VIDEO: Shame, ridicule, and a baby after 18 years; A Powerful Lakewood story by Reb Meilich Biderman

(Some details were changed by the Rav protect identities.)

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  1. I know all parties involved in this story. What an INCREDIBLE story!!!!
    18 YEARS they were waiting for a child!!!!!

    There will be a seudas Hodah for the entire Lakewod community at (moderated).

  2. Reb Ari Deutch (who wanted his name to be said in the story) is an incredible person! Always Besimcha!! Always amazing and always giving chizuk to all of us!!
    Reb Ari, MAZEL TOV from all of us!!!!

  3. Its ari deutsch here.
    hi friends – mazel tov to everyone and thanks for being part of this great story!!You guys are the best!
    by simchos for all of you- lets party tonite hard!
    Its truly a great story.
    2 minor details were confused.

    I was in the shul, its my shul

    No one bh shamed anybody and no one speaks by davening there.

    2 groups of guys who are both my friends equally and are the nicest people one can ever imagine and had different styles but didnt mingle with each other. Guys from both groups did tremendous good deeds as a zchus for me. They accepted certain suffering on my behalf. Awesome people! Thank you my friends.

    One of the guys in one group who had been harassing me to go to the kever and who was very persistent and I couldnt shake him I told him the following. As soon he will start interacting with the other group I will be willing go to the kever of the Tzadik R’ Yeshayala.

    Naturally, it was extremely difficult for him to do that. But he has a heart of gold and did it just so I would go with him. Thats Ahavas yisroel for you. I went on the Yoortzeit, Gimel Iyar. I have a baby girl now named Gitty, I think shes cute. Bye guys, I love you all – We want moshiach now and we will get it done with hashems help bimheira!

    • Hi, you are 100% right.

      Sometimes i like to add 1 point, all good things someone does counts by hashem, and nothing and never is it getting lost, hashem puts everything away and uses it when it comes to the right time.

      The gemara says based on a possuk, that hashem said to the yiden, he owed a lot for the mitzriyim before they were there, and never paid it off only because of them, (-and of course then he paid back for all, and maybe ever with interest…) but there was the one thing (the jews) which did the job, and made him collect all the old things….

      nur eminah

  4. If anyone can access r biederman and make the necessary minor correction and he should publicly clarify it- it would be a great thing!! Harebbe shoag bkol gadol- Ayn Shum Yaush …

  5. Mazal tov to my dear friend R’ Aron Deutch! You should see lots of Nachas. Your story and situation gave me tremendous chizuk.

    See you with mashiach imy”h at the party tonight.

  6. Just trying to understand how this incredible story has so many discrepancies based on what Ari himself clarified on an earlier post when R’ Biderman says on the onset he just got off the phone with some of the people relevant to this story to get the facts of the story?

    • Sounds like Rav Biderman was on the phone to get the facts, however he changed some minor details to protect the identities of the parties involved.

  7. What a happy ending to such a long and painful journey.Impossible to fathom!
    They must have grew soooo much!
    Ari is such an amazing source of Simcha to others-for those that know him.
    Just curious- is there a party tonight? Instead of Kiddush?

  8. It was a mistake to give out his name, (although I understand why..)

    If Rabbi Biderman heard the story first hand…. and since he said the name… that would be an embarrassment to this people…

    Therefore Rabbi Ari Deutsch had to “CLARIFY”

  9. Mazel Tov, R’ Ari. What an amazing story. May you see asach asach Yiddish Nachas from Gitty, &, IYH many more siblings. I wish I could come to the party, I would even make you a kumzitz, with full sound, but TLS isn’t printing the address. Sorry.

  10. Ari!!!!! Only someone as special as yourself could be part of such an amazing kiddush Hashem and Simcha. Thanks for always smiling- even through tough times- May Hashem now give you many many more reasons to keep smiling!
    ~a big fan

  11. Mazal Tov Ari & Rikki!!! You’re an amazing couple who set an example for all of us to follow!! Your simchas hachaim is admired by all! May you shep loads of nachas form your beautiful princess ad meah vesrim shana!! Mazal tov! Oif Simchos!

  12. Chivas. Chivas ?! Ur trying to entice ppl with Chivas in 2019 ? For such a Simcha ? Wow, thats odd. Today, With less than Livit 21 no one’s giving you a 2nd look. Especially for such a simcha.
    Mazel Tov.
    And, uh, L’chaim !!

  13. Mazel tov Ari
    You are an amazing person and for all you do for the community and your shul and for klal yisroel. You are one of a kind.

    May Hashem bench you and your wife to only happiness and nachas from your new baby and May you have many more children.

    May we have more people like you In klal yisroel and then mashiach would come right away

  14. It’s very nice that he had a baby , but i think it’s sad that we should celebrate it in away by embarrassing people that did something wrong and cleared it up a long time ago!! The fire of an old issue was just relighted

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