Christie’s Medicaid Overhaul Could Have Severe Effect On Many Lakewood Residents

dr_shanik's_offc_tlsToday, the Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony on Gov. Christie’s plan to slash Medicaid by $300 million, in attempt to overhaul healthcare. Democrats slamming the Governor for his overhaul attempt say low-income residents will have no choice but to purchase more expensive insurance.

Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement today following the hearing :

“The governor’s plan to slash Medicaid funding should worry every family and individual in New Jersey, some of whom are already reeling under the governor’s cuts to health care for women and their children”. “Medicaid helps low-income families and individuals afford medical care. Under the governor’s uncertain plan, many will end up having no choice but to seek more expensive health care in emergency rooms, costing taxpayers dearly”.

“The Medicaid program may need changing and flexibility, but the people of New Jersey need to know what the plan will be to preserve access to quality health care. So far, the administration hasn’t been able to explain one”. “When you prepare a budget, it’s best to minimize risk. Trying to save $300 million through an undefined Medicaid cut that needs federal approval, when the budget surplus is going to $303 million, is a huge risk.

“This cut could seriously jeopardize health care for the state’s most vulnerable residents.”

However, not all are against the Governor’s plan.

Assembly Republican Budget Officer Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth and Mercer,  is an example of those in support of the plan.

“The Christie administration faced an extremely difficult task to make sure our state’s most vulnerable still has access to quality healthcare at a time that New Jersey lost almost $1 billion in federal funds from last year to this year. I’m pleased to see the administration responded to this challenge with an ambitious effort to reform the program so that it can provide better healthcare for the most vulnerable with less federal resources”.

“Despite the Democrats’ attempts to muddy the water by throwing false and irresponsible doom-and-gloom scenarios, less money does not always mean less services. There are better ways of delivering healthcare and the Governor’s plan will maximize federal dollars, root out fraudulent and wasteful strains on the system and improve access to early screening and treatment to make sure every dollar we spend is used as efficiently and effectively as possible”.

“The problems facing Medicaid are felt nationwide, not just in New Jersey. Governor Christie’s approach – based on other states’ successful models – will ensure that with responsible governance, access to healthcare will always be available for those who need it.”

Should the Governor have his way, thousands of Lakewood residents benefiting from the program, could be affected. TLS.

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  1. I knew a senior citizen who owned a home and was on medicaid. When she died Medicaid put a lien on her home for a large amount of money it claimed she owed back to Medicaid. Her estate had to pay off the lien prior to the closing of the sale of the home. So don’t think Medicaid is “free”.

  2. some things in life are not free….. you have to pay in to get out. its like a bank if you dont deposit theres no withdraw.. then again depends who you are…!!!!!

  3. let gov Christie come to lakewood were he got 75% of the vote and explain his plan.Let him listen to the low income famalies that without medicaid would have no option but to use emergency rooms or go into debt by purchasing expensive insurance.

  4. to number 1
    you are confusing medicaid and medicare. Medicare is for seniors which they pay a low premium for. Medicaid is for low income residents which is free.
    We are constantly asking for lowering property taxes but we dont want any of our pet projects to be cut. We want free health insurance. We want every kid to get into schi and tiny tots to stay open etc. Its better for the govt to get out of our health ins and lower our taxes.

  5. the governor doesn’t care. All he cared about was the 75% of the votes he got here. After that, he only cares about cuts, cuts, cuts. He only cares about the rich and forget you or I. Maybe we should send him a message. We won’t vote for him again.

  6. These low income famalies are still paying property taxes through the roof.There are other wastefull programs to cut before medicaid.Secondly regardless of the cuts the taxes have not come down yet.

  7. Many of these same families that can’t afford insurance are living in gorgeous HUGE houses, buying their kids expensive Italian clothing, and any other thing they can dream of. Time for everyone to learn to live within their means, and NO I shouldn’t have to pay for your insurance when you spend much more money on everything else than I do.

  8. To # 4 –

    You are wrong. Medicaid does place liens on recipient’s homes and they do get taken away by the State after the beneficiary’s demise. So, don’t be mistaken that Medicaid is totally for free. Sometimes it’s just deferred payment.

  9. Boruch Hashem we are finally seeing the cuts that we so desperately need.

    The other choice is for the state to go bankrupt, and then there will be no money for anything.

    The cuts are coming in all programs and benefits, and the oilam needs to plan accordingly.

    In a few years there will be cuts to every single program. Lakewood needs to wake up. This is happening in states accross the nation. Even the liberal Cuomo in New York is cutting. Only Obama refuses to cut federal spending.

    But hopefully enough Republicans will be voted in to stop the out of control federal spending as well.

    The eitzah I believe is for the oilam to begin preparing for this reality, and try to set up income from other sources.

    Forewarned. Better prepared. Hopefully we’ll survive the coming crisis.

  10. to #7. Public employee: Guess what I USED to have a job (blue collar). know what it’s like to pay your way, and now, since I got layed off CAN’T FIND A JOB. My family needs this medical coverage and you say this is nice????????

  11. How about you explain to me why I (the taxpayer) should pay for your insurance & every other program. You may have voted for Christie, but guess what?… That don’t mean he has to redistribute my wealth

  12. Everyone in our community is soooo politically conservative. They talk and talk about those horrible liberals and how they only know how to solve problems by spending money. They talk about reducing govt. spending. And then when the spendng cuts come, they scream, “no, I didn’t mean that MY program should be cut. It’s too important. I meant the OTHER programs!” Maybe you’re right, but then don’t just spout the conservative talk without thinking what it really means. When conservatives say “Cut spending,” they mean across the board. Think about it next time you curse out the liberals who got you those programs to begin with.

  13. medicaid is not for senior citizens. Number 1 was refering to a senior citizen who get MEDICARE. Christie is cutting MEDICAID which is for low income and is basically free.

  14. The liberals gave out all the programs because they wanted everyone to be dependent on them. That way we will always have to keep voting them back into power.

    The fact that all this spending is destroying our country doesn’t make any Democrat bat an eyelash. They don’t care. They’d rather that our country become like Communist Russia, as long as they keep their power.

    Now when the country is waking up to the looming disaster, and we want to cut the out-of-control-spending, the liberals come back and say, “you see, the Republicans want to take away all your freebies that we got you from those that work and pay taxes”. So vote for the liberals and we’ll get you even more programs!!!

    Ha ha! Within the next few years, the Chinese will stop lending us money, and then there will not be ANY money left.

    That means, that EVERY program will be cut!

    So yes, it hurst to cut those freebies that the liberals promised everyone, but at the same time, when we think with our heads instead of our emotions, we will all realize that the time has come to stop relying on the government and provide for ourselves instead.

    Because the government will not be there for us anymore, in the very near future.

    Even Tim Gethner, Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, said this month (in testimony to Congress) that the federal deficits are unsustainable. (He didn’t explain why Obama continues to push his budget which contains those very deficits that are sustainable. Even when repeatedly asked by the Republicans, he dodged the question, but again admited that it is unsustainable.)

    My fellow Lakewooders,

    I hope that every one of us has enough Parnossah for all our needs. I just want to open your eyes to the crisis that is brewing in America, and make you aware that it is possible that Hashem wants to provide us with Parnossah in a different way than government programs. Because the winds definitely look like they will be going in a different direction than government programs, for a long time to come.

    Fasten your seatbelt!

  15. There are three possibilities for the government, which doesn’t have the money to pay for all these programs.

    1. Raise taxes to astronomical levels. This will destroy the economy, and force businesses (taxpayers) to lay off millions of workers accross the country, making even more people unemployed and poor, and creating a vicious cycle of layoffs.

    2. Print trillions to pay back the debt and pay for all the programs. This will cause hyperinflation. People will not be able to afford to buy the most basic necessities. Read up on the hyperinflation in Germany in the 1920’s and early 1930’s for an idea what would happen to America as well.

    3. Cut programs. This will hurt alot of people who depend on these programs. It will also force people to become self sufficient, work harder and longer hours to provide for their basic necessities, and may actually cause some people to work. Some people will not be happy.

    So what should the government do?

    It’s a tough choice. It’s the dillema that Europe is facing, and many of those countries are cutting programs left and right.

    What is definitely clear, is that America has the best chance surviving as a free country for our grandchildren ONLY if America chooses Option 3. Just as America became the most free and prosperous country in the history of mankind by sticking with Option 3 for the first 15o years of its existence.

    May Hashem have mercy on us all, as this country will be going through some very tumultous years in the near future.

  16. There is an unfortunate reality – health insurance costs too much. I work and pay over $1100 PER MONTH for health insurance (Lest you think this is for a ‘high-end’ plan, my copays are $30 office/$50 specialist etc). An idea might be to create lower cost insurance plans.

  17. Before Christie make cuts let him address that problem.When he was running he promised to allow to change the law to allow people to buy cheaper out of state insurance policies.The least he can do is keep his word.

  18. To # 15,

    You are incorrect. Many seniors receive both Medicare and Medicaid. MEDICAID Liens have been placed on homes and medical expenditures have been recouped. These programs are not always free. They can cost the beneficiary estate big time.

  19. To school Teacher. 75% of Lakewood voted for Christie and support his initiatives. 25% do not. Those 25% are liberals who spend much time on blogs and make comments. They are the ones who are crying every time there is a cut. It is NOT the same people. 75% still stands behind both the Governor and the local politicians who are making these cuts. Do not let yourself be fooled by the few comments from those who never voted for conservatives to begin with, as if they represent the majority. They are in the deep minority.

  20. This IS from #1Anonymous —-
    – I said Medicaid and I mean MEDICAID!!!!!!! Not medicare. Seems a couple of you can’t read. Also seems a couple of you CAN read.

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