VIDEO: Dr. Rich Roberts testifies in Trenton as Senate considers nixing religious exemptions for vaccinations; Mentions Rav Elyashiv Zatzal

New Jersey lawmakers have advanced a measure which would only allow children not to be vaccinated for medical reasons, and gets rid of religious exemptions for vaccines.

The Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee voted Thursday to advance the bill, which is expected to be voted on by the full Senate on Monday.

Dr. Rich Roberts testified today before the Committee regarding Jewish religious views on vaccination, and told lawmakers that the vast majority of rabbis, including the famed Rav Elyashiv Zatzal, require their followers to have their children vaccinated.


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  1. Oh, there he goes again. Another outstanding job!
    Thank you Dr.Roberts for protecting the health and safety of our families. We cannot thank you enough!

  2. Removing religious exemption is dangerous. Think about it for a few minutes, and think of the dangers of forcing people to do anything “to protect everyone else”. Dangerous

  3. When 99% of anti vaxers are claiming religious exemption when they don’t actually have any religion that they practice / hold of that actually forbades them from getting vaccinated…What they are doing is destroying the religious exemption law! Making it a complete joke and in a matter of time the right/law for religious exemption can be thrown out entirely and it won’t help when we need it for real laws that are against a religion. Keep the religious exemption law for real things or else you won’t have it for anything!!

  4. Who are the mothers and children sitting behind Dr Roberts? Are they families that have been affected by vaccinations? My belief, based on personal experience, is that vaccinations are fine and helpful for most people. HOWEVER, there are some individuals/families that are more sensitive to vaccinations and can have, chalila, lifelong issues because of it. They should not be forced to vaccinate. It’s like insisting that peanut butter is healthy and every kid should eat it for lunch, or ignoring the fact that some people are gluten sensitive and can develop celiac. Not every product in this world affects people the same way. Most people can eat peanut butter, most people can eat wheat products, more people can eat milk, most people can smell flowers, or can get stung by a bee without dying. However for the minority that it is harmful too, it can be life threatening or changing. I rest my case. From a mother who has personal experience, an unlistened to minority.

  5. Wait till they decide that Brit milah is a medical procedure and must be done in a hospital by a surgeon. Or, better yet, that it can’t even be done unless there’s a medical necessity for it.

    You can’t pick and choose when it comes to religious freedom. It’s all or nothing.

  6. Rich Roberts mentions that we have to vaccinate to be “normal”. My parents in Budapest, Hungary, chose not to be from the “normal” ones during the holocaust. They didn’t follow the beasts, and lead us children and themselves to their deaths. With much bs”d they hid us children by gentile families, and that’s why I’m here today to tell this story.
    If they would do what’s “normal” they would believe the false letters they received from family members in the camps that life is all wonderful there. Instead they read between the lines and understood the situation.
    Moshiach will come soon, and the truth will provail. All the “normal” people who harrassed, coersed, and helped these terrible laws pass will come to justice.
    May he come speedily.

  7. i recommend everyone withhold extending their appreciation until NJ follows NY and mandates Gardasil and allows school officials to vaccinate children as young as 9 without parental consent. When everyone in Lakewood is forced to give their teenage sons and daughters Garadasil (for HPV an STD) they can send thank you notes to those in our community that advocated for the removal of the religious exemption.
    Note that according to the CDCs own publications an estimated 50% of people that have received the MMR vaccine are not actually immune to measles. so it is impossible to achieve the elusive herd immunity through a vaccination program.

    Note: while you may agree with the 69 vaccines that are currently mandated you may not agree with next 200 that are in the pipeline and may be mandated at any point in the future in the very same way the committee changed committee members to ram this bill through. You may not think you need a religious exemption today but it won’t take long until you come to regret your failure to stand up for bodily autonomy. Pro vaccine or Anti Vaccine giving up our right to control what goes into our body is a dangerous move. and for all those that say you aren’t being forced you can homeschool this is considered medical coercion whether you agree or not.

    I wish good health to all.

  8. And there you have it. On the bill for Monday’s vote is allowing health care providers to come to schools and give vaccines without parental consent. Dr. Roberts, is this what we really want?

  9. please research the HPV vaccine (Gardasil). rabbi yonoson rosenblum wrote in his recent Mishpacha article that no orthodox parent would want their child to get this vaccine for an STD. we are treading on very dangerous territory to allow this bill to pass.the agudah is against this bill as well. please contact your legislators and tell them to oppose this bill that will take away more rights than you ever thought possible. and this is not going to just affect children. under the Healthy People 2020 initiative they will force all us adults to get vaccines too, whether you want them or not.

  10. They added things to the bill that will affect everyone. This is NOT about pro or anti vaccine. This is about religion and whether you allow the government to decide how to raise yiddishe children.

    And just so you know, with the added thing, everyone will need to get vaccinated, young and old…. Wait until you need to renew your driver;s license and you may ask then what national crisis happened they they are asking me to get 12 or more shots to be able to get my license? Didn’t my mother vaccinate me when I was young? Apparently not!

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