VIDEO: With War Still Raging In Israel, Should We Cancel Our Midwinter Vacation Plans? | Ask The Rabbi, with Rav Chaim Mintz

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  1. With all our killed brethren in Eretz Yisroel yesterday…

    Hashem turned Yeshiva week into Shiva week!

    May Hashem be Menacheim their families, along with US MOURNERS of Tzion!

  2. I believe this was spoken about by the agudah convention. it was decided then, that its upto each family’s sensitivity and physical capabilities. if family needs a break to recharge, then that family needs to do whats right for them. this dor is weak, and everyone has to gauge themselves. i believe that was the gist of r yosef elfant and his chaver r Lopiansky’s answer. there isnt one answer for the whole community.
    please listen to their question and answers at the last convention to clarify for yourself first hand.

  3. just disconnect the “icemaker” and contact the “matchmaker” and you will have done more than enough of your share and responsibility to solve the community’s most pressing problems

    it’s not the vacations, it’s not the gashmiyus, it’s the fact that we are ignoring the light rail train of real people speeding towards a a bleak and solitary tomorrow

    stop the train now and let them get off and find a way to build a home before it’s too late for them

    every day this does not get resolved has been costing us in homes lost forever

    don’t be fooled this is real by the time it bites the victim is too numb to scream out for help please get off the tracks they are going one way in the wrong direction

    stop the madness

    stop sipping expensive coffee and smiling while others are being choked

    let’s free up the system and give everyone a chance to get married in time

  4. Agree 100% This should overwhelmingly be our focus but sadly for reasons I can’t comprehend only a few are seemingly even comprehending the nature of the issue despite that its the largest issue facing klal Yisroel today certainly in terms of amounts of people affected.

  5. Question is what if kids are not on the level to understand? What if the mother needs a break as well from kids being bored at home and its easier to entertain them at a a park?

  6. Thank you for calling this issue out for what it is! The expectations these days are not normal! People convince themselves it’s necessary but it’s really just for their own rationalization!

  7. I think there is a lot that can be taken from the first question posed and the answer given as well. It basically is the hashkafa of a lot of the “hock” that is being brought up. Like everything in life,we should be turning to daas Torah for topics like this.

  8. His answer is so sensitive and balanced…and his point about chinuch so important. It’s unfortunate that people sometimes have to be told the obvious.
    I hope you post more of these!

  9. My daughters works very hard in school and this is her big break. Its going to be a challenge but I am happy to have heard this before vacation starts.

  10. Rabbi Mintz – A breath of fresh air, i have watched some of this Q & A in the past. Always answers the question directly and to the point, no “gotcha” mentality, no change of the topic, just straight to the point.

    BUT – i have to disagree on the part of the trips. Unless you can get Toms River to tone it down as a whole, us parents will need to keep up with the Jones’s 🙂

  11. give your kids (and yourself) the confidence to not have to keep up with everyone else and you’ll get much further than Italy. its become a game of who can top this.
    Rav Chaim always has down to earth practical chinuch advice.

  12. Take the kids to visit Bubby and Zaidy! That’s what we did back in the day! Nothing like family bonding on a 8-hour road trip without a DVD player…

    • Thank you. I am a Zaidy who lives out of town and my kids never come to see us, even for Yom Tov. We have to drive from between 6-10 hours to see them.

  13. Couldn’t agree more!! (Not that a gadol needs a nobody like me to agree).
    Great job Lakewoodscoop for posting this!
    A few years ago there was a terrible Tzara in a bungalow colony and one of those families that was planning a big end of the summer family trip. They told me how can my kids go on a trip when this Tzara is so close to home.
    I would imagine if anyone had a Tzara close to their family r”l they would never be going on these crazy trips. Sadly we are so disconnected from acheinu bnei Yisrael. Like the Rav said do something… but how can one do something major?

  14. Yeshiva week has def gotten out of hand with everyone going to fl but i think that a vacation is stil important! Kids and adults need some time to decompress! I think the issue is that e.o. thinks they needs to have the same lifestyle as the next. Just bcz ur neighbor can afford it doesnt mean you can

  15. A change of pace for our children and ourselves helps to disconnect and recharge us. Weather it is a normal routine or being on vacation we can take time to reflect on the events in EY and use opportunities to daven and connect with Hashem.

  16. Beautiful hashkafa on how to raise our children to have inner depth and penimios, despite the draws of materialism and pleasure that can often infiltrate into our frum lifestyle. Thank you Rav Mintz!

  17. Clear guidance on this topic from R’ Chaim, every family should always do what’s best for them, without peer pressure, and whatever we can do to share in the pain of our brethren in Israel, each on their level, is meaningful. Thank you!

  18. Thank you Rabbi Mintz for being a voice of reason. I know many people who have cancelled their vacations due to the war in EY. They feel they do need a break and are taking a scaled down vacation explaining to their children why. I think this is a lesson for life.

  19. Rav Chaim is teaching the highest standard of empathy as practiced by the greatest Rabbanim.Unfortunately
    the vast majority of yidden are not holding there.I think it would have been better if Rav Chaim did not say this idea brabim.

  20. I appreciate that R’ Mintz spoke about this. I hadn’t seen it live on zoom, so I’m glad I could catch it here. There is a time and place for everything, and discretion should be used during THIS time (if one needs it for their health, sanity, well being, then go). While I was watching it, I thought that maybe us all spending less on excursions will mean a little extra tzedukah for those in need. A win-win and a show of compassion.

  21. I heartily agree with the Rav. Peer pressure regarding gashmiyus things is negatively affecting our children and communities. It’s truly against Torah-true values and is causing the frum lifestyle to spiral out of control.

    Also, Rabbi Chaim Mintz’ sensitivity for each family’s needs is praiseworthy

  22. We must be nosei ol chavero, and think about our brethren in Eretz Yisrael and what they are going through. Going away for mid-winter break is a luxury and children today are pampered and spoiled, unfortunately into thinking it is a yearly rite. Going to concerts would be included unless they begin with saying a few kapitl Tehilim and Acheinu… and perhaps start with slow contemplative songs that show the achdus of Klal Yisroel.

  23. @sheya from toms river – first step is choosing the right community to raise your kids in, someplace where the majority share your values and standard of living – so the peer pressure reinforces what you are trying to impart to your kids rather that conflicting

  24. Discerning. Not all the way no, not all the way yes. Sometimes you need it! Rabbi Mintz at his best.

    Another important part: when my neighbors do go away to some exotic place, give them the benefit of the doubt that they need the break!

  25. WELL SAID! Beautiful! Kids should be given confidence in being happy with what they have instead of insecurity that they need “stuff” to keep up and be happy.
    And feeling for our brethren everywhere!

  26. A gift in our world, Reb Chaim zol gezunt zein un shtark. He has been guiding us for more than half a century. May he continue to guide and we should all be zoche to greet Moshiach very soon, B’eh.
    You can hear many question and Answers on Oorah platform “Ask the Rabbi.”

  27. Big Chizuk! It’s easy to forget about a Tzoro when it’s not personal. A good reminder for us that no matter what or where we’re one nation!

  28. Thank you Rav Chaim for the clarity and for your constant clear guidance. It’s hard sometimes to know what is right and I think every parent should hear this!

  29. I’m Chas Vishal on not trying to argue with Rabbi Mintz . I have gone to Florida – Orlando with my family a few times . I always says that Orlando was built for Torah families to go on vacation… u can always find cheap tix like for under 100$ per person ….it ends up being the cheapest and most Torahdik vacation a family can ask for…
    If someone goes to a getaway no one screams because it’s not considered Florida …But the gashmius and living up to the jones plus the much more expensive bill is so much more than in Florida … 99% of people that go to Orlando do nothing more than enjoy the weather and go swimming …..
    When I was a kid if someone went to Florida they were the rich kids nowadays if u want to do anything simple with the family it will cost almost the same as going to Florida…

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