What suggestions do you have to alleviate the rush hour traffic on Central Avenue in Lakewood? [VIDEO]

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  1. 1. Overpass over route 9
    2 . Long right merge lane onto route 9
    3 add 2 left turning lanes
    4 add 2 directions to first part of south lake drive and traffic light so south lake drive can make a left onto central and that should be second left turning lane onto route 9

  2. Stop building!!!!!!
    Widen central Ave at least after sunset there should be 2 lanes going East(towards rt 9). If there were more streets that cut across Lakewood besides route 9 that would also alleviate some of the congestion.

  3. Need to make caranetta a one way street so people can’t cut in, that is a huge cause in the backup! I’ve seen in the past on days where they were doing construction and you couldnt go thru caranetta, the traffic was much better; it did take a bit longer to turn onto central from sunset but still overall it was much better.

  4. I sit by this intersection quite a lot.
    Quick fix:

    Block access from caranetta to the left lane on central by installing semi barriers (the yellow poles) between the left and straight lane.

    Stripe the left turn lane all the way back to at least Bradshaw Rd , possibly further.

    Extend the left turn light during peak hours by just a few more seconds.

    Long term solution:

    Add a 2nd left turning lane on central by making the straight lane a left turn lane as well.
    (Will require westbound lanes to be red longer, but worth it. )
    This would also require a 2 lane approach on rt 9.

  5. Very simple. Get the local politicians to actually do something besides for show up at every ribbon cutting and work ferociouslyto get a bridge built across the lake. it will cost a nice few million and will be years to get done but with the politicians working together it can get done.

  6. Remove the left turn arrow from the opposite direction (comig from Cedarbridge) (or at least have it only go on every 3rd time the light turns green). This would greatly increase the length of time for the right lane.

  7. Need to make 2 lanes each direction. And 3 lanes at the intersection of route 9. I know it is a county road and we know it us costly to buy up the property and we in know many other excuses. Let’s do it.

  8. 1. Stop over development in Lakewood.
    2. Put up delineator post by left turning lane so people cant cut across from caranetta.
    3. Widen route 9
    4. Add a third lane for right turns.

  9. Widen both Central ave and Rt. 9 to create a Central ave right turning lane that continues a few hundred feet onto Rt. 9 South.

    Right turning Central ave traffic will merge with Rt. 9 traffic on Rt. 9 at end of the newly created lane.

    The central ave left lane will be for left turns only.

    The Central ave middle lane will be for left turns and for continuing Straight.

  10. Well, based on my professional analysis of the video posted above, my suggestion would be for motorists to just drive their cars in the same direction that the driver with the video cam is driving, then, I believe, their driving experience will be just fine. [Depending on what time of the day it is, of course.]
    Moreover, I believe we need more contrarians in Lakewood who would be willing to drive in the opposite direction of the congestion, and not follow the masses blindly, then the traffic on Central avenue would balance out in both directions, and there would be less congestion on both sides.
    Disclaimer: I did not think of this suggestion all on my own; I consulted with the Wise Man from Chelm about this issue, and only then, with his approval, did I post this comment.

  11. Caranetta needs to be closed. The street is on a angle so it makes it very easy for cars on caranttta to PUSH their way on to Central. Also, for everyone purposely letting cars in from caranetta YOUR NOT DOING A MITZVAH letting them go in front of you. Your just causing everyone else behind you to miss the light. People waiting on Central have the right of way, there is no need to be “so kind” to let the cars on Caranetta through.

  12. Approximately 12 years ago, He Who Must Not Be Named got up at a town meeting and said “if you guys keep approving endless development the traffic on every main road will be a disaster”. Everyone sidelined him as a bozo, but he was spot on.
    And they knew it too.

  13. Close caranette rd / south lake on the left side coming from rt 9.
    Ppl are always cutting in onto central causing crazy traffic for no reason.
    Make it a dead end street

  14. How about adopting an ordinance to make banquet halls a permitted use all along the central avenue corridor?

    This brilliant idea should really help out the traffic situation. In fact, I’m sure the committee will vote for it.

  15. Add a third lane where you can . Widen the road by making a wider bridge over some water so you can turn onto route 9 from caranneta as well.

  16. Require everyone to work, learn, send their kids to school, etc. within walking distance of their home. With that traffic gone Lakewood will be the best city to drive in.

  17. Building bridges is not gonna happen so fast.
    2 simple actions can save 3 problems.
    1)Cars from caranetta push in to the line. It takes a few seconds to see who is going first
    2) cars from caranetta cutting across to the turning lane blocking the regular lane
    3) cars from the turning lane cutting thru on the right.
    Blocking Caranetta st is the key. Setting up dividers between the two lanes will also help more cars get thru per light.

    BTW the turning lane is doing pretty good. Very smooth and easy. You can get 25 cars per light

  18. One of the biggest reasons for the traffic is the constant stop and go stop and go. But if both the green lights and red lights would be lengthened on both Rt 9 and Central, the traffic would keep moving for longer and more cars would get through each green light. Imagine a green light 2 minutes long…

  19. 2 LANES ALL THE WAY DOWN CENTRAL AND ELIMINATE PARKING ON CENTRAL. In busy towns such as ours, the realization must kick in that streets that were once calm are now non-stop traffic and street parking is sadly not an option anymore, if we want whats better for the town as a whole. Similar to how clifton/Cedarbridge has been changed right by town appliance…

  20. I have the simplest answer that won’t affect anything that is established already and won’t get in the way. We should build a cable car system or an air tram system above the entire 9 going from north to south. Every other block the cable car door will open to let people in and out through a ramp or stairs going up and down to the street from the cable cars. Instead of people driving they will use the cable cars. That will illuminate majority of cars on the road and allow the 9 streets to be way clearer.

  21. 1. A hov lane for multiple passengers (too many cars with single occupancy)
    2. Men going to yeshiva: get Bikes! No reason every BMGer needs his car sitting in the Yeshiva parking lot all day.

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