VIDEO: Boy Attempts To Cross Legally, But Drivers Won’t Allow Him To

kid crossing at ped crosswalkVIDEO: Our Dash-cam guy is at it again, catching all types of serious violations on camera, helping out the community by bringing these occurrences to the attention of motorists. The latest video, shows a young boy standing at a Pedestrian Crossing waiting to cross, but the motorists won’t allow him to. As several motorists continue to pass the crosswalk failing to stop, the boy can be seen inching more and more into the roadway until he he was able to cross. 

The new law requires drivers to come to a complete stop at a crosswalk when pedestrians are waiting to cross. (See this week’s video mesage from the Police Chief regarding Pedestrian Crossings).

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos are posted on TLS for all to see as an awareness to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits. Video credits: hobblitt.

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  1. I’m not saying they couldn’t have stopped, but isn’t that terrible placement for a crosswalk? Just over a hill? You can’t see the cars coming until they are pretty close- very dangerous!

  2. they may be innocent but they broke the law but not stopping for a pedestrian who was in the crosswalk trying to get across the road. maybe you were one of those drivers and now you feel like a fool

  3. just kidding! but i was trying to cross county line the other day at a crosswalk and it took 10 minutes before a car stopped, so i know what this kid was feeling. to anyone who is defending the cars, try telling that to the cop when you get pulled over for not yielding to peds

  4. Wow this video is a perfect example of the stupidity of this law the opposing drivers have now way of stopping once they come over the crest and see the kid crossing this is why this dumb law has to be repealed before some kid like this gets killed bec one driver stopped and he ran across but the other driver has no chance of stopping

  5. No matter what happens, everyone finds a way to excuse the drivers for not stopping. The boy is in the crosswalk, therefore you must stop. End of story. Nothing else needs to be said. Try running a red light with a cop sitting on the side of the road. Maybe when he pulls you over, youll make up an excuse like ” oh this stupid red light law”. Cant you see by making me stop for a red light that its going to take me more time to get to my destination. Let me know how that one goes over with the cop and get back to me. I honestly have no idea why everyone is so confused about this law. If there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk, YOU stop. If there is no crosswalk and the pedestrian is at the corner trying to cross, you stop. Dont worry about what other drivers are doing. Your job is to stop. Enough excuses

  6. whoever is not happy about these postings is obviously a person who is a careless driver and is simply afraid of being the next guy caught on camera.. mr dash cam dont be afraid of anyone . you are doing a great service to this town. wiish there more dash cam guys out there. we need a few set up on central av. where people deliberatly blow stop signs entering central av from side streets liike caranetta, regent, valley etc.

  7. Give me a break on this one. I understand crosswalks and what not but this is ridiculous. You will cause more accidents if you expect drivers to come to a complete stop in the middle of a road. It’s not even an intersection. I would keep driving too.

  8. I see lawsuits over stalking…what gives anyone the right to patrol Lakewood just to post videos….maybe the video guy and kid staged this

  9. can dash camguy come to my neighborhood.

    we need to stop texting and driving

    Imagine if we wrote with a pen and paper and drove

    when we drive we are moving a tremendous machine at significant speed

    Usually we are driving important cargo,our family

    We can do better

    Send that text Later

  10. The side were the kid is the car stoped its the other side of the street please its very to sE when somone is trying to cross from the other side of the street besides its not like the kid was inmiddle of the street

  11. I live a few blocks from where this happened and I can tell you that you can not stop when you come over that hill. If you do you will be hit by the car behind you that can’t see you stopped until it’s too late and than you will probably hit the kid crossing the street CH”V. You also can’t tell that the kid is waiting to cross. All those people saying “the law is the law” are right, it is the law but it’s a stupid one.

  12. Heading north in the left lane on the nine passing county line rd, heading towards the light at Kennedy Blvd. Light was green, cars traveling at approx 40 mph, Car in front of me slams the breaks. I slam on my break, check right lane and swerve to the right to avoid hitting him. lucky that I stopped instead of continued driving in the right lane, because there were these 2 girls crossing Rt 9. When the car in front of me made a short stop they actually turned back around and headed back across the right lane, did they not see the red light? or did they think that as soon as they stepped off the sidewalk all cars need to stop for them? They were inches and a split second decision away from getting hurt real bad. I would love to debate the genius that came up with this brilliant idea.

  13. of all the laws they have these days of driving safe on the road, a lot of lakewooders don’t listen to them. this town needs more traffic lights posted at various intersections. i myself am a pedestrian and i find drivers don’t always allow me to cross. i can understand if you might be in a huge rush, but it’s not gonna take you all day to let a person cross a street. drivers may think they have the right of way but we’re not called pedestrians for nothing. we have rights too. OBEY THE LAW!

  14. Once again, more excuses. If you are following the speed limit which according to the sign is 35mph and are following a safe distance behind the car in front of you, you wont hit the stopped car in front of you. The hill is not a very big one and the distance from where a stopped car would stop at that crosswalk and where a car coming over the hill would begin to see is at least 250 feet, that is more than enough time for a car going the 35mph speed limit, to stop. More lame excuses

  15. all these excuses about someone slamming on the breaks and getting hit from behind. maybe people are following the car in front too closely. if you are keeping a safe distance, then you would have no problem stopping

  16. I am shocked by some of the comments. Wow such angst. Here is a perfect example of law abiding citzenry; our camera man obeying the law, the young lad crossing at a crosswalk (not j walking or against a red), and all some people can do is find fault. Face it. Its the law, when a pedestrian attempts to cross at a crosswalk, the DRIVER must come to a stop and allow him to do so. Additionally, when a driver sees another car stop (as camera guy did) then he most surely must stop as the pedestrian is well on his way. Many states out west have this law and it works great. Try it. youll feel good. And who knows, maybe the courteousness will rub off on your other interactions with people.

  17. That video was taken on Sunset Road and I have personally seen several people just hanging out on that corner either waiting for a ride or waiting to meet up with someone, or even trying to hitch a ride as illegal as that may be. The kid had traffic stopped in one direction and should’ve started to cross, that way the oncoming motorists would notice someone crossing.

  18. this law is based on an old video game called FROGGER. Put down the cell phones, seat belt your kids in, and pay attention to your driving! you will have plenty of time to stop for the car in front of you!!

  19. california has a similiar law. but there if you dont use the crosswalk the pedestrian is in violation and if hit is at own fault. you cant have it both ways

  20. As I have posted many times before, the law had been enacted many years ago. The only difference is the wording of “STOP” instead of “YIELD.” Anyone who holds a driver’s license, should at least be used to having to Yield to a pedestrian. The only difference now is instead of slowing down significantly, you must come to a complete Stop. Also, a driver must STOP for a pedestrian seeking to cross, and you may not proceed until the pedestrian reaches the other side, and has stepped out of the crosswalk. If you are unsure as to the pedestrians intensions, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

  21. Today, Nov 18, I was driving south on Clifton Ave. when I saw an Orthodox man with a baby stroller waiting at an intersection off the curb to cross Clifton. I stopped for him, as required by law, and waited for him to cross. However, two -yes TWO – vans passed me ON THE RIGHT and kept on going, nearly hitting the baby in the stroller and the man. The man had to abruptly stop walking to avoid being hit. Is this the way you treat people?

  22. worst law ever now everyone who stops for peds will be making more traffic in good old lakewood. so lets so i stop for some peds and instead of 2 maybe 3 all 30 people cross in front of me oh and if i go its a ticket give me a break. hopefully pedestrian accidents sky rocket so it is revoked.

  23. #36 – “hopefully pedestrian accidents sky rocket so it is revoked.”

    How can anyone in their right mind “HOPE” for the injury or death of people just to make your driving experience more convenient to you?

    The name you posted under suits you quite well.

  24. To #38 – Anonymous — I believe you mean #37 as the quote you included came from #37, not me, #36. I didn’t say “hopefully pedestrian accidents sky rocket so it is revoked.” I don’t wish bad on anyone.

  25. i should double check but i believe it only requires you to stop for pedestrains in crosswalks when its posted….not sure it means every crosswalk on every major roadway..that would just cause serious havoc

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