Was That Your Vehicle Blocking Someone’s Driveway On Forest Avenue? Well It Was Towed

towing at bmgIf you’ve parked on Forest Avenue today and wondered where your car disappeared to, chances are it was your vehicle that was towed. Police were called to the BMG are by area residents a short time ago after vehicles blocked their driveway, making it difficult for them to get in and out.

Police had the vehicles towed. TLS-HB/TLS-CCP.

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  1. well done LPD

    no excuse for blocking someone in, it is inconsiderate and thoughtless. i am glad you were towed and I am glad you will have to fork over a hefty fee to redeem your car

  2. Can TLS contact the post office and inquire why we did not receive mail all week including yesterday? My street and mailbox in Red Oaks have been very accessible to vehicular traffic since Tuesday evening.

    I’m getting nervous that I won’t see any mail today either. I hope the mailmen aren’t making bogus excuses in order not to deliver!

  3. #4 your logic is astounding. what chutzpah some people exhibit in parking near their batei medrash, placing their time in yeshiva ahead of any consideration of other people’s rights or needs. I know its a minority of talmidei hayeshiva, but it is an outrageous statement about the misplaced priorities of many in the yeshivishe velt.

  4. I don’t feel bad for anyone who blocked a driveway and got towed. What if there was an emergency and the resident couldn’t get out because he/she was blocked in let this be an expensive lesson. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Not only were we blocked in in the middle of December for some kind of function/celebration our new neighbors had. What hurt the most to us was that some cars were parked on the driveway and the property of our good neighbor/friend of 20+ years who passed away a few months ago (his home was empty), and also blocked our driveway. My daughter couldn’t pull into our driveway to pick up my grandson, who we were taking care of for a few hours that day. Again, have some respect! It’s not all about you or me either: it’s about ALL of us.

  6. to C #8. Your comment is proof positive that amei horatzos is still a force out there. Which cracker Jack box did you get your chinuch from? Maseira means turning over a yid to hostile chevra that would punish him in a fashion crueler than what Torah would punish him (no Torah is not cruel)/ What’s the problem here?? Someone misbehaved and blocked someone’s driveway. Police/Tow were called to move the vehicle.

  7. If you ever block my driveway, I will call the police immediately. I will not ask my rav, I will not call daas torah, and I will not ask you kindly to move it. I will simply call the police.

    You are hereby forewarned.

  8. #12 you are right! those december parties! I wish they didn’t have them! x-mas, new years’ drunken revelry, 4th of July fireworks. all the noise and commotion…if only those goyim would think first…. OOOPSSSS!!! Just realized you were bashing the Jews!!!! Sorry for missunderstanding! (Honestly, you have every right to complain about being blocked in, but what did that have to do with a December party? you can say the same thing about the one person you take issue with, without bashing your “new neighbors”. There was plenty more issues before they came. Try Golfview for one…) For your info, I do NOT live in Raintree…
    (a freilichen purim!)


    if you block my driveway in, i will personal chain & truck yank your car away. if it ruins something- have fun, ill see you in court.

  10. Wow did anyone stop to think maybe he di not realise he was blocking the driveway.Perhaps it was covered with snow by the plow and he didnt see there is a driveway there.what happened to dan lkaf zechus why is everyone so quick to critisize.

  11. I once heard a psak from a well known posek that if someone blocks you in, you have the right to push him out of your way even if his car gets damaged. No one in his right mind should block someone’s driveway even if he Chas V’sholom has to walk further to get where he is going.

  12. To #14. Thanks anyway. However, I’m not upset by my neighbors at all. Sorry it sounded that way. I was just venting. Over it now. Happy New Year to ALL! Be safe.

  13. Calling the LPd is the right way to handle a problem, don’t take matters into your own hands, The LPD is there to handle people who show no respect for others such as blocking your driveway .

  14. To # 19. Shovel in front of your mailbox. Leave enough room for the mail truck to come and leave, otherwise you won’t get your mail. Don’t expect the mail person to get out of his truck and deliver your mail! I got mail Wednesday and Thursday – yes, I shoveled a lot!!

  15. I would unscrew the license plates and leave them a note on how to get it back! If they had a valid excuse, fine. If not , I would make them Jump thru hoops to get them back.

  16. Guy one time block the drive way, the neighbor and myself proceed to jack the car up and put cinder blocks under the frame so the wheels sat about two inches off the ground. We then left in the neighbors car to share a liquid lunch at a local establishment. I was told the guy had to hire a tow truck to lift the car off the blocks because he didn’t have a jack

    Not recommending my course of action but you get the drift. I saved the guy lots of money by not signing a ticket, the tow truck was cheaper way out and less stressful for me. Never had another problem after that

    We still laugh about that afternoon when we get together from time to time.

  17. thats the answer to the snow removal—15 people get stuck in the snow from one end of town to the other—-massive grid lock—go ahead and blame the government

  18. According to a posek I spoke to you have a right to remove the vehicle even if it causes damage to it. You do NOT have a right to have it ticketed or towed. This is not a hefker velt. Even if you’re frustrated.

  19. You all sound like loving jews. If someone blocks your driveway either call the cops, pop his tires, jack it up, bust the windows, remove the plates………….

    Sounds like Sodom to me.
    Now everyone screams, what! Sodom? Can you imagine how disgusting a person has to be to block a driveway? What kind of Yid? His learning is worthless, he has no priorities, what has the yeshiva taught him blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

    First of all, last I checked there is a mitzvah of being dan lkaf zichus. This is a great case. violation #1.

    And if he really did it on purpose?
    Guess what? Its all true. He has zero priorities…..

    But there is still violation #2
    revenge. Lo sikom

    And violation #3, lo sisneh. Hatred (even if justified)
    And violation #4. viahavta lireicha kamocha
    and probably some more too.

    So your right…….. but you sinned twice.


  20. their were 4 cars blocking this guys driveway and parked right in middle of the block. the caller that called pd first sent someone in to bmg to call out the car owners 3out of 4 came out the party was notified that if he doesnt come now his car will get towed and get a ticket. noone came the guy called pd and when pd showed up they waited 35 minutes before they called the tow truck to give the guy a few extra minutes. right when the tow truck pulled up the guy came out. i guess he came out a little 2 late. please do yourself a favor and watch where u park . you will get towed and ticketed if ur blocking driveways or fire lanes or fire hydrents

  21. TO an admirer says Quote ” You do NOT have a right to have it ticketed or towed”
    says who ? believe me if its blocking my driveway they will be lucky thats all that they have to deal with.

  22. “it may be wrong to block a driveway but its WORSE to call pd! the man got a ticked + impondment!! ‘REALLY???”
    You reap what you sow ` inconsiderate people in the end will be treated the same way they treat others
    They deserved it , those who don’t show concern for others deserve no respect in return

  23. battery went dead,so that is where the car stayed,township is to blame,should have droven thru the night before storm with a bullhorn telling residents all cars off the road,if not a fine will be issued

  24. 1. the path to my mailbox was clear from the road but someone parked right in front of it and no mail…
    2. Since we are privileged to get about five calls PER NIGHT about raffles, sales etc, that we DO NOT WANT, don’t you think someone in the Township could have been smart enough to use these #$% services to call all residents (many of whom may NOT have internet, news, radio etc) and tell them to park off the streets over Shabbos so roads could be plowed….

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