VIDEO: Daf Hachaim’s R’ Chaim Shmuel Friedman gives visual presentation on rare Mitzvah of Birchas Hachamah

Today’s Daf Yomi (Brochos 59b) discusses a very rare mitzvah that takes place only once in 28 years – Birchas Hachamah.

Daf Hachaim’s R’ Chaim Shmuel Friedman shares an extended informative presentation that gives a fascinating visual explanation of this rare and not-so-well understood mitzvah.

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  1. Although I appreciate this video trying to make sense.
    A. In Gemara Rosh Hashana in says that all the Mazalois rise and set throughout our 24 hour day. according to this simulation. Half of the mazalois which would always be on the other side of the sun during any half of the year would never be seen as it is always daytime when the earth is facing the sun..
    B. When the moon is directly between the earth and the sun – that is what they call a solar eclipse. that is def not Moled looks like when it happens once a month… which that would also make it that the moon would only be visible during the day time during that whole part of the month..

    • Both point are well made – here is the explanation:
      1. Regarding the Mazolos you are correct in your understanding the gemora in Rosh Hashana – however here in Meseches Brochos the gemora is referring to a different system with regards to the Shivah Kochvei Leches – seven planets that move across our night sky independent from the motion of all other stars (Mazolos) – which Rashi explains in great detail. I assume that the word mazolos are used here in the generic term of “Hashpo’ah from Heavenly Bodies”.
      2. With regards to the Moled occurring when the sun moon and earth line up – for the moled only the east west position needs to take place – however for an eclipse to occur the north south position also needs to be lined up – but since the moon’s rotation around the earth has a 5 degree wiggle (for lack of a better term) the north south position only line up occasionally – therefore we get an eclipse much more rare – however every solar eclipse will always be on the moled!
      Obviously this is a very deep subject – we’ve only touched the tip on the iceberg…

      • Thank you, I appreciate the response.
        a few things.
        1. I understand trying to point out the Shivah Kochvei Leches (aka planets) but to create a video simulation where the 12 mazalos clearly don’t do what the Gemara says they do is just inaccurate. especially when illustrating how the Mazal of Tleh Rising with the sun in Nissan..?
        2. you seem to be saying that when we see a moon crescent in the sky, that is only due to the east/west position not lining up? but the north/south position not aligned would not create a Crescent?
        & still according to this simulation model, the moon is doing a 29 1/2 day rotation around the ball earth making it the last 7-8 days and the first 7-8 days from the moled the moon is always on the sunny side of earth which would make it only be able to be seen during the day time? This is simply not the case… either the modeled simulation is off or this idea of how moled works is off…

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