in 2019 there is such a deep hatred against an entire community.

    When RUOC was initially launched. I like many others applauded the oversight of out of control construction.
    But it has become abundantly clear that this group is driven purely by hate.
    And to our detriment, they have deligitimized real issues by infusing old fashioned anti Semitic tropes.
    And that is something that cannot be tolerated on any level .

    My message to these haters is simple .
    “You will fail”

    The good people of Ocean County will rise up against the hate !

    God bless !

  20. Why don’t we realize that we have to lay low in Galus and be inconspicuous???

    We do live in this town as if we own the place with little regard to what the surrounding communities think. Can we not look inside ourselves and be honest?

    We are NOT in our own land!!! Lakewood is NOT Yerushalayim.
    In The 1930’s the Jews in Berlin, Germany said Berlin is our little Yerushalayim… look where that got them… They were too comfortable.
    I love klall Yisroel and LKWD is a beautiful makom Torah but we have to keep in mind: THIS IS NOT OUR PLACE

  21. Everyone is so concerned about the antisemitism, which is a valid concern….. What about us? We as a community have to look inside ourselves and see what we might be doing that is causing hatred.

  22. just a thought… perhaps we should be commenting on the RUOC website, to start this dialogue with the people that most need to be involved in it

  23. if ooonly someone would have spoken up against mr adolf…
    WAKE UP!! YES its hate YES its deliberate YES there is nothing you can do about it because NO the sponsors of her show also hate us YES they have plenty of people with money who also hate us- from government to common folk – its rising – the pressure is rising – the fear is rising – the trepidation is mounting – the shoes are dropping – YES wer’e in galus NO weare not in the position to start demanding constitutional rights and the like YES teshuva might actually be an option YES there is a Ribono shel olam who runs things – YES check up all the 13 principles of faith and be honest with yourself. PLEEEASE stop making our powerful furious hosts angrier than they already are by thinking you have stockshares in the United States of America – this is a country that has been very nice to us for a long period of time and we are grateful for their hospitality – ONLY the almighty can protect us. this is galus and nothing has changed – wake up and smell the coffee!
    post statement – kavod shamayim – you mean well, however we do not have to make such statements on a world wide forum – this validates and gives credence to haters, as if they are right or well meaning and just abit misguided – this is simply venomous hatred, there are no reasons why they hate us rather excuses of why the hatred is valid and the like – so don’t stick up for them – what we have to do is lay low and look at ourselves honestly – otherwise – the temperature will just keep rising, r”l

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