VIDEO: What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Means for the Average Businessman, Real Estate Owner and Consumer | Ira Zlotowitz, Gparency

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  1. Every tragedy has a wake up call message directly from Hashem that your not going to find in any sefer in the world or read in any newspaper from a Gadol Hador or speaker saying about the tragedy. And neither is the message from me an internet writer and businessman. The only honest answer is that it comes directly from Hashem above.


    1)In the Torah in the Parsha of Shemitta & Yovel, Hashem Guarantees & promises anyone that if they keep these Halachos they will always be taken care of. (either by getting double in the Sixth year or even having extra) Where is Shemitta & Yovel TODAY in the Diaspora? Where can we find this when outside of Israel is not even responsible for these Halachos? The answer is Hashem promises anyone that if he runs his business with %100 honesty (coming to work on time & not even a minute late, never using your office time to check your personal needs or the news on the computer, paying your employees on time etc…) he is guaranteed to always have money & never have the need to struggle to make ends meet. This is where we are holding today, for those of us that have been-& still are- honest, from before the economy started going downhill in the beginning of the century. They are the people
    that are guaranteed to make it through the economy-even- when it crashes.

    2)Why is the economy so bad today? Why is the whole world going down? For the past thousands of years there was always Avoda zara in the world-from the molech to the baal to the asheira tree etc…-todays avoda zara is MONEY, we are a servant to money, we serve money, we bow down to money, we let money talk & rule us. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to take it away from us Rachmana L’tzlan. But you can still save yourself from going down. if a person can use his money the right way & remember that it all comes from Hashem & it was just loaned to him (even though he worked for it), then he is the perfect person to continue holding Hashem’s money.

    3)Becoming a Baal Betuchen & Emuna (Faith & trust) is no simple matter. A person can’t just say, let me have faith in hashem, it is a long & Difficult journey. Becoming a person of Betuchen & Emuna in Hashem is an average of a 30 year journey minimum. (not from when your born, but from when the journey starts) Do you know what these 30 years are? Only the first 10 percent of the journey is learning every mussar sefer in the world, the other 90 percent of the journey is passing every single Nisayon (test) with Ahava (love) etc… , from accidents to robberies to deaths Chas V’Shalom etc… A true person of Faith knows the mishna in pirkei Avos that says the good & bad is all for the good every minute of the day , 24-7. Every Nisayon that a person gets from Hashem & passes, brings him closer & closer to Hashem & every test that a person experiences gets harder & harder, but a person can
    never ask Hashem why something bad is happening, because we all know that if a person was not able to pass a test then Hashem would never give it to him. Nothing in the world will effect a person of Bitachon, no matter what happens, cause he knows that everything Hashem does is for the good. Do you know what the reward for being a person of Faith & trust is? The reward is worth more then all the money in the world, the reward is the gift of Happiness, you get to be the happiest person in the world cause nothing in the world will effect you. Now can you tell me a better reward then that?.

    • Wow. Yehudah, you should be the keynote speaker at every major event that takes place around the world. Such unbelievable amazing Emunah.

  2. The hi tech in Israel took their money out of Israel in order to make the shekel come down, and they put their money in svb and Hashem showed them this.

  3. i consider myself a pretty educated person in this field, and i think this video was very accurate and informative to people reading and are educated but lacking a basic understanding of whats going on.
    I encourage the Lakewood Scoop to do more such informative speeches with pure information (no agendas) to help the Tzibur understand the world we live in and help make better decisions with Siateh Dishmaye

  4. Here’s the problem. How many of the big boys in SVB lost money? How many pulled out their funds before the collapse? Why is it always th red little guys who lose out?

    • The one’s who remember that ALL their money comes directly from Hashem-Yes even their hard earned money-never lose out on their business deals. They always remember that every penny they earn is just a loan from Hashem to get them through the year with their children and bills etc…. These are the ones who show Hashem that they can hold even billions of Hashems dollars and be the perfect middleman messenger and even give the money out to tzedaka by the Hundreds like Rechnitz

    • This bank lost do to poor investments and interest rates rising. They gave low interest loans to eco friendly companies, companies that are into solar and wind power. Now that interest rates have doubled they were unable to pay back their loans. Further lots of the companies they loaned to defaulted as they were frauds, leaving the bank hanging.

    • according to the consensus of opinion maintained in the comments above, all of this is orchestrated solely and exclusively by Hashem, and therefore being that WF Bank has branches in Lakewood they may survive a crisis in the zechus of the Kollel yungerleit who benefit from their services.

    • Wells Fargo is perfectly fine. It is one of the most conservative banks out there. Not sure where you are getting this information from or you are just making things up.

  5. Disaster at the border…Trump’s fault. Chinese spy balloon over the U.S. …Trump’s fault. Toxic train derailment in Palestine, Ohio…Trump’s fault. SVB collapse…Trump’s fault. Oy, give this nonsense a rest already! Trump had nothing to do with any of it. Pssst… stumble-bum, senile Joe Biden has been at the helm for 2 years now; he and his puppet masters are responsible for destroying a once thriving economy, gutting energy independence, enabling crime to thrive, and trashing foreign policy competency. But the resulting cognitive dissonance from Biden’s disastrous presidency causes you to deny reality.

    SVB failed because the Fed’s dramatic increase in interest rates — due to record levels of democrat party spending fueling historic levels of inflation — caused long-term Treasury bonds to fall in value. Since SVB held a huge portfolio of these bonds, they were (catastrophically as it turned out) exposed to grave losses. Again… nothing to do with Trump, the left’s favorite bogeyman. And according to news reports, SVB elites managed to pay themselves handsome “bonuses” right before the collapse. According to you I suppose they checked in with Trump before doing so…right? Sheesh!

  6. Question for Ira:
    First off, I must say you did an excellent job at explaining this mess for the layman. I think the scoop should keep you on board the next few days , just to ride out this wave and to be a voice of sanity.
    Having said that, I see many chats talking about pulling out all their Monroe’s and holding on till they see who remains stable.
    Most these people are ill informed and not savvy investors.
    However , if the public is thinking this way, what could happen tomorrow?
    And even if someone isn’t a tycoon and has a small savings should they pull out?

    Many feel there are unscrupulous investors who have what to gain by doing this and many also feel that government may want this to happen too.
    Your thoughts :

  7. If you have less than 250,000.00 in the bank, then it’s F D I C insured. If you have more, like a personal friend who had 2 million in signature bank, it’s not F D I C insured and it’s a problem.

    The government said today, that they will cover all deposits even over 250,000.00.

    Let’s hope that it happens.

    May HASHEM protect everyone’s money.

    Ira, You did a fantastic job!!! Keep up your great work on helping people understand what’s going on.

  8. To the Lakewood Scoop:
    Thank you for asking Mr. Ira Zlotowitz to explain this mess.
    To Mr. Ira Zlotowitz:
    A very big thank you-THANK YOU
    panic mode is terrible for anyone–
    Also in the beginning of Covid, people panicked and bought toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and a million other things.
    Panic mode is terrible. I am sure that the Torah does not permit a Yid to panic. In panic mode we can’t function.
    The Gemara says that a person should invest his money in 3 places or more.
    Again thank you Ira.
    I didn’t forget the massive help that you put together for the Har Nof Kedoshim-helping their families.
    Hashem should bentsch you and your family and also the families of those that sent funds-Hashem should bentsch all of you with the best health in the world.

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