VIDEO: Successful Investing in Stocks, Bitcoin, and Crypto Currency – Education and Insights (Part 2 of 3) | Dr. Rich Roberts

In this this three part video, Dr. Richard Roberts gives lessons and insights regarding successful investing in the stock market, Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general.

Dr. Roberts does not commercialize his YouTube videos and there is no mechanism to pay him, donate to him, or buy any merchandise. These videos are made strictly to try to empower you in many areas of your life.

Dr. Richard H. Roberts received his medical degree and a doctorate in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and completed a medical internship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School. He was the President and CEO of a pharmaceutical company for 24 years and is a prominent community figure in the Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood.

Dr. Roberts has high-level experience or expertise in the following areas:

1. Internal medicine
2. Basic sciences including physics, chemistry, biophysics, and biochemistry.
3. Pharmaceutical industry including generic formulation research and development, CDMA, manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, legal, finance, corporate governance, human resources, business development, and project management organizing multiple disciplines.
4. Martial arts – Dr. Roberts has a black belt in Golden Fist martial arts, a black belt in mixed martial arts under a former UFC fighter, a third degree brown belt in Ryu Kyu Kempo, and he currently trains in martial arts five days per week.
5. Aquarium hobby – Dr. Roberts personally designs and maintains his African cichlids tanks including a 1000 gallon tank and six 150 gallon tanks.
6. Politics including hosting many Senators, Governors, Congressmen, and presidential candidates in his home. In 2016, Dr. Roberts was the Vice Chairman of the Israel Advisory Committee on the Trump for President campaign where he wrote about half of the Trump campaign’s policies on Israel, Iran, and the Palestinian issue.
7. Community efforts in his Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood, NJ including building and running a leading synagogue in his community and running a multimedia and political campaign to oppose anti-Semitic actions committed by the government of an adjacent town, Jackson, NJ.

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  1. i watched the fist to parts of the series and all I can say is that it is definately very informative. I can see that you definately follow the thinking of john bogle regarding if you cant beat em join em!
    with that said, I would like to make a few comments.
    1- you said that index funds are better then the basket of indiviual stocks because it would obvously take a large amount of money to own all of them and because you would have to pay a transaction fee for each trade. I don’t know when this video was taken, but in the past couple of years there are many online discount brokers that offer free trades on stocks. such as fidelity etrade robinhood charles schwab ameritrade and tastyworks etc.
    2- this is a little bit of topic but if i’m not mistaken the term buying when there is blood in the streets can actually be attributed as far back as to baron rothschild.
    3-I once saw a study ( disclaimer: I did not actually go through how they achieved their results) that cites if a person has two choices, to invest all the money right now or to dollar cost average, most of the time you will come out ahead of the game if you put everything in right away. now obviously this depends on how the person plans to cost average. but i would say that this is a good method psychologically speaking, when the market tanks instead of freaking out you look at it as a buying oppurtunity. so i am going to say that if someone has 20k to invest, invest a large chunk ( at least 30-50 percent) right away and then DCA on the rest. as opposed to what you said ( i love nitpicking your words!!!) that put in for example 1k a month.
    4-I love with what you said that a small percentage of your money should be allocated to the “next big thing”. but just a warning just because you see something good does not mean you should invest in it. a lot more has to be taken into account. peter lynch (that ran fidelity’s magellan fund and averaged 29 percent over 13 years) in his early book stated that if you find a company in your everyday life then look at it as an investment oppurtunity. people went on to take it out of context so later on he stated that that is just the beginning as you must delve into the fundemntals of the company.
    5- there are reputable investment papers that you can pay a couple of hundred of dollars or less, and get access to companies that they think are great companies with a great future. I do not mean to give any recommendation and am not vouching for any of them, you can look at zacks, morning star and the motley fool, among others.
    6- there are ways to hedge your porfolio, so while on the upside you are not getting 100 percent of the move but over a five year period it crushes the regular buy and hold if you know what you are doing, as the market is not trending for at least 65 percent of the time ( this is a study but i did not fact check it). if you would do this then you would not have to sell if you are scared that the market will tank, as most of your money will still be protecte and if it goes up then you get a lot of the upside.
    7- for anyone that is still haging on to what i am reading, i want to just open your eyes a little more. yes the overall stock market is at record highs, but a ton of growth stocks took a huge hit and are traing 40 percent lower. so if you have an apetite for some risk then maybe invest a little. but remember as dr roberts said it might get worse before i gets better.
    if you have any comments then feel free to post

  2. one little hoisafah litoivas haklal, some brokerages these days offer something called fractional shares. what this means is that if someone only has 5 dollars and he wants to buy a share of apple stock which is currently trading at 131 dollars. he can buy a fractional share with those 5 dollars and will now own 3 percent of the stock. so even if someone does not have a lot of money to put away every week but still wants to invest in blue chip companies and the basic etfs such as spy and qqq he can still do it with those couple of dollars. i don’t think you can buy a fractional share of every stock on the market so make sure to ask your broker which ones they offer.

    • i never said that now is a good time to buy. i would never give investment advice on a public forum. all i did was make a simple observation that a lot of big growth stocks are down a lot. does that mean that it won’t go down another 50 percent? no.

  3. I cashed out of stocks, hedges, crypto and with every penny I could spare I bought gold. Best thing I ever did with my money. The stock market is rigged and so are the hedge funds. I wish I could convert my life insurance to gold too. Maybe I’ll cash out with what I have so far and put into gold. Insurance companies are just gabling with your money. They once did an experiment with brokers and a monkey with a dart board and the monkey won.

    • just my 2 cents. gold is currently lower then it was 10 years ago. i just hope that you dumped everything into gold after the big drop (assuming you are saying the truth).
      when people say the marget is rigged that is when they try to time the market or they buy individual companies. if you invest in an index fund and don’t look at it for a long time you would be singing a different tune. in 2011 gld which is the ticker that tracks gold was trading at a high of 185, now its trading at 164. on the other hand spy was trading in 2011 at 130 and now its trading at 414. quite a big difference.

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