Mayor Steven Langert Hands Over 2010 BOE Budget, ‘We Will Support You With Whatever You Recommend To Us’

car fink boe budget 2010VIDEO: At last night’s Township Committee meeting, Mayor Steven Langert announced that the Committee is handing over the failed school budget to the “slate of 3” candidates who ran on a Zero Dollar Increase pledge. Mr Fink, Mr. Seitler and Mr Zlatkin were all present at the meeting. After they handed over the book, Mr Fink asked the mayor if he pledged to fully back all the recommendations of the trio. He also asked if the Committee would support not only a zero dollar increase, but actually a decrease. The Mayor responded that the Committee will fully back any and all recommendations they receive. Mr Fink reiterated that the goal is to make the school district leaner and smarter.

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  1. Thank you Mayor Steve Langert and the entire Township Committee for standing strongly with the new “Slate of 3”. The taxpayers are watching and waiting for a 15% reduction in the proposed budget, as promised by Mr Fink.
    About time.

  2. they are no worse than any citizen advisory committee and they probably have studied the district a little, which is more than anyone else. Give them a shot, everyone else just screws it up worse. 15% decrease? probably overaggressive, I will take flat to 5% decrease. good luck gang’o’3.

  3. Check out the new Lakewood Shopper online pgs, 6-7. Great and informative article. Those are facts. Thanks to TLS & Lakewood Shopper for these type of articles. You are REAL askonim.

  4. To #4

    Come on, use your head please.

    The township committee hasthe right and responsibility to trim the BOE budget if it is voted down. The BOE budget was voted down.

    Now the question is, how will they trim it? In past years, when the BOE budget was voted down, the township committee with Singer in charge, would trim it maybe $60,000 – a joke!!

    This year, with Hershel in the background and the politicians feeling the heat from us Tea Party – i.e. the little guy who had it up to here with tax increases, the township committee finally decided they better make some real cuts to the BOE budger…. as per their mandate. A very smart way for that was to ask the new slate of 3 to make reccomendations, which the township committee wil listen to, and hopefully they will already be able to cut the budget by $15,000,000 this year already.

    Nobody is giving the slate of 3 any power…. till they are sworn in. They are “listening” to their reccomendations, because the township committee realized that the slate of 3 represent the “real people of this town”, and that they better play ball.

    Thank you

  5. Leaner, Cleaner, and Smarter. Yes. Meaner? No.

    Please take it out of wasteful “extras”, e.g. the three extra basketball coaches just hired last week. Not out of core curriculum and essential, proven programs. Bid EVERYTHING. including insurance policies, health benefits, busing, etc. End cronyism, nepotism, etc. Treat all children fairly – they are all the future of our society.

  6. To # 6- Yes, it’s legal. Despite what MI might want you to think, the budget is a PUBLIC document.

    Issue should be taken with Mayor Langert when he told the newly elected school board members that he and council would not work with them. What’s with that! He asks that they do his job but he won’t work with them. Is he really trying to help Lakewood or is he trying to throw the new board memebers under the bus?

  7. langert is right. let them deliver without the safety net of blaming the twp comm if they fail to deliver zero dollar increase.

  8. Do any of you live in the real world? How can there be a 0% increase when everything has increased in cost? Even if you maintained minimal services you would still see some increase. Bottom line is that the schools need to teach the children – maybe some of the higher eschelon principals, superintendents, etc. may be expendible but you still need teachers, books, pencils, paper, etc. Oh, by the way, the kids need to get to school – gas prices have gone up again – or have you been so busy politicking that you don’t know this.

  9. The problem that these 3 dont realize yet, is that it will be next to impossible for them to trim ANYTHING from the budget..Whatever it will be, will be minimal. They must consult with the superintendant, the attorney and the educators. This is not some household budget here…They must conform to State laws!!As unfortunate as it may be, it MIGHT drop by 100k…Wait and see, my friends…

  10. By cutting anyone who making over 300,000 ul be saving right away around 700,000 go look at howell they cut millions this year (as seen in the lakewood shopper)

  11. People keep making reference to Howell Township trimming costs. Do you know that there is no garbage pick up in Howell? Homeowners and businesses have to contract with a private firm and pay them for garbage pick up. the same is true in Jackson. If that will sit well with you then maybe you are right – we can trim costs by eliminating Public Works garbage pickup. We have a sweet deal in Lakewood, too bad people don’t appreciate it.

  12. just because we get garbage in town ur not aloud to cut boe what are u saying boe and public works are to separate entities maybe we should cut garbage and save more but what does that have to do with board of ed???????????????

  13. to Anonymous #19 to cut anyone over 300,000 isn’t possible, there is no one making that, the superintendent is at 180,000, more than the gov.
    she’s the highest.

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