VIDEO: Stealing Time From Others is Also Stealing

Submitted: Besides for him breaking the law with a full bus of kids, he’s trying to save a few minutes by being inconsiderate and holding up all the traffic in the right turning lane from turning on red.


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    • Perhaps you are correct but there are still lots of things wrong with what this school bus driver did. First and foremost all school bus drivers MUST obey all traffic laws, even if they do not have children on the bus as it is good practice and instills that muscle memory. Failure to use a turn signal, failure to yield to traffic are the 2 things I see wrong within the video. I would bet if the bus driver used a turn signal and entered the intersection cautiously someone would have let them in with no issue.

      My guess is that the car making the left turn at the intersection was there prior, the bus driver didnt want to wait behind them to make the left turn while at the red light. Took it upon themselves to enter in the right hand lane, which was a right turn only lane, and proceeded to go straight when the light changed! This is Lakewood where traffic laws are for other people!

  1. I know that intersection very well as I work there. The light is about 45 second and since it’s someone is in the lane to a left of he waits just a few seconds you could have one car going through at a time. And I don’t know the time of day but sometimes you have cars down to new Hampshire. And I see cats with blinker on that don’t make the turn. And also cats with no blinker that turn. So therefore bus went saying.

  2. People steal time by not using the blinkers. One waits behind them at a red light, thinking they are going straight. When the light turns green, you have to wait till they could make a left turn.

  3. The original poster makes a good point but uses a very mild example of the problem. Maybe that’s a good way of approaching the issue: people don’t realize that literally thousands of times a day, these “little” infractions are obstructing traffic, creating more dangerous traffic patterns, wasting people’s time and taxing their patience and generally being a pain in the neck. In the aggregate, all these “little” acts increase the occurrence of accidents. If people were just a bit more considerate of how their driving habits and choices affect others, it would go a long way to improve the driving experience in Lakewood. It surprises me that all Bnei Torah don’t automatically understand this principle and act accordingly.

    • I have a little different perspective. The bus was able to do that “little trick” because the vehicle next to him was spacing out (or texting) and didn’t start to go when the light turned green. When you have a short window of opportunity to go through an intersection and there is a long line of cars behind you, spacing out is wasting other people’s time and could have consequences for people who need to be somewhere.

  4. just to clarify the confusion- The bus in front of the white car (in the ‘Right Turn Only’ lane) proceeds to go STRAIGHT when the light turns green (thus impeding any traffic behind him from proceeding to turn right on Red)

  5. I completely disagree that this wastes peoples time. Often times breaking the law saves time… I’m not saying it safe though. I’m also familiar with that intersection. Since there’s no dedicated left turning lane, a lot of time is wasted when a car in front wants to turn left holding up everyone behind him. Using the right lane actually saves time because it only holds people up during the red, the left lane holds people up throughout the green and the next red only to possibly have the same problem a second time or third time.

  6. I would recommend that the right turning lane be changed to a straight and right turning lane and the left turning lane be dedicated just for lefts.

  7. If you are at all familiar with this intersection, you would understand what the bus driver did. The MAIN lane all of a sudden becomes a right turn only, thereby making it almost impossible to go straight. That intersection actually makes 0 sense – go check it out! Also, the bus could’ve dropped a kid off on the right side and was therefore not able to get into the left lane. And let’s start being Dan Lchaf Zechus and being so critical!!!

  8. If we are already speaking about wasting other people’s time. There is a law that states you are only allowed to turn right on red after making a full stop and yield to all oncoming traffic. Most of the time people do not do this at this intersection I could be waiting 5min+ in line to make a left and to be stuck when the light turns green with a left turn signal due to someone in that right lane making a right on red. But failing to yield to all oncoming traffic. The light is very short.

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