VIDEO: Filmmaker and Game Show Host Boruch Perlowitz Fights Back: “I’m a Victim of Hasidic Yeshiva Education”

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  1. Lol this is great!

    After a similar hit peice on hasidic Jews many years ago, a non Jewish woman wrote in to the times.
    ” Look, I don’t know how they educate their kids, but my apartment building is owned by a hasidic Jew, my mom’s is also, and so are most of my friends. So maybe I want my kids to have their “education” too! “

  2. Nice try. The end of the day many many chasidesh parents like myself are not happy with the education we get form our chasidesh yeshiva. There is no reason why
    our chsidesh yeshivas cant provide a basic secular English education, especially when most of our boys are not made for our rigorous yeshiva system. We have our heads in the sand but at the end of the day the NY times article resonates with many parents as I have spoken to many and they agree 100 % with the Ny times. Maybe maybe this is our punishments for the way we degrade parents in our dysfunctional systym,maybe maybe this is a punished for us allowing hundreds of girls to be thrown out or not accepted into our dysfunctional system?

    • I get you. How about sending your children to a non chasidic yeshiva that teaches secular studies on a level you want for your children? Or perhaps the many chasidish parents like yourself can band together to start a chasidic yeshiva that synthesizes chasidus with limudei chol? Involving government and media is cynical and unproductive.

    • thank you for posting online where the poritz can read it and help break the foundation of your own building when really you are just trying to make minor changes- if you don’t like what the Satmar Rebbe established then there are many modern communities across America that would gladly take you in they start davening early and do not allow talking there is no Kiddush and before Yom Tov you really need to save up to afford to spend and every penny of dues is delivered they do not even attempt to curb children’s use of the internet and yes their spouses are treated equal and sometimes are even the stronger voice in the home and those spouses are the ones who really care about yiddishkeit and they really understand and respect what Hasidim are!

    • Feel free to send your kids to different Yeshivos/Schools
      where they do teach everything you want them to know there are plenty of options out there. (and you know it)
      but don’t tell me what to do, especially when our 2000+ year old tradition works best!

      PS. There is NOTHING dysfunctional about our system. There may be some flaws, but definitely not dysfunctional!

      PPS. How can you be upset at a “system” for not accepting your kid, if you think the “system” is terrible and you just wanna send there because you have no choice?

      • The problem is the 2,000 year old tradition is a myth. Not too far back in Europe the average Jewish woman was illiterate & the average man could read Hebrew block print & read & write in Yiddish (yes there were a few more learned men). Most men could not read Rashi script.
        Look at pictures of poor kids in America in the early 1,900’s working in factories & coal mines. Do really believe Jewish kids living in abject poverty, always hungry & some literally starving were sitting in Cheder when they could make a few Kopeks so the family could eat?
        Why do you think men learned Ein Yaakov instead of shteiging over Yevamos?
        “Ein Yaakov was especially treasured by laborers and others who lacked the schooling to learn the more difficult parts of the Talmud.”
        If you want to go back to Mesorah we would give the boys 1-2 years of basic Gemarah then end their formal Jewish education.

    • I hear your pain Moshe, I worked in a school and one of my student’s was thrown out. It was very painful for me and I left the school, but I want to tell you something. Public schools don’t have full tolerance for everything either. Mistreatment of school property, students, or staff can lead to expulsion. Our society as a whole has little tolerance for emotional issues or behavioral issues and others who are different than them. Having students educated about inappropriate content won’t change that. Maybe, we should teach tolerance of issues instead. Maybe, instead of burying our problems we should face them. Maybe, we can educate our own children to accept others. Maybe, our boys yeshivas’ will be able to educate kids properly, if we educate our children to be nice to their teacher who looks different than them. Maybe if we educate our children to respect their teachers and schools than there will be plenty of educated women and men who will be willing to educate students in our schools. Maybe, if we work together with our yeshivas instead of fighting them we will accomplish much more. Hatzolacha!! And I hope all Jewish children have a school very soon!!

  3. Boruch, This video was amazing, I had to watch it twice, because i enjoyed it so much. Please do an other one as well.

    Everyone please send this all over the world.

    I am not saying that the kids should not learn basic english and then some.

    But I rather my kids learn less or nothing, then learn what the government wants our kids to learn.

    And by the way, look at the most successful people out there in our community, I bet you most of them didn’t pass 4th grade english.

    And I know these people personally, but I will not name them without their permission.

  4. It’s true that there are many successful people who had a Chassidish education with little secular education. But not everyone has a business head. Those people have to get regular jobs. The options for someone with limited secular knowledge (and I’m talking about the basics) are also limited to low paying jobs. I, too, do not want govt. interfering with our schools. But that’s the reality. if a parent is not satisfied with the chassidish school that has barely any secular studies, there is a level of secular education in very frum schools that lies between the Chassidish education and the very modern schools, who require internet access, etc. It’s not a choice between one extreme and the other.

  5. Reb’ Buch, this is great.
    I know from experience that the most successful people, probably didn’t pass on any math test. It’s the creative and kids with ADHD that are most successful;)

  6. Moshe Klein,

    Find another Mosad for your kids, don’t ask Rav Teitlbaum to change the tradition in the community he took over to lead. Most people in akewood don’T send their sons to Mesivta of Lakewood because they don’t believe it’s good for their sons, but nobody bashes.

    • actually i send my son to the Lakewood Mesivta and he really loves it and is very inspired by the legendary Rabbi, the trademark care and the good middos he is exposed to among his peers along with a healthy dose of reminders about Reb Aharon zt”l’s Lakewood

  7. Completely misleading. He says he did not attend college. The article was talking about basis skills. I’d like him to identify the school, He has no accent, so it is virtually certain he did not attend the schools that teach no basic skills. He is the exception which proves ther rule.

    • Whatever bash bash bash.
      End basis, do you agree the board of regents? That’s what matters! That’s it! Nothing else!
      Not the kids on the streets, not The jobs market, nothing,
      All that matters is do you want the government to take total control of the education system?
      And anyone who’s a bit open minded and knows what the steaks here are, doesn’t want them to take control!
      Just like you are for capitalism vs communism, you are on this side vs another.
      My opinion, or my story with any mosdos anywhere doesn’t count, it’s not the question here.
      This is a danger to tora education no matter in what form you want it to be, as long it’s orthodox. And this is a danger to American democracy overall.

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