Was lethal force at the US Capitol warranted?

By now many have seen the graphic videos showing the shooting of Ashli Babbit at the US Capitol.

Babbit, a Trump supporter, was a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the US Air Force.

For those who haven’t seen the video, the woman was seen breaching a broken window to what appears to be the House Chamber. While in the window, a man believed to be Secret Service member, can be seen taking a shot at her, striking her and killing her.

The D.C. Metro Police Chief said the department’s Internal Affairs Unit is investigating the shooting.

On social media, naturally there are those defending the actions of the officer, and those blaming him for using lethal force.

Do you feel the fatal shooting was warranted?


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  1. If the victim was black the rioting over the shooting would have overwhelmed the reports on the invasion of the capital.

    The news headlines would have been about the unarmed black person shot by police. Everything would have fallen by the wayside.

  2. The building was swarming with all sorts of ppl that didn’t belong there. Why he felt the need to shoot at that moment is beyond my understanding. While i strongly feel that these ppl didn’t belong there in the first place, i still think she didn’t deserve to die as a result.

  3. Yes, indeed lethal force was warranted. I’m sorry that this woman died, but the mob overran the police and took over the Capitol building of the USA.. That is major practically and symbolically!! Police had to react strongly. She did something extremely illegal and unfortunately paid the ultimate price. What I want to know is how the police were overrun so easily? Shouldn’t they have been more prepared?

  4. Yes. The seat of our Government was attacked and needed to be defended.
    At the same time lethal force was justified when the White House was attacked back in May. Yet the president was vilified for using tear gas to clear out “mostly peaceful” protesters.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    • The White House was not desecrated. I do not understand what you mean that the White House was attacked. The protesters that Trump cleared for a photo shot with “a Bible” did not invade the White House. Even his own Secretary of Defense condemned what he did.

      How can you not be shocked, whether Unionist or Confederate, that Capitol of the United States was breached?

      We must ask perhaps, how was it possible? After all, wasn’t the President in Washington at the time? What happened to his “law and order?” Shameful!

      Trump is all alone. The only problem is that staff and cabinet members will be reluctant to resign fearing who he might appoint to replace them until his awful term comes to an end.

  5. watch the video (very graphic and sad) there’s no way lethal force was okay. its terrible. never understand why these people shoot to kill. take out a leg or a shoulder, why a one shot kill??

  6. Every single human being is a precious child of the Almighty. It does not make a difference what color your skin is. We are all the children of the One above.
    We should all be crying when a human being gets killed.

    • I think you missed the memo where one can lose their tzelem.
      And who told you that “every single being” is a child of the “One above”?

      I for one believe that a “ba b’machteres” may be shot (if you know what that is), so while I did not see the video to say she SHOULD be shot, your bleeding heart statement is as far from what I consider true as possible

  7. We will never know, everyone who broke in should be prosecuted to the full extrnt of the law unlike the blm rioters and antifa terrorists who caused millions in damages and were all basically let off. Murphey is now sending some SP to help yet did nothing when his people were setting churches on fire and attacking the white house. Its a bit rich for the democftas and their media shills to condemn violent protests when for months they were defending and supporting violent protests.

  8. It’s a shame a young person with a while life ahead of her died for literally nothing! However, you don’t storm the most important government building and expect anything less that lethal retaliation…

  9. Totally not justified. Aside from the horrible failure of the Capital police to do their job and prevent this situation from happening in the first place (they had plenty of time to do so) there is no way watching the footage of it happen that she can be seen doing something warranting shooting her in a manner guaranteed to kill. They could have shot her elsewhere first. And then a few more warning shots. Any argument for killing her is in essence saying that the police should shoot to kill without warning whenever faced by an unruly crowd. Not acceptable. No matter what the political beliefs of the ethnicity of that crowd is. There is also something obviously fishy about the police behavior last night. How did three other people die of “medical emergencies” ? What are the details they aren’t giving us?

    • Hey I like that argument!
      the police should shoot to kill when facing an unruly crowd… hmmm.

      while I dont agree with it, I think there is merit to it.

  10. They should have opened fire BEFORE anyone breached the Capitol. It is a disgrace for the country that such a thing was allowed to occur.

    Anyone who breached the building should have known that they were taking their life into their own hands. Which country would sit by and allow this?

  11. Lethal force NOT warranted. No one came close enough to a cop with a weapon or showing a weapon, after police unbarricaded everything
    For anyone watching no one was hurting anyone. I was a few people with trump flags walking around empty corridors inside

    If it was a black rally this country would be in flames with 4 unarmed black men dead the next day.
    This whole thing is a media farce. They couldn’t do it with impeachment so they think that by making a big stink now everyone will finally agree with them. Nothing changed buddy. Of course its wrong but proportionally to what goes on all day with the left and riots..its nothing.
    Maybe answer some questions and have some dialog and people will feel more heard. Maybe there is something to be about the media bias, you cant breath without being inundated by anti trump

  12. It was absolutely warranted. The protesters were armed and were not trying to break in to the chamber to have a picnic. We all know the halacha of ba b’machteres. You’re not supposed to allow the intruder any benefit of the doubt. If you do so, it is at your own peril.

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