What should the Lakewood Township offer as an incentive to get you to vaccinate?

A Lakewood Township official today reached out to TLS, trying to determine what it would take for residents to go about getting vaccinated.

Earlier today, TLS ran a poll asking if the incentives the State offered compelled you to vaccinate, and so far, approximately 90% of responders answered no.

What type of incentive would compel you to vaccinate?

Post your ideas in the comments section below.

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  1. A more thoroughly-tested vaccine from a reputable provider. One that wasn’t rushed to market. Oh, and the ability to file a lawsuit if something goes wrong, G-d forbid. That would be enough incentive for me.

  2. Have a Vax-for-Chai event and people have to get sponsors to get the shot… req amount of money to raise would correlate to the degree of vacine hesitancy of the person

  3. This is a serious question, please respect it and post serious answers! Obviously they are not talking to people who feel strongly against vaccinating. They are asking people like me who don’t have strong motivation to go get the shot because I already had Covid, am low risk, and my at-risk relatives got the vaccine already. A fifty dollar gift card would be motivating.

    • The question is ridiculous because they arent going to give out $50 gift cards. Anyone that feels they need or want it will it with or without the glass of beer being offered. But this is fun so let everyone share their dreams…

  4. Promising to widen route 9 would do the trick and probably get most to come out… but then again, most would get stuck in traffic getting there… and while they’re sitting in traffic ponder that the dept of transportation is staffed with the same govt workers as the FDA… and turn around and go home.

  5. To be honest with you, ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a pony, and I never got one. I didn’t have enough money in my piggy bank to pony up the money for it. So a pony would be nice. But nevertheless, I’m disappointed that I have to travel to a participating winery with my proof-of-vax card to get my wine, the wine that I rightfully earned with my blood and sweat…. and a band-aid. As I’ve commented in an earlier post, I’m taking my gripe to court; I’m suing the State of New Jersey for a case of wine. No one should have to suffer the pain of getting a shot in the arm without some fine wine to smooth things over. I’m hurt, I’m disappointed. I don’t know what else to say.

  6. I have no incentive to go when I am filled with antibodies. And most of Lakewood has them too. I’ll wait till I don’t have antibodies and make a decision then.

  7. There should be no carrot and stick incentive. The incentive should be that if you get the virus because you made the choice not to be vaccinated then your insurance company is not obligated to pay for your care, you pay everything out of pocket. If you are confident in your ability to make a decision (since even though you have no medical experience yet you know more than people that do) then you should accept the consequences, good or bad.

    • You’re saying if you had Covid already and don’t get vaccinated but get Covid again, insurance shouldn’t cover it. It’s like saying if you get vaccinated and get Covid, insurance shouldn’t cover it. Both have the same chances of getting Covid and it has occured in both cases.

  8. I would need a logical explanation on why Vaccination antibodies are better than my natural antibodies from having had Covid. My antibodies are going strong 9 months later and I have been exposed since then multiple times in the hopes of keeping my antibodies up, without contracting Covid again. In my entire circle of friends and family, not one who had covid has gotten it a second time, yet I do personally know someone who received the vaccine a few months ago who contracted Covid afterwards. I have asked multiple doctors why vaccine antibodies are better and not one can prove that they last longer or protect any better. I just get a bunch of fluff about being more concentrated and creating a different kind of antibody. All great but if they won’t last longer or be more powerful than what I have, it’s a no go for me no matter what the incentive. Why inject chemicals into myself that may cause side effects when I have the same immune response naturally?? You want me to wear a mask because I have natural antibodies as an incentive to get immunized?? Well, I won’t patronize places that enforce that and will take my business elsewhere even if I have to pay a few dollars more.

  9. I think we should just open everything up it’s not my responsibility to wear a mask bc people are not going to get the vaccine,
    I’m not saying you should get vaccinated,
    But now that there is a vaccine it’s not my responsibility or anyone else’s responsibility to change there life for people that choose not to or are lazy not to get vaccinated I don’t see why hard earned tax $$$$$$
    Should be going to these foolish campaigns the only person being helped by the vaccine is the person taking it not the people around him

    Will they pay me soon to get a cleaning or go for a check up

    This is really pathetic

  10. I am in full agreement with Zman 8:28.
    If one feels that he (or she, or it, or “they”) is either impervious to Covid, OR wishes to use whichever alternative protocol to treat it, if contracted, then, since prevention is readily available, that patient’s healing expenses should be his own responsibility, and not have to be paid by an insurer (including Medicaid).
    Likewise, any health professional that may be vulnerable to Covid, due to immune suppression, or other underlining disease, should not have to risk his life or health to treat an individual who refused to get vaccinated just because he feels that he knows better than his doctor, and confused up his Google search with real medical education.

  11. This is an inappropriate article. Just latzanus about a serious issue. For those who don’t trust the advice of the medical establishment, no silly prize will get them to change their minds.

  12. If the vaccine was truly good then people would take it and they wouldn’t need any incentive or any goodies in exchange.. how about get out of my personal life and let me make my own choices. We’re all adults. Leave us alone

  13. First you gotta tell US! WHAT IS YOUR INCENTIVE FOR motivating the oilam for this great cause?!
    There has got to be something in it for you!
    There would be no reason for anyone to be part of this vaccine trial. Jewish lives matter.

  14. Dear zman,

    At first glance a crazy idea as someone who crosses at a red light and gets hit by a car or has a heart attack cause he weighs 300lbs or smoker with lung cancer or even an overdose and a myriad of other ailments caused by life choices are still covered by ins cos.

    But on the other hand, perhaps it’ll finally provide the hospitals, who want to get paid, the incentive to not report everything as a covid diagnosis and will finally bring the reported covid numbers down to where townships don’t have to infantilize their citizens in this way.

    • Actually an insurance company can deny a claim because of reasons such as incorrect BMI reported, drug use, alcoholism, etc. If you don’t disclose conditions that may lead to an unfortunate health event your claim can be denied. If you do report them then you will be charged a higher premium (if they even insure you at all) which will at least cover some of the cost for your unhealthy decision. Your statement about crossing at a red light can also be denied because your willful misconduct led to the accident.

  15. Vaxxed already- no incentive needed other than to ensure my health and the health of the world around me. That being said I am hopeful- as others have said above- that incentives could help those who just haven’t made the time to get it taken care of. Praying for health and safety across the globe.

  16. @zman, why don’t you make that same comment that insurance shouldn’t cover ANY expenses for ANY diseases that have a vaccine?

    It’s ridiculous! That’s why.

    The gov’t/insurance companies will start mass producing “vaccines” for every possible sickness & then claim they don’t pay for coverage since you’re not vaccinated.

    Covid-19 is a relatively new illness with not enough conclusive information.

    You have to wait 6 feet apart on line in the airport but then sit shoulder to shoulder on the plane. Etc.

    I’m not downplaying the severity of the first wave. It WAS scary but BH we seem past that.

    Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions based on their doctor, rav & common sense.

    Bashing & blaming is not the route.

  17. hmmm why are u not posting my previous comment? Are u worried there may be some truth to it???
    Let everyone come to their their own conclusions! Reading these comments, I’m actually impressed! Some smart folks here, Go Lakewood!
    Life is basically back to normal here and no one is sick! hmmm why would I take a vaccine that they know little about and especially about long term effect.

  18. I think its a matter of convenience & education not incentives.
    Education-Many people in Lakewood believe they have antibodies and do not need the vaccine. If the gov wants us to vaccinate they will need to educate us why its necessary and not force us into anything we are not in communist Russia.
    Convenience-If they would have mobile vaccine sites I think it would encourage people to vaccinate. For example If it was announced they will be near BMG for certain days, near specific office buildings for certain days. In popular shopping centers. Work with large employers to encourage their staff to vaccinate. Make it easy. There is too much traffic for people to spend a whole day getting a vaccine if they think they don’t need it.

  19. Dear LT
    Covid vaccines are a serious issue and the “laitzanus” isn’t about them, it’s about the incentives. Whatever beliefs a person holds re the covid vaccines, one would hope their beliefs are rooted in facts and won’t be swayed by any goodies the township offers. And if an offer of a burger and fries will change your mind, I’d say you have bigger issues than covid.

  20. Dear Fresh,
    You understood me correctly. Vaccines are a serious issue. Opening up the floor for comments on incentives, is a pesach for silliness. Whoever thinks that without any education on the matter, that they know better than all the professionals, shouldn’t be given the opportunity to preach stupidity.

  21. 1. Too many people I know had to miss work/school for at least 2 days post shot from getting fever/sick side affects – they need to come up with a better/safer protocol for the vaccine.
    2. Incentives will only work for those who have nothing against the vaccine other than simple laziness to go down and get it. most people are holding back because of 1 reason or another. a 1 time prize or financial incentive won’t do it for those people.

  22. Nothing you do, nothing the state will do, nothing this city will do will get me to want to vaccinate against Chinese Wuhan Virus.

    This is a decision between me and my doctor. It has nothing to do with the township, it has nothing to do with this city, it has nothing to do with the county, it has nothing to do with this state!

    Mind your own business and stop making yourselves look like a bunch of idiots that you have to give something away so that the 25 or 30% of the people who aren’t vaccinated yet, get vaccinated.

  23. I think the idea of mobile vaccine sites is great. Or popup sites near BMG. And the locations need to be convenient and well publicized.
    I had a hard time figuring out where and how to go even though it was extremely important to me. It’s not important to my husband so he’s not going to go one bit out of the way for it but if it was quick and easy and convenient then he would.

  24. It seems to be a little weird that they should be offering an incentive. If the government claims that the vaccine will be a protection from the virus than why the bribe? Shouldn’t people want to protect themselves and take the vaccine? The fact that they are bribing us seems a little off. They are obviously benefiting tremendously from us getting the vaccine and that is a red flag for me. Not to sound far fetched but it reminds me of Mitzrayim when at first they paid the Jews to work and than they forced them into working.

  25. When Chemed gets 7 million dollars as an incentive to give the vaccines , of course they are trying to get rid of it . And they need our help to find out what will get us to take the vaccine!
    Next time don’t take the money and you will less worries . Lakewood is doing just fine …. I won’t need an incentive to get sterilized . I still want to have children. Just watch the infertility rate skyrocket when these women and men can’t have children anymore …. because the government really cares about you , what a joke .

      • chas veshalom that something bad may happen. But science means that you have a hypothesis, “the vaccine does not have any reason to cause infertlity” and then you experiment to see if the hypothesis is correct. Does anyone know of where we can see data on this experiment (possibly on animals) and what the results are? I think that no experiment was ever done about this.

    • Chas Vishalom!! There’s no reason to spell out the infertility thing straight out. I happen to agree that taking the vaccine is a huge risk and there’s no purpose if I have natural antibodies, but iyH I’m hoping that I’ll be proven wrong and that the vaccine turns out to be healthy to take and that everyone will iyH have healthy children.

  26. I’m too nervous to get the vaccine.

    Every time I get the flu shot I get the flu!

    Yes, I skipped years & then tried again.

    It did not lessen the severity. I was out of commission for a week with ALL the symptoms

    Every. Single. Time.

    I can’t afford to be out of work (my replacement comes out of my paycheck & I’m responsible to find the temp!) by choice.

    I got Covid & didn’t even know it (I had symptoms of a regular cold & now I have antibioties!) I didn’t have to miss work (not on purpose to expose anyone, I would’ve stayed home if I was really sick & contagious but you can’t test with every sniffle) but now I’ll have to clock out unpaid purposely.

    Maybe the incentive should be a full week paid vacation?

  27. It’s not Lakewood Twp’s place, nor is it NJ State’s place, to provide an incentive. People have to make their own decision. I was vaccinated. All of my family (over 16) and friends have been vaccinated. This lets me sleep at night, and enjoy the company of family and friends during the day. If that is not incentive enough…enough said.

  28. People will not move or work too much to receive a vaccine that they see as personally superfluous
    If they came to public places, such as BMG, Satmar, NPGS etc, and gave out small incentives like a balloon for the children, for each adult to get the first shot, people won’t see it as something for the ‘other’ people, and it will be normal to be vaccinated.

    You will never convince the die-hard anti-vaxxers, and they don’t seem to be fully in control of their thought processes, with crazy ideas and weird theories. They aren’t the issue, the regular people, who are just very busy, are.

  29. I just want to point out that recently some serious research has been done on the anti vaccination misinformation disseminated on the Internet, especially social media, and it turns out that the vast majority is published by 12 people, most of whom make a fortune of money off it.
    People think that the pro-vaccination researchers are paid off, turns out that almost all of the anti-vaccination efforts are paid for. Those people have businesses selling phony cures for various ailments, and they make a ton of money on their malarkey.

    • I saw the article you are talking about, but this NOT true of the frum community. People in the frum community who are anti-vax in general, many have connections to vaccine injured people. BUT the covid vaccine is totally different technology than the other vaccines to date and frum organizations promoting the vaccine due to its experimental nature are given MILLLIONS of dollars (Chemed is getting over 7 million!). Many anti-COVID vaxxers are not even anti-vax in general, but they realize the real risks and serious amount of damage these vaccines have already caused and is being supressed and hidden by the general AND FRUM media alike.

  30. What a bunch of losers, you are 100% correct, who is going to pay the price if ch”v these vaccines lower or even eliminate ones chance to have children. Infertility is faaaar from fun – I know first hand. Why would someone with antibodies take a chance? But on a lighter note, keep the answers coming because I’m really enjoying the entertainment, and as was mentioned b4, this is not to poke fun at the vaccines, but rather the Knuckleheads who suggest that the serious decision of intelligent people as to whether to get vaccinated could be swayed by a cup of wine or the like. And it is even funnier (read sadder) that there are feather heads out there that will get swayed by these incentives.

  31. A dinner with President Trump. Monthly stimulus checks to support my whole family so I dont need to work. Free night out to Sushi Nation for 3 months. In all honesty, its nobody’s business from the state or federal level to be offering incentives. Its an unproven vaccine with an enormous amount of side effects. If a vaccine needs an extra push to give out burgers and fries or a free glass of wine you know its a problem! Time for this sham to end.

  32. The reason they are trying to give incentives to peple to vaccinate us because, now they are stuck with so much vaccine they can’t get rid of. The people who don’t want the vaccines are smart. They can think for themselves. They don’t need an incentive to take something they don’t want.

  33. When there’s an incentive behind something YOU KNOW THERES SOMETHING NOT RIGHT!! THINK ABOUT IT!!. Now I dont have antibodies and never did but I did test positive with a PCR last year which makes me doubt alot about covid in general. Now if G-D forbid it was an Ebola pandemic people would take the vaccine. In fact people would take all 3 available vaccines offered for extra protection and NO INCENTIVE WOULD BE NEEDED.

  34. THere have been incidences of myocarditis (issues with the heart) in Israel post-vaccine and now the NY Times came out stating that they are seeing the same in teens and young adults BUT of course “its probably coincidence”. They are still gathering information about these vaccines. If you want to be a guinea pig, you shouldn’t even need an incentive. As for me, I value my life over any incentive thank you very much.

  35. Educate us why the vaccine is any better then natural antibodies…there’s NO REASON to incentivize this. Either convince people its medically necessary or not. However when the Governor keeps saying thing like keep masks on indoors even if your vaccinated that only tells me that they have no clue what they are talking about which looses any confidents in any officials regarding anything medical.. you don’t need to convince people to take medicine for strep throat.

  36. If you’re willing to sell out your beliefs for any money, you have bigger issues than can be discussed here.

    My incentive was elderly parents and a fragile child. A single day of (mild) symptoms is worth knowing that my loved ones won’t catch it from me.

  37. First, i’d like to paraphrase that i don’t believe anyone should be coerced into taking or not taking the vaccine. Having said that, I’d like to address a question raised by several commentators. Namely, that if the vaccine were really good for your health, that would be incentive enough so why the bribery? Obviously, the thinking goes, there’s a financial incentive for those promoting it. My response to that is as follows. There are two objectives in having people take the vaccine. 1) whoever takes it has protection to fight the virus. For that, your argument is valid. However, there’s another objective; that if enough people take the vaccine, we virus will eventually wither away and die, not finding anyone to infect. For that to happen, we need a huge percentage. Including those who are on the fence on this issue.

  38. The same incentives that are used for the flu vaccine. None.

    If it worked then incentives would not be needed.
    99% of people recover if they catch it anyway, but intentionally injecting oneself with a vaccine that has barely been tested at all especially against long term side effects is ludicrous.
    I get it if you are in a high risk category, speak to your Dr and consider taking their advice. Otherwise, stay away for at least 5 years.

    FYI – per the cdc the average testing time for a vaccine before it hits the public is 10-15 years…
    Google it if you don’t believe it.

  39. Gift cards to local businesses. Businesses don’t be paid for unused cards. Then the community will be motivated to get vaccinated to support local businesses. Serving chulent might help for bachurim.

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