Know Where Over 50% Of Your Tax Money Is Going

boe meeting[Agenda-PDF] Most know that over 50% of local tax money is going to the Board of Education, but do you know how the over $70,000,000.00 of the budget – coming out of the pockets of local taxpayers – is being distributed? Attached is the agenda for this week’s BOE meeting which dictates exactly how the taxpayer money is being spent, including all changes being made.

The Agenda is prepared by the administration and not by the Board members, who can only approve or reject the agenda – or parts of it.

The goal of presenting the agenda to the public, is to give readers and taxpayers a better understanding of the BOE’s distribution of local taxpayer money, and perhaps find solutions to any questionable or unnecessary spending, with the input of the taxpayers and other readers.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the 19 page public agenda, a BOE member is waiting to hear from you, by sending an email to [email protected].

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  1. this things reads like a whers waldo puzzle. so many hidden things and thats just what i know about.

    i think we should start playing wheres the hidden gold

    i will start.with just one

    look at item “p” on page 4

    if the BOE attorney gets a side part time job for a whopping $135000 for constulats on nonpublic, IDEA , title 1 ect. them what do you need this consultant to “impliment” . if this guy is so capable ( which maybe he is) then let him to the whole consulating for 50K. even if you give him an extra 35k you still save 100K

  2. remember there are still around 100 children that are not reciving the proper therapists services we will not forgive u untill this is resolved…..

  3. Now you are looking for suggestions after you board members messed with my kids future? Why don’t you first figure out how to fix the problem you created and get the 80 children into a viable program before trying to “save” tax dollars.

  4. To #5… I hate to sound insensitive but enough with the TT saga! Stop looking for a hand out and just send your kid to school and pay tuition like the rest of the world! The board is looking for more ways to SAVE money not to spend it.

  5. Why don’t you say the same to every child that goes to public school? Its the same law that you the tax payer must educate every special needs child from 3 years old and up, as you must educate every regular child from 6 years old. Its the law.

  6. # 6 If your child does not speak English then teach him/her. This is America and anyone who comes hear should speak the language. This Country is base on immigrants who all had to learn how to speak the language, no one was catered to, you did what you had to do! Stop looking for all the freebies!!! Enough crying already!

  7. as a parent of an Aspergers 10 years old boy, I am writing to the TT special needs parents. Welcome, your journey is enlightening and an eye openner for the entire Lakewood community. I have been in need for services for many years way back to when my son was in his preschool ages. However we fought a tough battle and got nowhere with the lkwd boe. I was not alone but in silenced with a number of families. Like my friend with a high functioning ASD daughter in 8th grade and with another 7 yr old PDD kid in another yeshiva, all of us tried and got nowhere. we do our own thing, borrow money and beg pple to help us privetly. My point here is that this is an on going issue with special needs money and needs, however this TT plight just allowed the lkwd community to actually see it and maybe understand it ( a bit, for you can truely not understand it unless you have a needy child, which i wish on no one)
    Thank you TLS for being a forum for pple to share

  8. The problem Lakewood has is a serious one. First of all if you look at where our local tax’s go the majority go towards, bussing,Schi and having too many teachers for 6 public schools. When the people come to terms with what needs to be done to be able to afford lakewood taxes things will finally get done. To keep on complaining about TT is ridiculous and you know . If greed wasn’t involved you would have your child in the district or you should feel free to pay his/her tuition.

  9. The law says every child needs to get their education. However it does not say that it must be done in TT. As long as services can and are being offered in the PS then it is the parents choice to send their child there or not. The District is abiding by the law by offering the PS services. Anyone who wants to go private can pay. Enough with this business about the law. The law is saisfied with the PS option. Stop whining. If you want private services pay for it. If your child is still out of school you have noone to blame other than yourself. There are 25 parents that are very happy in the PS program. Eiher join them or pay private.

  10. we still have problem in lowering taxes!!!!

    our taxes is funding the illegal imigrants which make up 90% of the public school ???????????

  11. Mark my words- the whole point of the BOA letting this info out is to get the public to agree that everything need to be brought in-house, because they can supposedly do it cheaper. That is their whole agenda right now.

  12. Looking at the bussing contracts, it seems that the bus routes are quite small, averaging 20-30 students per route. Perhaps it would make more sense to consolidate bus routes and put a full 50 students (give or take a few), and save money on contracting?

  13. How come the Agenda already “decided” to award the Appraisal contract to Johnson Realty for up to $150 p/h when there is 20% lower offer on the table from Maher at $120 p/h?? Does the Board meet merely to rubber stamp the preordained AGENDA? If so whose Agenda is it?

    Is there a “not to exceed” dollar amount, or is it open-ended? Was there a description of the scope of work? Is there any review process? Is there a bidding requirement for the $millions spent by the BOE on antiquated trailer space? When was the last appraisal undertaken? Will the appraisal cover trailer rentals as well as classroom rentals, or just classrooms? On what basis has the BOE consistently paid at least 7 times as much to Catapult for shoddy trailers, without bathroom facilities, as for first rate classroom space in school buildings, with bathroom facilities? When will this boondoggle diversion of special needs funds stop? We need the New Team to step up to the plate.

  14. Was there a RFP for item P, “Approval of a consultant contract with Dr. Howard Margolis for the 2010-2011 school year in the amount of $50,000”?? Could someone else have done it better? Cheaper? If there was no RFP, how will the Board ever know when spending this $50,000.00?

    Item R. “Approval of addendums for 2010-2011 contracts awarded to Catapult Learning, et al. Why were these Addendums not posted as part of the Agenda so the public can see what’s being voted on, how much public money is being spent, etc.??

  15. To #8: The distinction is very simple. We do provide public school option for special needs children, you like me chose not to send our kids to public school, that is our right. We have no right to demand that the taxpayer pay for our choice of private school. Now for the broader issue of “special needs”. I see it is a term that is thrown around very easily to play on the emotions of the debate. Let me start by saying I have 2 nephews with special needs, one being low functioning and autistic. That is NOT the case of the overwhelming majority of the children that were enrolled in TT. We have a situation today that every other Frum girl trains to become an OC, fine. With this phenomena and entire new set of special needs has entered our lexicon. Sensory, Multi-Sensory, Speech Pathology, etc. etc. etc.. So I did a little research and I encourage others to do the same. This sensory issue is highly controversial, not accepted by the Medical establishment (read an interesting article in the New York Times on this), but has become the issue de jure in our community. If you believe in it fine, but like acupuncture and chiropractors it has a cult following and you will never convince the cult members otherwise. My point is, let’s not lump everyone in the “special needs” category” and be very specific about where these most vulnerable children fall.

    Now in regard to the most vulnerable children of medically accepted special needs I think only a person with a heart of ice would have an issue with funding to help them. But please pray tell explain how a school like SCHI that has no competition in town can charge the BOE (that’s us) in excess of $100k per student per year! It is simply outrageous! Nearly 25% or $15,000,000 of the BOE budget goes to provide SCHI with funding. If we are being asked to spend that much money to fund SCHI, then we have a right to ask for transparency in the SCHI budget. How are they spending this money and who is it going to? So I say yes, it is a privilege to have our tax dollars go to help these very special children but only if the money is really going to help them! When with SCHI open its books to the people who fund it?

    We also see many comments about illegal immigrants who are taking advantage of our services, I agree it is something that should be looked at and addressed within the confines of the law.

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