What Should Lakewood Township officials focus on in 2023?

2023 is here, and Lakewood Township officials will soon be discussing the issues they’d like to tackle for the year.

What do YOU suggest Township officials focus on this year?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Traffic
    Low income housing
    Otherwise doing a great job
    We just need more places to live for young people that are affordable
    (Also with the boom we need to strengthen the infrastructure, organizations and lure more doctors to the area )

    • As your community expands in exponential numbers into the surrounding region, your Orthodox leadership, builders and businesses should have a larger vision so as not to see the rest of it end up like Lakewood. Would any of you guys moving to Manchester, Jackson, Howell, TR want to see that there in 5-10 years? I hope not!

  2. Mandate anyone looking to develop land or subdivide a current property to pay fees for road improvements a purchase of land for additional roadway.

  3. We need good transit and pedestrian infrastructure.

    I see so many people walking and biking on roads where there is no sidewalk because they have no other choice.

  4. Traffic.
    Why not make certain streets one way?
    Better street lighting. Some streets are so dangerously dark.
    More illegal parking enforcement. This illegal paring cause tremendous amount of accidents.
    Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.


  6. I’m actually shocked by the comments. I thought they would be singular. Hint. It’s the same thing as last year. And the year before. And the year before that etc. It’s the thing that never gets done. Only gets worse. Everyone responsible kicks the can to to someone else and something that everyone hear suffers from immensely.

    You got it.

    The traffic
    The traffic
    The traffic
    The traffic

    Makes you wonder why absolutely nothing is done about it where there are clearly easy fixes for much of the issues (not all).

  7. Competitive Democracy!
    Until we have Malchus Bais Dovid, democracy is the only other viable system of government that we know of.
    For democracy to work, you need to have the competition of at least two candidates vying for the job. It’s this competition that allows new ideas of governance to be heard & those in power are always mindful that they may lose their seat to someone else.
    We have not had any meaningful political competition in Lakewood over the last 20 years. This is why our town looks the way it does. The local political system needs to open up for fresh ideas to be considered & failing policies to be discarded.
    There is only one way I know that this can happen: The Lakewood Vaad has to immediately cease to endorse local candidates! They should only endorse County or State candidates! For the sake of the future of Lakewood, they should give up this very powerful tool & allow free competition in the local public sphere.
    I assure you, meaningful change will happen as soon as the real competition of ideas begin to be heard & implemented in Lakewood.
    To state this in short: The system that created this epic problem isn’t the system that will fix it. As chazal say, Ain Chovush motzi Atzmo mibeis hoassurim. The jailed man cannot free himself from his own captivity.

    It will be a tremendous Kiddush Hashem when fair & free elections happen in Lakewood & may the best person win & govern with Siyyata Dishmaya.

  8. More high density housing, Shuls & schools. Lakewood only exists due to the bracha of our Torah learning so we need more Bnei Torah to be able to live here.
    We must build as much & as quickly as possible & leave all the other issues (Traffic/Parking) for HKBH to take care of.

  9. Make a true assessment of all the roads in Lakewood and pave the ones that are in dire need of repair. It seems like every year there are a handful of roads that are repaved that are in far better condition then many other roads in town. Makes me wonder how certain roads get priority?

    This should be done with transparency… every street should get a rating… and this list with the ratings should be accessible to all…

  10. Cops need to be more active around town with traffic safety. I am almost positive that is the #1 reason there are so many accidents and terrible driving around town. People are getting away with speeding, dangerous driving moves and more and cops do nothing. It’s frustrating and scary. Please make a change on this, thank you!

  11. More public transportation
    -trolleys/light rails around Lakewood to take some cars off the road!

    Add brighter street lights all around Lakewood!

    Start giving tickets for going through red lights…
    Start putting up cameras everywhere

  12. One thing I would suggest is given that most – and its probably almost all of the people living in Lakewood have a high regard for the police department and most of us have nothing but praise for the department perhaps having more interactions with the police in some sort of setting – and that obviously needs to be thought out, but I think it would help both keep and even strengthen the relationship between the department and the Lakewood community – and I don’t mean the many agencies in our township that have that good relationship but the regular people of this town that I think would appreciate an opportunity to meet and greet a police officer once in a while…

  13. Stop the out-of-control Simcha Halls in residential neighborhoods. People’s daily lives are being ruined because there’s nowhere near enough parking for the staff and guests!

  14. Stop the runaway school trailers popping up all over without planning board approval and an opportunity for the neighborhood to have their concerns addressed.

  15. Make any developer who wants to build, pay for mitigation of the traffic mess he is casing. If you build single family homes you pay one price. If you build duplexes with rentable basements you pay quadruple.

  16. No more dead ends. This is the primary casue of traffic in Lakewood. All developments must open to as much streets as possible.

    Traffic, Traffic, Traffic.

  17. Repave Brookfield drive.

    More transparency on township budgets.

    Revitalize downtown Lakewood, why does it look like a slum.

    Bike lanes so buchurim can be safe.

    Zoning board overhaul

  18. Outlaw cul de sacs; we need more cross streets. Stop developing neighborhoods that exit onto already overwhelmed areas, make multiple exits/entrances when planning new housing. Install more sidewalks & streetlights. Enforce traffic laws. Fix roads, there are lots of potholes in Lakewood.

  19. Heres an idea:

    Have them go back and read this post from the past 5 years. None of it has been taken to heart and nothing has been fixed.

    And uet they keep getting re-elected because no one else runs against them.

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