Whispering Pines Says Thank You

whispering pines pic 2PHOTOS We would like to thank Public Works Driector John Franklin, Township Committeeman Steve Langert, Commiteeman Meir Lichtenstein and Committeeman Menashe Miller, who are always there to give a helping hand. A special thanks for the hard work of Redmont Management for the long hours that was put in during the storm. Also, thanks to Yankee Ort from Makom Management who directed and coordinated the cleanup. And last but not least, all the residents of Whispering Pines who helped each other out by pulling cars out that were stuck, cleaning out driveways and cars and by moving 99 percent of the cars out of the way on such short notice. A lesson to be taught, when residents of Lakewood and the Township work together, the job gets done.

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  1. Whispering pines don’t be so selfish!!! do you know what the rest of lakewood looks like???
    by thanking the DPW your making it worse for evreyone else ..let them realize and know that they didn’t do a good job and have to improve otherwise will have the same sloppy mess next snow storm.

  2. hey,. you want to see north pole drive by brookhill .You’d think it snowed this afternoon.
    three buses refused to drop off kids in the developement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they had to walk, and yes on the street.
    shame on this township. unless you know someone up there, other wise you dont exist

  3. I personally saw Moshe Rotberg at 3:00 A.M. mtz shbs, the night of the storm, going from each development to make sure they were being plowed. It is not his problem that in places like Chateau Park people shoveled their cars out and dumped the snow back into the plowed street, making the plowing useless. Good Job Moshe!

  4. Thanking everyone is a tongue-in-cheek/sarcstic way of saying “wow, you guys finally did your job, we’re so proud of you!”
    This way, next time they won’t be insulted and take 10 days instead of 5.
    That’s the inefficiency politics.
    Anyone who knows government knows that if they do too good of.a job at anything ,they lose funding.
    Smile and move on.
    It aint better in florida.
    The cleanup after hurricanes take too long as well!

  5. Thanking people for a job they are supposed to do?
    When a father boasts I feed MY kids! You fool! You’re SUPPOSED to feed your kids!
    I never killed people! You fool,you’re not SUPPOSED to kill people!
    I work for PWD and I eventually cleaned your street. You knucklehead, you were SUPPOSED to clean my street. If you would’ve cleaned my street, and brushed off the snow from my mailbox I would be real impressed. Otherwise just do your jobs, that is what you get paid for, is it not?

  6. you pay for what you get. some development thought that by changing management companies they would save money. look what happened in pine river and whispering pines as well as other places. The board kicked out the previous management because they thought they would save money and still get the same type of level of service.

  7. First of all we all need to remember that some streets are private and others are public. In addition some boards choose to have their public streets plowed by private contractors for convienance.
    As a member of a board I know that this is an issue we grapple with. A place like Whispering Pines is impposible to drive in without the snow thus with the snow it is likely a true disaster. I think they and other such highly condensed areas should be a priority.

    It is nice to see two competing management companies work together may we see more of that

  8. Guys I drove around the last few days throughout different towns in NJ and I must say that while many areas were in bad shape (and still are) other towns are far worse. As a matter of fact in many areas besides the main roads the roads are not drivable. Also this is not an ordinary snow, it is not common that we get 2 feet of snow.

    Many private contractors said that they couldn’t deal with this snow and they are making money! Sure we could have done better but lets not get carried away for the most part our main roads were well maintained the whole time.

  9. some board members dont know the diffrence in management and think they know what is best. so they cut services by geeting cheaper management and/or cutting expenses that open the development up to liabilities. This is what happens when services fail becuase some board memebr decided to ‘save money”… and/or allow a liability to happen with no coverage…

  10. Please give credit when people do a job well done. Stop kvettching about the state of the developments-how in the world can you clean such narrow streets with cars parked on both sides. And yes I live in one of those developments. Also would people to each other a common coutesy and shovel the sidewalk in front of your house!

  11. These comments are far from anonymous.
    Let’s play nicely and not use these acts of nature as ways of getting your steam out, its quite obvious and shameless to let out your laundry for all to see.
    It stinks.

  12. C’mon thank u for noticing what we all saw. That’s the beauty of blogs people can let steam off under the cloak and dagger of anonymity. Many times all 15 messages can be 2 ppl fighting with different screen names.

    I must say though that even for a bunch of fixed hype and etc. It is interesting that ppl don’t realize that when it snows u will b inconvienaced. Especially in developments where there is nowhere to put the snow.

    One last point. one small development had pressure not to wait for the twshp and it spent 2,000. When the snow is gone in 2 days was that money worth it? A few days of ….or new benches by the bus stops???

  13. #18 nope its not who you think is wriitng this. you are totaly wrong. I am not in management. i am not even an owner in a development and i have nothing to do with any management .

    i am just making an observation of information i know. sadly when it comes to leagality issues and the way some board memebrs work we think we can cut corners to save money when it A) may not be via legal services b) not having legal mandated coverages. Forget about the level of service.

    again. i am not even an owner in a development and i have nothing to do with any management.

  14. You r all nuts. U think our ems is expensive! What do think it would cost to maintain snow plows at the ready to deal with a once in 10 year snow storm?

  15. “#18 nope its not who you think is wriitng this. you are totaly wrong. I am not in management. i am not even an owner in a development and i have nothing to do with any management .”

    how do you know who C’mon was thinking of?
    no one said you were in management!! haha lol

    as Bubby always used to say ” a Naar maasert oif zich alein”
    (loosely translated, a fool turns himself in!)

  16. Lets not forget the dedicated board for their experience, support and ongoing concern.
    None of this would have been possible without them.

  17. whispering pines you cant even drive when is sunny what make you think you be able to drive when is 20 inches of snow.All of those new developments are built without thinking of whos going to plow or collect garbage.Public works use big heavy trucks to get all that accomplish.They dont do it with mini vans or lil toyotas,ok!!!! I would like to see all of you people that are complaining trying to drive one of those trucks in a sunny day in Lakewood and i bet you that its going to be nothing but accidents the way people drive here.So imagine hows going to be with 20″ of snow and all those cars park on the streets in your developments.

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