WATCH: Covid-19 Update: Zombies(!), Tracking Chips, the 911 Bad, Good, and Catastrophic News | Dr. Rich Roberts

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  1. Question: I’m a fan of yours. So I’m very suprised that in the video your wearing a mask with an exhalation valve?
    That’s always been considered a “no-no”? Since you are protected but are exhaling unfiltered breathes.

  2. Dr. Roberts,
    We are ready for a series of videos on financial topics. How to make money and spend it wisely.
    How much time to spend working vs family.
    How to choose the proper charities to support.
    How to maintain business and personal friendships.

    These topics will really be helpful.


  3. Dr. Roberts, we love your videos! Keep them coming!
    Question: If me and my wife had covid already, with positive covid and anti body tests 5 months ago, now my kids have covid, and our antibody tests now came back negative, do we have to quarantine?

  4. The major question I have right now , last Purim , our org missed out on stopping by your party
    What about this Purim?
    Any mail in or drive by options

  5. I have to disagree with u on the mask, many people were super careful on the mask and got convid anyways
    We are all choking from these masks, how could u even propose 5000 fines for outdoors, when the people are choking financially and the masks have not been proven to help (just ask Baltimore about that )

  6. You had me until the 5k for not wearing a mask off your property. That should be tweaked to public property indoors. We all have a right to breath unhindered when outdoors and socially distanced. Also when on private property it should be up to us – we are big children

  7. The ministry of health contradicts you on 2 issues. There were 100 verified documented cases of REINFECTION recently last month. The South African virus has protection to some degree on today’s report but caution is still urged. Israel ministry of health is very reliable and gedolim say to listen to it. Also 1 verified documented cases from covid 19 REINFECTION min of health. We don’t know about asymptomatic REINFECTION at this point and passing on virus. This is a topic debated amongst world leading infectious disease experts.

  8. Very nice video except 9/11 made me a zombie. I’m dying without any help. Please lose the 9/11 analogy and find something else. How about a natural disaster? 9/11 was planned. Are you implying this was too?

  9. The ministry of health in israel has stated today the vaccine is effective but less against the s African strain. The airport has been closed not to let this strain in plus others. Currently the UK strain has been taking over. All additional safeguards such as masks distancing washing should continue.

  10. Thank you so much for taking of your time to help educate us
    I really have a renewed appreciation for taking proper precautions, and look forward to more videos from you
    Not sure where/how to subscribe

  11. Dr Roberts, keep the videos coming….. high quality and reliable information is much appreciated.
    For those who had the virus already do you still suggest holding off on vaccine for now??????

  12. This is too reductivist. Those of us wary of the vaccine, the bulk of us, are not thinking zombies and implants or any kind of conspiracy theories. We’re thinking that we don’t want to be the first in line for a vaccine that could have ramifications down the line. I’m glad you believe in the science behind the vaccine. You are one of the many test humans for this experimental mRNA vaccine which has been rushed to FDA approval. And the rest of humanity can thank you for it.

    As to reinfection, who’s to say long-covid is not due to reinfection? You can pass off some post-infection symptoms due to lasting tissue damage, like persistent trouble breathing, due to damage to bronchi and lungs. But in articles all across the internet, such as this one,

    people are reporting getting FEVERS down the line from covid. A woman in that article, Kloiber, got fever in March 22, thought she was healed, and then again had a bout of fever and chills, primary covid symptoms that left her feeling back at “square one” as she put it, seven months later in October. Surely, with a fever, this cannot simply be termed, a lasting effect of a prior covid infection, but the body is fighting something new, and viral, a reinfection. Yet doctors have claimed these long covid folks do not have the virus anymore. Maybe our current science does not detect the virus well enough at times, perhaps it has embedded itself into the cell structure with such nuance that it evades detection. The doctors are admitting long covid is a mystery to them. Well, then, why should it be called long covid, why not reinfection. Seems like a game of semantics to me.

    Also, regarding reinfections, a study done called SIREN on

    found 44 possible reinfections in a test of 6600 people. People who had covid, got well, and then got covid again. They called these 44 cases “possible reinfections”, for some odd reason, the medical community has been hesitant to confirm reinfections. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to tell people they can get covid again and again, and have people worrying like crazy and feeling all hope is lost. Perhaps it’s because scientists and doctors want laypeople to keep listening to them and their guidelines and rules and place their faith in them that the medical community can get this virus under control. If the scientists and doctors admit reinfection is real, a lot less people will want to take a vaccine or follow other guidelines they publish. Because they will assume the doctors are clueless as to how to eradicate the virus permanently.

    Your mask advice is likewise the kind of stuff doctors use to make “arguments from authority”. Meaning that because medical authorities such as scientists and doctors say it, one should do it, regardless of proven efficacy. The fact is that, as laypeople can testify, people with masks on get covid all the time. The numbers of rising sick show masks have done nothing at all to head off this virus. They are not proven to work. The mask is but a tool, a red herring, used by the scientific community to keep people listening to them. They say people aren’t doing it enough. Despite the fact that there are many people who’ve gotten sick even though they’ve worn masks religiously. There is no mystery to mask wearing. The only person who should wear a mask is a person who has covid and is out among other people, so that they don’t spray droplets when they cough or sneeze on people next to them. But for those folks it would be better to stay home or at the hospital entirely till they are recovered. For the rest of us, who are symptom free, masks are ludicrous and stifling. I don’t care what you publish about masks and breathability. I for one cannot stand wearing them, they are restrictive. And block healthy air flow. I am wearing them indoors according to government guidelines, but am very concerned that Biden will try to make more laws requiring mandatory mask wearing everywhere.

    • Anyone who reads the SIREN link I posted might think it was 44 reinfections in 14000 (which would still be significant). But no, as the study abstract itself documents, 14,000 was number of the negative cohort, meaning those participants in the study who never had covid before (the negative cohort participants developed more than 44 cases, they developed 318 new cases of covid during the 5 months of the study).

      The 44 cases of “possible” reinfection were among the positive cohort of 6600, positive cohort meaning people who already had healed covid and had tested positive for covid antibodies in their system. The population of 6600 people who had previously recovered from covid got 44 new “possible reinfections” despite the presence of antibodies.

      So, for those without antibodies, 318 fresh cases among 14000 people is 2.27% new infections during 5 months. And, for those with antibodies, 44 cases of reinfection in 6600 people is .67 per cent infections during 5 months of testing. If we take the two percentages as representative of covid infection in population, and use it to calculate the risk of reinfection. .67/2.27= .295 Which would signify a potential risk for reinfection in 30% of all folks who had healed from covid and produced antibodies. The study lowballed this number using an adjusted odds ratio down to 17%, and said antibodies are 83% protective. Still, even according to authors of the SIREN study itself, that means that there is potential for 17% of all covid patients to experience reinfection within 5 months of recovery from covid. This data is from 2020, and does not account for the new variants which may make the reinfection numbers even higher.

      The fact that this data was accrued in 2020 means reinfection during covid has always been a SERIOUS reality, with 17% of all patients experiencing “possible reinfection” in a five month span of monitoring and evaluation. According to Dr. Susan Hopkins of the Department of Infectious Disease at the Imperial College of London, this SIRENS study is the largest study of covid reinfection to date, published January 14, 2021. You can view the abstract here:

      Covid-19 Past infection provides 83% protection for five months.

  13. The reinfections that were put out by the Israel Ministry of Health do not include asymptomats which is an unknown and unproven yet but the rate could be way higher which should serve as a warning..New data is changing and in the meantime vigilance is required.

  14. People who don’t wear masks are murderers. The young community are not caring abt klal Israel. . How many more people do u want to die before u start caring? Young women are having miscarriage from covid. Ther is no age restriction for covid and the terrible long term side effects it causes. If Everybody wore masks there wld be a huge drop in infection. Nobody likes wearing a mask but, until everybody complies, we are never going to get rid of this. Why should HATZOLAH and hospital workers put their lives on the line for people who deliberately go without masks and contract the virus? Stop being so selfish and do what you’re supposed to do.who made you above the law? I agree with fining $5,000 for not wearing masks outside ur home

    • ummmmm….. you need to calm down.
      Hatzolah members are not “risking their lives”. They either all had it or are vaccinated by now.
      Nobody claims that masks prevent one from getting it. They only prevent one from giving it. Yet despite this fact being well known, control freaks like you and your friends in the media keep insisting that people who don’t wear masks are somehow to blame if they contract Covid.
      THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE SHOWING ANY RISK OF CONTRACTING COVID WHILE OUTDOORS. SO HOW CAN YOUR CONTROL FREAK LITTLE MIND JUSTIFY FINING SOMEONE $5,000 FOR NOT WEARING A MASK OUTDOORS?? Once again control freaks refusing to follow the science- thinking that if they somehow work on controlling more and more human actions the virus will magically disappear.

  15. A few questions which you didn’t answer. Why are governments counting deaths for people who didn’t die of covid19 as covid19? How many people died solely because of the virus and not other reasons?
    Why use a vaccine which has not yet been proven safe when people under 60 have no problem getting over it?
    Why are cities or states with no restrictions doing better then cities and states with restrictions?
    If people are social distancing and using masks, why are they still catching it? Has it been proven that it actually helps or does it make it worse? Why did governments make lockdowns which are causing more deaths and harm to the people?

    • Your statements are simply untrue, one after the next.
      The ‘government’ may make some mistakes, but covid deaths are covid deaths. In fact, if anything they are undercounted. I saw a death certificate of someone who died of covid, and it did not say covid.
      The vaccine is proven safe. At least as safe as the kishke you eat on Shabbos.
      People under 65 sometimes don’t have a problem getting over covid. And sometimes they do. Some survive after a bout in the hospital, others don’t. But the idea that covid is harmless and the vaccine is harmful is ludicrous. We have much much more information about long term harm from the virus than from the vaccine.
      It is not true that cities and states without restrictions are doing better. Sometimes, the cause and effect are reversed, when places with high numbers have restrictions, the restrictions did not retroactively cause case.
      People aren’t socially distancing and they aren’t wearing masks. At least not in sufficient numbers to make enough of a difference.

      Lockdowns are not causing deaths, it is simply a canard.

  16. Saved many lives last Purim by cancelling his annual Purim Party and explaining why. Hopefully some others had copied thus cancelled theirs or toned theirs down. Unimaginable on how much lives were spared.
    What recommendations does he have for this Purim? Packaged stuff only; no home-made stuff? Give and receive outdoors only?

  17. Yes anon, really no one outside should need to be wearing masks. Because folks with Covid should be home or at the hospital recuperating. The only potential upside of wearing a mask is if a Covid patient coughs/sneezes or exhales directly at another person who has to get close to them like a nurse or caregiver, as the CDC guidelines stated initially. (But that’s only for those close interactive moments, as long term mask wearing is definitely stifling for a Covid patient who has respiratory problems.)

    In typical locations, even indoors, if you are speaking from a few feet of distance, most people know reflexively to cover their mouth or nose when they cough or sneeze near other folks to limit the direct transmission of their germs to others. Very few people are coughing and sneezing directly into other people’s faces. So wearing masks in public situations does very little to improve what we already do as a normal course of action, and that’s why masks don’t offer a real advantage in stopping direct transmission.

    We are breathing in and out, even with masks on, as is normal to do, and dispersing particles in the air in random patterns, and that’s how Covid is being tramsmitted. Even with the n95 mask on you still have 10% of small particles and droplets escape your mask and float into the general vicinity in a random pattern as reported on WebMD. So you are breathing in and out and dispersing germs into the air even with your mask on. It’s just the way it is. Covid is airborne, as the CDC acknowledged. It is being picked up indirectly as droplets linger in the air in indoor locations all over the world, nothing that masks can prevent.

  18. Looks like he spent to many long hours in his basement playing shoot the zombie games. They say the corona lock down is not beneficial for mental health.

  19. Thank you Dr. Roberts. As most of us don’t have the option of getting any vaccine yet, I signed up for the Johnson and Johnson trial. I got my 1st shot this past Thursday. I’m curious about your position on joining these late stage studies where the safety seems to be established in the earlier stages. In addition, I join those who’re requesting more non you-tube clips as my filter won’t allow any you-tube.

  20. sam the man
    many people with COVID do not know they have COVID and so according to your standards, they would be spreading illness unknowingly
    If a mask prevents 90% of droplets from spreading – wouldnt that spread less disease?

  21. Anon, viral load is the highest at symptom onset, so you are most infectious when you actually feel sick.

    “8 of 13 studies showed the highest viral loads reported soon or after symptom onset, or day 3 to 5 of illness.”

    “Viral load of SARS-Cov-2, and the period of greatest infectivity, appeared to peak in the upper respiratory tract early in the disease course of COVID 19 — from symptom onset to day 5.


    This makes sense like everything in life. When Covid takes over in the body, and starts producing symptoms, you are the most infectious you can be.

    So if you are feeling okay, have no covid symptoms yet, you are likely to be less infectious too. Obviously, there are some people who may be on the cusp of symptoms and have some level of viral load walking among us. It is gonna happen. But mostly, the folks who actually feel sick are the most infectious. They should not be walking around, but should either be at home or the hospital.

    As to your second question about masks, the 10% of particles that get through the n95 mask are the most infectious ones because they are the most tiny particles and thus are nearly weightless and linger in the air more. And not only that, but masks actually produce smaller particles because of the material itself, with its tiny holes, which divides up the larger droplets into fractions of their initial size. In short they AEROSOLIZE the virus, by making the particles tiny to keep them airborne.

    “It is well established that wearing fibrous cellulosic materials like cotton and paper can release large quantities of micron scale particles into the air.”

    “Wearing masks while breathing, significantly increased this fraction of particles in the smallest size range (eg. to as high as 60% for the k95 respirator).” see:

    Also, regarding aerosolization from personal protective equipment and clothing contributing viral dustlike particles:

    “Recent work by Liu et al demonstrated that some of the highest counts of SARS-COV-2 (Covid 19) occurred in hospital rooms where workers doffed their PPE, suggesting the virus was potentially being aerosolized from virus contaminated clothing or PPE, or resuspended from virus contaminated dust on the floor.” again see:

    Masks as a result are actually contributing to the transmission of covid, because they contribute a higher count of the most tiny, micronic and dangerous particles. Smaller particles are more dangerous as this study asserts:

    “First, smaller particles persist in the air for longer time period before setting by gravity, thus increasing the probability of inhalation by susceptible individuals. Second, smaller particles have a larger probability of penetrating further into the respiratory tract of a susceptible individual to initiate a lower respiratory tract infection.” see:

    So wearing a mask and divvying up particles into tiny little spores is actually more harmful. The 10% that leak out of the most effective masks are tiny and more dangerous than the larger more weighty particles one breathes out naturally without a mask on, that sink to the floor soon after they are exhaled.

  22. A returning traveler to israel
    just tested positive for REINFECTION for the s African strain he picked up in Turkey. He is asymptomatic with no effects. In August he tested pos covid very sick and cleared later. It was original strain. Even though asymptomatic he should be isolated and masked because if so he can spread to others. This should be a warning.

  23. I agree with your point on taking the vaccine. However, at this point you are just adding to my frustration. Let me explain. I am a 60 year old female who has BH never gotten Covid. I also have no anti bodies. I would love to get the vaccine but it is totally unattainable to me. I have tried numerous websites and phone calls and everything leads to a dead end. Is there any way that you can help me navigate the system so that I can be one of the lucky ones? Thank you.

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