Video: Minyan Shelanu-How It All Began

minyan_shelanu_tuvyVIDEO just released by Minyan Shelanu titled ‘How It All Began’, with Reb Chaim Abadi Shlita, featuring the teens at Minyan Shlenu. The video begins with Tuvy Lemberg (green) as a 15 year old who got involved with the wrong crowd and eventually with drugs. When he was at one of his lowest points in his life, he bumped in to Reb Chaim Abadi Shlita, who believed in him, and brought him back on track. You may not find the ‘Rap’ part about the song to be the most emotional, but the story it tells sure is. (Please note: The song contains Rap music and may not be appropriate for all audiences and ages. Viewer discretion is advised). Produced by Tuvy Lemberg And Aryeh Elbaum.

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  1. Tuvy, that was great!!! I’ve known you for years and your a really nice guy. I wish you much hatzlocha in all your future projects. You should be very proud!!!!

  2. Doc..that was amazing..u and ur wife should continue with the good work u and ur rebetzin are doing for the tzibur!!

    Hatzlacha in all your future indeverours!

  3. I’m all for M.S. but do we really have to show a video of kids smoking? It makes it look cool and I don’t think we should promote a video where smoking is glamorized!

  4. ur little kids shouldnt be on the scoop and anyone thats old enough to be online, understands that we live in a world full of drugs and problems….

  5. Wow, that was very enlightening. I really had no idea of what is going on in Lakewood until I saw this. Some of these guys were my former students from years ago. I better change my velt-un-shlance…

  6. I hope everyone has in mind these boys (and yes girls!)in your tefilos. Many children in Lakewood are in a constant matzah of sakonos nefoshos mamah רח״ל והמיבין יבין

  7. To Teacher #8

    Prove that I am pretending.

    The names and faces of at least one of the MS boys are familiar to me as former students without a doubt.

  8. Sean, I don’t know whether or not you taught these kids, but I certainly taught one as a very, very young child. I was so shocked when I saw him. Kol Hakovod that he had the strength to pull himself up and the support to help him along. Thank you R’ Abadi and the Minyan.

  9. i am a a former teacher of Sean. He was obsessed with politics when he was younger. I thought he would for sure go in to radio broadcasting.I am surprised he went in to teaching

  10. Awesome Awesome job on the video!! and Kudos to R’ Chaim Abadi for all the work he continues to do and all the effort he puts into these kids with a smile on his face!!

  11. This video only shows how the Minyan — began.

    It does not do justice to the unbelievable hatzalos nefashos “The Minyan” does for the (mine, YOURS, your neighbor’s & your Rabbi’s) children!

    I dont think it’s possible to actually put “THE MINYAN” (its accomplishments) on a video.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words….then one visit to the Minyan can be a lesson for a life-time!

    Rabbi Abadi should be zoicheh to arichas yomim v’shanim!

    PS GREAT job on the video!

  12. To # 19:Thanks for asking for me. I was looking for Fiveish.

    Minyan Shelanu is “THE only place in Lakewood” where EVERYONE can, and does, come for ANY sort of help or support!! Be it a yeshiva-man, parent, in-law, teen, layman, yeshivish, not yeshivish, litvish, chasidish, sefardish, etc.

    Minyan Shelanu has made numerous Melava Malkas on sporadic Motzoei shabbosim. There were large turnouts. They have a shabbaton with numerous inspiring rabbonim and askonim in attendance.

    They have shiurim given by prominent (yeshivish, litvish, chasidish, sefardish) Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim.There are daily – TWO minyanim for shachris, a minyan for mincha, night seder with chavrusos and maariv.


    The minyan is a place where you may see a boy with long hair saying yehei shmay rabbah ‘bekol koichoy’! Yes THOSE boys are OUR boys, OUR children, OUR klal Yisroel,OUR MINYAN– where every yochid feels that he CAN belong, and that belonging can keep THEM all afloat in order to keep THEM as part of US!!

    Remember: These are OUR children! YES, OUR children! Not from NY or elswhere.No parent should have to ever experience these trying situations.

    So, please, open your hearts and support OUR (yours & mine) Minyan Shelanu!

    Please show your support, and help them help you.

    Thank you & Thank yourself!!!

  13. i’m so very proud of tuvy and the lakewood scoop. what you are saying by posting this segment is all about getting your head out of the only get “at risk” when we stifle and discourage their individual ways of expression. we may not agree [or approve]always,but we’re not shutting them out.and thank you rabbi abadi for providing a place …a community within our community. better they play pool or simply hang at the minyun schlemu than be wherever or somewhere else with most probably negative influences. as one wise parent once said”raising children should be done with unquestionable love while holding them with open arms”.

  14. Tuvy! unbeliveable!!! seriously!! i wasnt expectin anything nearly that good! the way u were talkin by lunch this a/t in bagel nosh-i thought its prob decent, decent is a joke to wat it really is!! its unwordable!!!! thanks 4 the inspiration gr8 job guys keep it goin!!!

  15. thanx to all who wrote nice things…if u dont have anything positive to write then DONT!! and the person who wrote the smoking comment is a fool.

  16. It’s about time some of you guys get exposed to the REAL world.

    The only connection these boys have AND the only reason they have that connection to yidden (at least) is because of the selflessness of Rabbi Chaim Abadi and those (very few people, who quietly) assist him — WITHOUT THE NEED OR WANT OF ANY PAYBACK OR KAVOD! 24/7/365… literally!!!
    (I’m not trying to endorse rabbi Abadi – he doesnt need my endorsement, nor does he expect any endorsement.)

    May you never ever have to experience the challenges which these yiddishe kinder entail. (along with their yiddishe mammas and tattes & siblings).

    You should all only be a source of nachas to klal yisroel & receiver of nachas from your children and siblings.


    As they say in The Capitol —- Kol Tuv!

  17. y do we have to b so cynical all u bored souls realize that these r not somwe kids they r ours are brothers sons neighbors and we need to support them not look down on them some of them have overcome amazing trials and r still standing thanx to the minyan rabbi chaim abadi and rabbi g thanx for everything

  18. ty reb chaimfor creating a platform where these neshomos can express themselves without feeling judged..bec of tzadikim like u these children will eventualy turn around.

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