VIDEO & PHOTOS: Seeking to Promote Shidduchim, Over 1,000 Women & Girls Attend NewlyReds Event in Lakewood

By P.A. NewlyReds, an initiative spearheaded by famed Lakewood Shadchan Meir Levi to pass a shidduch thought onto experienced shadchamin so they can make it a reality, held their Grand Kickoff event last night at Ateres Reva.

The over 1,000 female attendees in the crowd; heard divrei chizuk from Rav Yonason Shippel; Watched a live shadchanim panel moderated by the dynamic and entertaining Suri Messinger with Mrs. Bashie Saltzman, Mrs Sora Chana Krupenia, and Mrs. Sabrina Strickman; Watched an animated shadchanim panel with Rabbi’s Meir Levi, Shloimy Lewenstein, and Tzadok Katz.

“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with most commenting on the very upbeat, fun, positive vibe of the event,” said organizers. “A tremendous amount of optimism and excitement to redt more shidduchim was felt by all.”

A surprise musical feature song composed by Chana B. of The Side Yard Studio was the finishing touch to an incredible evening.

A magnificent amount of prizes were sponsored by Fame, Silvertown, Huvi Halon of Addressing You, Allegra, Raizel Halon of Aesthetic, Studio C, Crafts & Events, Artscroll, Circle Magazine, Mishpacha Magazine, Rivky Kleiman, Entree Steakhouse, Dreamzone by Piccolino, the Green Bowl, Jus by Julie, Pastel Clothing, Slimelight Games Cafe, and one anonymous sponsor of designer watches.

The event was sponsored by Atlantic Site Construction, Miller Creative, Ateres Reva, Glicks Bakehouse, Imperial, Riverside Abstract, The Voice, Mishpacha, The Table, Evergreen, Yehudis Tashman, Time Flies Entertainment.


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  1. If there aren’t enough boys for the amount of girls that are out there, how will this help. I am the father of two girls on the market and I don’t get why this isn’t being taken seriously by our leaders.

  2. NewlyReds Steven B. and Malky K. Celebrate Their Simcha With an Amazing First Date!
    NewlyReds, Steven B. and Malky K., on Monday received thousands of mazel tovs and brochos from all across the country as the joyful pair set out to celebrate their NewlyReds simcha with an amazing first date later in the day.
    “I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I returned home from seminary over three years ago,” said Malky K., a 24-year old graduate of BJJ. “I never thought I would be redt to a bachur of this caliber! But here I am, embarking on a first date with a top notch alumnus of the Mirrer Yeshiva! Wow, I can’t believe this is happening to me!”
    Steven B., a 25-year old Mirrer Yeshiva alumnus, told the Simcha Daily News Website on Monday: “I ordered the car service earlier today and I found a tzniusdika meeting-place that serves kosher snacks and drinks. I got everything all set up for this celebratory first date! I only wish all of my friends and relatives could be here right now to partake in this simcha together with me. But I really can’t complain; I mean, what can I say, I’m just incredibly happy to be a NewlyRed!”
    “Right now, I’m completely overwhelmed with joy,” he said. “It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe to the UnNewlyReds crowd. I’m completely filled with emotion; I think I’m gonna cry; pass me a handkerchief, please. I’m sorry, I gotta go now.”
    The two NewlyReds also told the Simcha Daily News that if everything goes well, the two of them might get married in a few months from today.
    “But who cares about getting married,” said Steven B., “right now, I’m celebrating the greatest simcha of my life – just being a NewlyRed. Who’s even thinking about marriage?!”

  3. And now for a reality check.
    As a veteran of eight married children. All who did beautiful shiduchim. Please don’t put your hope up on professionals. Unless you’re in the major money League or high status symbols your phone call will not be returned. Your text will not be answered. And no compatible shiddach will be offered. If you do manage to get through they will give you “chizuk”by saying what you want doesn’t exist or you don’t know what you want. (Even though they done nothing about my daughter or son and I’ve been living with them for over 20 years).
    Have pity on yourself and stick to friends family and neighbors. They are more sensitive caring and helpful.
    Wishing you all hatzolo and bekorov seeing your child down to the chuppa

    • Sheker. Though you should put your emunah in Hashem. They redt thousands of shidduchim yearly. Probably tens of thousands. Majority for the regular simple people. Just because they weren’t the sheliach for your children, doesn’t give you a right to talk like this about them. Go tell your sheker to all those people who had these 3 for their own shadchan, some 20+ years ago. And their children are now being redt shidduchim by these same people. Speaking as on e such person, I know. I also have no money, and don’t come from money.

  4. Great idea but if you want it to work, give the young couples 25 or 30% of the shadchanos…..not some small gift. It’s simply not fair and you will have the added incentive from the young couples.

    • the gift is for getting a first date!!! not for getting the idea to an engagement. it’s an incentive to get ideas out there. Shadchanim only get shadchanus if the couple actually gets engaged. And, who said anything about not getting anything if the couple actually gets engaged. if you look at the FAQ on the website you will see that the one who gives the idea does get a portion of the shadchanus as per the psak given by Rabbi Forscheimer.

  5. this is like celebrating the drizzling rain when there is a dam blocking the whole river

    what will it help parties and incentives when there is an icy dam blocking the whole shidduch process and holding back younger boys from reaching dating eligibility??

    • When younger people get involved in redting shidduchim, it will empower the younger boys to look for shidduchim for themselves before reaching “dating eligibility”. People will no longer question when a 21 year old Bochur gets engaged just like they don’t question when an 18 year old Chassidishe Bochur (who might even learn alongside Litvishe Bochurim) gets engaged. By empowering the younger generation to take matters in their own hands, they will no longer be limited to the limitations set by rules and regulations of the Shidduch board.

      • The idea is not to have boys to take matters into their own hands. It’s more to have more people thinking about shidduchim ideas. The more people are thinking, the more shidduchim may come to fruition

  6. If someone wants to red a shidduch themselves – go ahead. No one is taking it away. This is optional if you have an idea and don’t want to be the shadchan . Bh numerous ideas are coming in every day and shadchanim are picking them up and trying to redt them. Stop with the kvetching everyone we have a serious shadchan crisis- just think of ideas !! this is an amazing amazing platform!!!

  7. we should just celebrate the celebrities who manage to get their own married and ignore the vast majority the multitude of girls who were derailed by the conductors themselves onto a one way train to oblivion, and oops you guessed it this is all in the name of perfecting the already good bochurim who are enrolling in a third level yeshiva to shteig more

  8. So let me get this straight !

    We have been complaining for decades that theres not enough shadchanim and that the girls specifically do not get calls or offers for dates.

    So now when the girl’s parents finally do get a call from a well-intended couple, for a shidduch suggestion, the answer back to them is: “Why should I listen to you” , because you are young, and you are not the brand name shadchanim?

    And now we’re creating and funding an organization to encourage this elitism and narrowmindedness !

    What we’re really doing here is discouraging and knocking out the whole next generation of potential experienced Shadchanim from ever wanting to try and make a shidduch, all in order to accommodate a few arrogant and narcissistic parents of shidduch boys and girls!

    Why should a young couple want to even play ball here? So they can get a gift card to Estria?

    I’ll personally give them a gift card for free, and spare them the awkwardness of being marginalized this way.

  9. Why so much negativity to such a wonderful organization? If you don’t like the idea don’t use it. No need to put it down just because you have ur own bad feelings about shidduchim. They are just trying to help get more shidduchim redt. There was a super positive vibe at the event. It was fun, uplifting and inspiring. I really enjoyed. It was very encouraging to many single girls that attended. More shidduchim being redt can’t be a bad thing!! Keep up the good work Newly Reds!! Thank you.

  10. this idea is genius. I myself have thought of shidduchim many times and never ended up redting them, mostly because i didn’t know how to or didn’t feel i was the right person to redt it. This platform makes it so easy. Hand over your good ideas and hope it at least goes somewhere… Better to hand it over than to not redt it at all which is the case so many times. I look forward to sending in ideas and hopefully having a hand in making some shidduchim finally!

  11. So amazing to see people stand up and try to be the change needed in this field. Iyh they should have lots of hatzlacha.
    Wishing all singles a smooth path to their beshert

  12. Advising mainly the boys and their parents to stay away from all this.

    Guys. I know all the tricks.

    A young couple with think of a balanced and sensible idea for you and go to Newlyreds, and the organazation professionals will override the couples idea and attempt a different idea for you that is not evrrything you want or everything you can really get.

    Shidduch boys! They made this event for the females, not for you. So then let the girls sign on with Newlyreds and not you.

    You’ve been told by NASI for 20 years that you are in hot demand. So capitalize on it by getting shidduchim from family and friends and those your really comfortable with that will give you what you want and don’t be controlled by a group of organizations and professionals.

    And to Young couples : If you redd a shidduch only to be told your too young or inexperienced, then kill the shidduch right on the spot and let those parents and Hashem figure it out together.

    • wow you are so wrong. before you post such negativity (2nd negative post from you) it would be wise to get the facts. I am not personally involved in this organization but i know some of the people running it behind the scenes and you got it very wrong. There is no intent here to take ideas away from young couples or change the ideas in any way… the only point is to get shidduchim to be redt that might otherwise just get put to the side. Many people don’t feel comfortable redting shidduchim or don’t feel they are the right one to redt it or are just not motivated to do the whole back and forth work. this organization is for those people. Anyone that wants to go ahead a redt their idea themselves- kol hakavod! Go do it. No one is telling young couples they are too young so no one will listen but often young people feel like someone with more experience might be a better shaliach. it’s not uncommon for people to give their ideas over to someone else to redt. this organization just makes it so simple to do that if someone wants to. I would advise you to do a little more research before badmouthing a wonderful organization on a public forum behind the mask of a fake name- i would be very surprised if you actually are a long time shadchan by the way you are posting. People don’t need more negativity on the shidduch topic. there is enough out there. this organizations goal is to put more positivity into shidduchim and helping klal yisroel!

      • Someone has to finally stand up for the boys interests after they have been bashed in the newspaper and the media for 20 years.

        And I’m gonna do it.

    • Please look into the organization and understand how it works before you make disparaging comments. There is no signing up of anyone, not girls and not boys. The event was to spread awareness that the organization exists – hopefully with more awareness, more solid shidduchim will get redt. No need for negativity here.

  13. Who is bashing anyone here? noone is trying to change any suggestions that go into the confidential database. It is a very simple idea, no gimmicks, no ulterior motives, no conniving plans… If someone is not comfortable to redt a shidduch themselves, they hand it over to have someone else potentially make it happen. That’s ALL. No convincing boys, no tricking people. Truly a nice, simple concept with a desire to help. Please see it for what it is.

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